Summer Update 2019
Find out the newest information about the Summer Update in Tibia!
Picture Name Hitpoints Experience loot
Mountain Troll 30 12 Meat Spear Leather Armor Gold Coin Rope Studded Club Hand Axe Bunch of Troll Hair Rapier
Young Troll 30 12 Leather Boots Bunch of Troll Hair Meat Rope Spear Leather Helmet Wooden Shield
Island Troll 50 20 Bunch of Winterberries Gold Coin Wood Wooden Shield Leather Helmet Leather Boots Hand Axe Spear Rope Studded Club Mango Silver Amulet Marlin
Salamander Trainer 220 20 Meat Axe Bunch of Troll Hair Bone Club Gold Coin Spear Short Sword Rope
Troll 50 20 Gold Coin Leather Helmet Spear Meat Hand Axe Rope Leather Boots Wooden Shield Studded Club Heavy Old Tome Bunch of Troll Hair Silver Amulet
Frost Troll 55 23 Snowball Party Trumpet Bunch of Winterberries Party Hat Fireworks Rocket Envelope From the Wizards Gold Coin Fish Spear Rapier Wooden Shield Twigs Frosty Ear of a Troll Coat
Swamp Troll 55 25 Fish Gold Coin Mouldy Cheese Leather Boots Torch Spear Wood Swamp Grass Medicine Pouch Troll Green Fishing Rod
Troll Guard 60 25 Gold Coin Meat Rope Studded Club Bunch of Troll Hair Silver Amulet
Troll Champion 75 40 Gold Coin Spear Meat Leather Boots Bunch of Troll Hair Wooden Shield Arrow Studded Club Trollroot Silver Amulet
Troll Marauder 70 40 Wooden Shield Bunch of Troll Hair Gold Coin Leather Boots Meat Trollroot Studded Armor Simple Arrow Studded Club Silver Amulet
Big Boss Trolliver 150 105 Hand Axe Meat Silver Amulet Studded Club Leather Boots Spear Gold Coin
Troll Legionnaire 210 140 Gold Coin Throwing Star Frosty Ear of a Troll Stealth Ring
Furious Troll 245 185 Gold Coin Bunch of Troll Hair Platinum Coin War Hammer


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