Summer Update 2019
Find out the newest information about the Summer Update in Tibia!
Picture Name Hitpoints Experience loot
Elite Orc Guard 0 0 Nothing
Furious Orc Berserker 0 0 Nothing
Peeing Orc 0 0 Nothing
Running Elite Orc Guard 0 0 Nothing
Orc 70 25 Gold Coin Meat Studded Shield Sabre Studded Armor Axe Studded Helmet Heavy Old Tome Orc Leather Orc Tooth
Orc Spearman 105 38 Gold Coin Meat Spear Studded Helmet Studded Legs Machete Orc Leather Heavy Old Tome Orc Tooth
Orc Warrior 125 50 Gold Coin Broken Helmet Meat Chain Armor Orc Leather Heavy Old Tome Copper Shield Skull Belt Orc Tooth Poison Dagger
Scar Tribe Shaman 115 85 Gold Coin Broken Shamanic Staff Orc Tooth Studded Armor Corncob Shamanic Hood Studded Legs
Scar Tribe Warrior 125 85 Broken Helmet Gold Coin Orc Leather Meat Studded Legs Chain Armor Plate Shield Skull Belt
Rorc 260 105 Gold Coin Wolf Tooth Chain Plate Shield Rorc Feather Hatched Rorc Egg Orcish Axe Rorc Egg Obsidian Lance
Orc Rider 180 110 Meat Gold Coin Wolf Tooth Chain Orc Leather Orcish Axe Warwolf Fur Orc Tooth Torch Scale Armor Battle Shield Obsidian Lance
Orc Shaman 115 110 Gold Coin Corncob Broken Shamanic Staff Shamanic Hood Chain Armor Orc Leather Spear Heavy Old Tome Orc Tooth Wand of Decay Book
Orc Berserker 210 195 Orc Tusk Battle Axe Ham Halberd Orcish Gear Hunting Spear Orc Leather Orc Tooth Chain Armor Lamp
Orc Marauder 235 205 Meat Gold Coin Shaggy Tail Orc Leather Orc Tooth Bow Broken Crossbow Orcish Axe Crossbow Obsidian Lance Silkweaver Bow
Orc Leader 450 270 Gold Coin Fish Orc Leather Plate Shield Throwing Knife Brown Mushroom Skull Belt Sword Ring Royal Spear Scimitar Brass Legs Plate Armor Longsword Health Potion Broadsword Orc Tooth Plate Legs Warrior Helmet
Renegade Orc 450 270 Plate Legs Gold Coin Throwing Knife Orc Leather Fish Warrior Helmet Longsword Broadsword Orc Tooth Plate Shield Sword Ring Health Potion Scimitar Brown Mushroom
Orcus the Cruel 480 280 Nothing
Kraknaknork 80 300 Nothing
Cublarc the Plunderer 400 400 Gold Coin Meat Silver Raid Token Orcish Axe Bow Orc Leather Orc Tooth Shaggy Tail Disgusting Trophy Silkweaver Bow
Grimgor Guteater 1155 670 Nothing
Orc Warlord 950 670 Amazon Shield Amazon Armor Amazon Helmet Broken Helmet Throwing Star Orc Tooth Plate Armor Gold Coin Fish Orc Leather Hunting Spear Skull Belt Orcish Axe Protection Amulet Dark Helmet Plate Legs Two Handed Sword Scimitar Health Potion Brass Armor Stealth Ring Crusader Helmet Dragon Hammer Magma Boots Orc Trophy
Orc Cult Minion 1000 850 Gold Coin Small Topaz Strong Health Potion Red Mushroom Orcish Axe Cultish Robe Meat Berserk Potion
Orc Cultist 1350 950 Gold Coin Orc Tusk Strong Health Potion Orcish Axe Ham Green Piece of Cloth Cultish Robe Small Topaz Brown Crystal Splinter Berserk Potion
Orc Cult Priest 1300 1000 Gold Coin Cultish Robe Small Ruby Strong Health Potion Shamanic Hood Mysterious Fetish Orc Leather Green Piece of Cloth Broken Shamanic Staff Black Pearl Heavy Old Tome Orc Tooth Wand of Decay Berserk Potion
Orc Cult Fanatic 1300 1100 Gold Coin Fish Sword Ring Brown Mushroom Plate Shield Orc Leather Cultish Robe Skull Belt Small Ruby Great Health Potion Warrior Helmet Plate Armor Brass Legs Plate Legs Orc Tooth
Orclops Ravager 1200 1100 Gold Coin Platinum Coin Beetle Carapace Bug Meat Reinvigorating Seeds Strong Health Potion Red Mushroom Bone Toothpick Orcish Axe Mysterious Fetish Onion Small Ruby Small Topaz Brown Crystal Splinter Spiked Squelcher Black Pearl Pair of Iron Fists War Drum Berserk Potion Dreaded Cleaver
Orc Cult Inquisitor 1500 1150 Gold Coin Strong Health Potion Red Mushroom Ham Orcish Axe Halberd Battle Axe Small Ruby Orc Tooth Orc Leather Orcish Gear Black Pearl Cultish Robe Bug Meat Berserk Potion
Orclops Doomhauler 1700 1200 Gold Coin Mysterious Fetish Bug Meat Bone Toothpick Beetle Carapace Strong Health Potion Orcish Axe Red Mushroom Small Topaz Small Ruby Spiked Squelcher Brown Crystal Splinter Onion Pair of Iron Fists Black Pearl Berserk Potion Beetle Necklace War Drum Reinvigorating Seeds
Bibby Bloodbath 1200 1500 Platinum Coin Gold Coin Health Potion Orcish Axe Orc Trophy Plate Legs Mana Potion Magma Amulet Meat Dark Armor Two Handed Sword Throwing Star Stealth Ring Fish Butcher's Axe Giant Sword Crusader Helmet
Warlord Ruzad 2500 1700 Meat Fish Dark Helmet Plate Armor Throwing Star Hunting Spear Scimitar Two Handed Sword Orcish Axe Plate Legs Brass Legs Protection Amulet Magma Boots Orc Leather
Baron Brute 5000 3000 Nothing
The Axeorcist 5100 4005 Nothing


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