Picture Name Hitpoints Experience loot
Goblin Assassin 75 52 Gold Coin Small Axe Dagger Bone Leather Helmet Small Stone Fish Short Sword Leather Armor Mouldy Cheese Bone Club
Witch 300 120 Cookie Gold Coin Star Herb Witch Broom Wolf Tooth Chain Coat Garlic Necklace Leather Boots Cape Sickle Silver Dagger Necrotic Rod Bag of Apple Slices Stuffed Toad Witch Hat
Pirate Marauder 210 125 Very Old Piece of Paper Gold Coin Compass Torch Spear Plate Shield Chain Armor Pirate Bag Treasure Map Bandana Peg Leg Hook Eye Patch Die Rum Flask Empty Goldfish Bowl
Fire Devil 200 145 Small Pitchfork Blank Rune Double Axe Scimitar Torch Necrotic Rod Cleaver Small Amethyst Guardian Shield
Gargoyle 250 150 Gold Coin Stone Wing Small Stone Potato Strawberry Battle Shield Morning Star Piece of Marble Rock Wolf Tooth Chain Steel Helmet Club Ring Dark Armor Shiny Stone
Minotaur Mage 155 150 Gold Coin Carrot Purple Robe Torch Leather Legs Leather Helmet Minotaur Horn Minotaur Leather Taurus Mace Mana Potion Wand of Cosmic Energy
Killer Rabbit 205 160 Gold Coin
Vampire Pig 305 165 Gold Coin
Pirate Cutthroat 325 175 Very Old Piece of Paper Gold Coin Compass Scale Armor Light Shovel Steel Shield Pirate Bag Eye Patch Hook Peg Leg Pirate Knee Breeches Treasure Map Die Rum Flask
Gozzler 240 180 Gold Coin Sabre Plate Shield Brown Flask Morning Star Battle Axe Clerical Mace Dwarven Ring Serpent Sword Small Sapphire
Dark Magician 325 185 Gold Coin Mana Potion Health Potion Blank Rune Strong Mana Potion Strong Health Potion Small Enchanted Amethyst Reins Necrotic Rod
Hot Dog 505 190 Gold Coin
Infernal Frog 655 190 Gold Coin
Doom Deer 405 200 Gold Coin
Mad Scientist 325 205 Gold Coin Powder Herb Health Potion Mana Potion White Mushroom Life Crystal Magic Light Wand Cookie Small Enchanted Amethyst Cream Cake Mastermind Potion
Berserker Chicken 465 220 Gold Coin
Demon Parrot 360 225 Gold Coin
Evil Sheep 350 240 Gold Coin
Acid Blob 250 250 Glob of Acid Slime
Pirate Buccaneer 425 250 Very Old Piece of Paper Gold Coin Compass Worn Leather Boots Throwing Knife Sabre Torch Battle Shield Eye Patch Hook Pirate Backpack Plate Armor Pirate Shirt Peg Leg Strong Health Potion Treasure Map Rum Flask Die
Vampire 475 305 Gold Coin Vampire Teeth Blood Preservation Black Pearl Strong Health Potion Katana Grave Flower Ice Rapier Skull Spike Sword Strange Helmet Bronze Amulet Vampire Shield Emerald Bangle
Doctor Perhaps 475 325 Glutton's Mace Meat Shield Trousers of the Ancients Mighty Helm of Green Sparks
Evil Sheep Lord 400 340 Gold Coin
Dirtbeard 630 375 Pointed Rabbitslayer The Shield Nevermourn Helmet of Nature Odd Hat
Mephiles 415 415 The Rain Coat Shield of the White Knight Stale Bread of Ancientness Poet's Fencing Quill
Boogey 930 475 Heavy Metal T-Shirt Musician's Bow Club of the Fury Scythe of the Reaper
Monstor 960 575 Incredible Mumpiz Slayer Farmer's Avenger Shield of Care Helmet of Ultimate Terror
Evil Mastermind 1295 675 Fan Club Membership Card


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