Summer Update 2019
Find out the newest information about the Summer Update in Tibia!
Picture Name Hitpoints Experience loot
Lizard Sentinel 265 110 Gold Coin Spear Chain Armor Scale Armor Lizard Leather Obsidian Lance Halberd Health Potion Hunting Spear Lizard Scale Small Diamond Sentinel Shield
Lizard Templar 410 155 Gold Coin Short Sword Sword Steel Helmet Morning Star Lizard Leather Lizard Scale Plate Armor Health Potion Templar Scytheblade Salamander Shield Small Emerald
Lizard Snakecharmer 325 210 Gold Coin Cape Terra Rod Lizard Scale Life Crystal Mana Potion Lizard Leather Small Amethyst Life Ring Snakebite Rod Charmer's Tiara Yellow Gem
High Templar Cobrass 410 515 Salamander Shield Gold Coin Templar Scytheblade Lizard Leather Lizard Scale Plate Armor Steel Helmet Vase
Lizard Legionnaire 1400 1100 Gold Coin Broken Halberd Bunch of Ripe Rice Legionnaire Flags Strong Health Potion Red Lantern Lizard Scale Zaoan Halberd Lizard Leather Small Diamond Drakinata Zaoan Armor Lizard Trophy Zaoan Shoes
Lizard Dragon Priest 1450 1320 Gold Coin Great Mana Potion Strong Mana Potion Dragon Priest's Wandtip Small Amethyst Wand of Inferno Platinum Coin Lizard Scale Bunch of Ripe Rice Lizard Leather Yellow Gem Zaoan Shoes Terra Rod Life Ring Focus Cape Zaoan Robe
Lizard High Guard 1800 1450 Snowball Party Trumpet Party Hat Fireworks Rocket Envelope From the Wizards Bunch of Winterberries Gold Coin High Guard Shoulderplates Spiked Iron Ball Strong Health Potion Great Health Potion Platinum Coin High Guard Flag Small Emerald Red Lantern Bunch of Ripe Rice Zaoan Shoes Lizard Scale Tower Shield Lizard Leather Zaoan Legs Zaoan Armor
Lizard Zaogun 2955 1700 Platinum Coin Gold Coin Zaogun Shoulderplates Great Health Potion Lizard Leather Lizard Scale Zaogun Flag Small Emerald Strong Health Potion Red Lantern Zaoan Legs Zaoan Armor Tower Shield Zaoan Shoes
Eternal Guardian 2500 1800 Gold Coin Platinum Coin Small Stone Ancient Stone Spiked Iron Ball Zaoan Halberd Iron Ore Clay Lump Guardian Halberd Shiny Stone Piece of Marble Rock Coal Tower Shield Zaoan Sword
Lizard Gate Guardian 3000 2000 Zaoan Armor Lizard Scale Zaoan Legs Ultimate Health Potion Gold Coin Zaoan Shoes Lizard Leather Zaoan Helmet Zaoan Sword
Lizard Magistratus 6250 2000 Gold Coin Platinum Coin Strong Mana Potion Small Ruby Great Mana Potion Lizard Scale Lizard Leather
Lizard Noble 7000 2000 Gold Coin Small Ruby Strong Health Potion Platinum Coin Great Health Potion Lizard Leather Lizard Scale
Lizard Chosen 3050 2200 Bunch of Winterberries Snowball Party Trumpet Fireworks Rocket Party Hat Envelope From the Wizards Gold Coin Spiked Iron Ball Great Health Potion Cursed Shoulder Spikes Lizard Leather Platinum Coin Corrupted Flag Small Diamond Scale of Corruption Zaoan Shoes Zaoan Armor Zaoan Legs Lizard Scale Tower Shield Zaoan Helmet
Battlemaster Zunzu 4000 2500 Red Lantern Zaogun Shoulderplates Gold Coin Small Emerald Zaogun Flag Zaoan Legs Zaoan Shoes Jade Hat Zaoan Armor
Fazzrah 2955 2600 Lizard Scale Zaoan Shoes Strong Health Potion Zaoan Armor Red Lantern Zaoan Legs Platinum Coin Great Health Potion Gold Coin Zaogun Flag Small Emerald Lizard Leather Zaogun Shoulderplates
Flamecaller Zazrak 2690 3031 Gold Coin Great Mana Potion Life Ring Yellow Gem Bunch of Ripe Rice Dragon Priest's Wandtip Zaoan Robe Zaoan Shoes Lizard Scale
The Voice of Ruin 5500 3500 Zaoan Helmet Spiked Iron Ball Cursed Shoulder Spikes Gold Ingot Platinum Coin Gold Coin Corrupted Flag Zaoan Shoes
Menace 5960 4112 Nothing
Fatality 6000 4300 Nothing
Lizard Abomination 95000 9700 Nothing
Mutated Zalamon 155000 10000 Nothing


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