Picture Name Hitpoints Experience loot
Lizard Gate Guardian 3000 2000 Zaoan Armor Lizard Scale Zaoan Legs Ultimate Health Potion Gold Coin Zaoan Shoes Lizard Leather Zaoan Helmet Zaoan Sword
Lizard Chosen 3050 2200 Gold Coin Spiked Iron Ball Great Health Potion Cursed Shoulder Spikes Lizard Leather Platinum Coin Corrupted Flag Small Diamond Scale of Corruption Tower Shield Lizard Scale Zaoan Legs Zaoan Armor Zaoan Shoes Zaoan Helmet
Battlemaster Zunzu 4000 2500 Red Lantern Zaogun Shoulderplates Gold Coin Small Emerald Zaogun Flag Zaoan Legs Zaoan Shoes Jade Hat Zaoan Armor
Lizard Abomination 95000 9700 Nothing


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