Summer Update 2019
Find out the newest information about the Summer Update in Tibia!
Picture Name Hitpoints Experience loot
Despair 10000 0 Nothing
Enthralled Demon 8200 0 Nothing
Invading Demon 0 0 Nothing
Mazoran 390000 0 Silver Token Small Ruby Small Topaz Great Mana Potion Rift Bow Demonrage Sword Great Spirit Potion Rift Lance Red Crystal Fragment Platinum Coin Rift Crossbow Cyan Crystal Fragment Small Sapphire Wand of Everblazing Fire Axe Great Health Potion Demonic Essence Magma Amulet Berserker Magma Coat Energy Ring Green Gem Gold Coin Blue Gem Magma Legs Red Gem Gold Ingot Guardian Halberd Yellow Gem Small Amethyst Green Crystal Fragment Impaler of The Igniter Tempest Shield
Minion of Gaz'haragoth 5500 0 Nothing
Nightmare of Gaz'haragoth 5500 0 Nothing
Omrafir 322000 0 Dream Warden Mask Skull Helmet Nightmare Horn Giant Shimmering Pearl Noble Axe Lightning Boots Green Gem Demon Horn Green Crystal Fragment Giant Shimmering Pearl Violet Crystal Shard Demonic Essence Steel Boots Crystalline Armor Cyan Crystal Fragment Eye Pod Nightmare Hook Unrealized Dream Red Crystal Fragment Cluster of Solace Dream Matter Blue Crystal Shard Green Crystal Shard Demonic Tapestry
Pit Battler 1150 0 Nothing
Pit Berserker 1800 0 Nothing
Pit Blackling 1350 0 Nothing
Pit Brawler 1600 0 Nothing
Pit Condemned 0 0 Nothing
Pit Demon 0 0 Nothing
Pit Destroyer 2000 0 Nothing
Pit Fiend 0 0 Nothing
Pit Groveller 950 0 Nothing
Pit Grunt 1000 0 Nothing
Pit Lord 2400 0 Nothing
Pit Maimer 1200 0 Nothing
Pit Overlord 3000 0 Nothing
Pit Reaver 1350 0 Nothing
Pit Scourge 1400 0 Nothing
Plagirath 290000 0 Silver Token Violet Gem Cyan Crystal Fragment Terra Amulet Gold Coin Rift Crossbow Giant Shimmering Pearl Small Amethyst Ring of Healing Red Crystal Fragment Small Sapphire Sai Small Ruby Demonic Essence Great Spirit Potion Spellbook of Warding Platinum Coin Great Mana Potion Small Diamond Green Crystal Fragment Red Gem Rift Bow Muck Rod Yellow Gem Terra Legs Green Gem Plague Bite
Razzagorn 300000 0 Silver Token Orichalcum Pearl Platinum Coin Small Amethyst Small Emerald Mastermind Potion Yellow Gem Opal Great Spirit Potion Great Mana Potion Red Gem Concentrated Demonic Blood Blue Gem Onyx Chip Green Gem Gold Ingot Great Health Potion Rift Crossbow Rift Bow Small Sapphire Terra Rod Gold Coin Small Ruby Small Diamond Devil Helmet Demonic Essence Visage of the End Days Bullseye Potion
Rift Lord 0 0 Nothing
Rift Phantom 0 0 Nothing
Shadow Fiend 0 0 Nothing
Shadow Tentacle 0 0 Nothing
Sin Devourer 0 0 Nothing
Tentacle of the Deep Terror 25500 0 Platinum Coin
Unbound Demon 0 0 Nothing
Unbound Demon Outcast 0 0 Nothing
Weak Gloombringer 0 0 Small Ruby Midnight Shard Small Emerald Rusted Armor Small Sapphire Platinum Coin Gold Coin Gold Ingot
Weakened Demon 5 0 Nothing
Zamulosh 0 0 Silver Token Time Ring Demonic Essence Small Amethyst Great Spirit Potion Small Ruby Blue Crystal Splinter Small Sapphire Brown Crystal Splinter Yellow Gem Ring of Healing Rift Crossbow Rift Shield Blue Gem Green Crystal Splinter Great Mana Potion Platinum Coin Spellweaver's Robe Green Gem Gold Coin Giant Shimmering Pearl Stealth Ring Concentrated Demonic Blood Crystalline Armor Maimer Book of Lies
Lesser Fire Devil 175 110 Small Pitchfork Gold Coin Blank Rune Torch
Fire Devil 200 145 Small Pitchfork Blank Rune Double Axe Scimitar Torch Necrotic Rod Cleaver Small Amethyst Guardian Shield
Gozzler 240 180 Gold Coin Sabre Plate Shield Brown Flask Morning Star Battle Axe Clerical Mace Dwarven Ring Serpent Sword Small Sapphire
Ungreez 8200 500 Great Health Potion Fire Mushroom Great Mana Potion Gold Coin
Monstor 960 575 Incredible Mumpiz Slayer Farmer's Avenger Shield of Care Helmet of Ultimate Terror
Askarak Demon 1500 900 Gold Coin Small Emerald Strong Mana Potion Assassin Star Strong Health Potion Brown Mushroom Piggy Bank Mastermind Potion Springsprout Rod Energy Ring Terra Legs Magic Sulphur
Shaburak Demon 1500 900 Gold Coin Royal Spear Strong Health Potion Brown Mushroom Small Ruby Strong Mana Potion Energy Ring Piggy Bank Wand of Inferno Bullseye Potion Magic Sulphur Magma Legs
Gravedigger 1500 950 Lump of Dirt Platinum Coin Hardened Bone Gold Coin Safety Pin Unholy Bone Pile of Grave Earth Sudden Death Rune Strong Health Potion Wand of Inferno Strong Mana Potion Yellow Gem Death Ring Skull Staff Mysterious Voodoo Skull
Rift Worm 2800 1195 Nothing
Askarak Lord 2100 1200 Gold Coin Assassin Star Platinum Coin Strong Mana Potion Small Emerald Strong Health Potion Brown Mushroom Mastermind Potion Magic Sulphur Energy Ring Springsprout Rod Terra Mantle Dreaded Cleaver
Yielothax 1500 1250 Gold Coin Strong Health Potion Brown Mushroom Strong Mana Potion Might Ring Small Diamond Mastermind Potion Wand of Cosmic Energy Epee Lightning Pendant Shockwave Amulet Talon Lightning Legs Broken Ring of Ending Yielowax Yielocks
Rift Brood 3000 1600 Nothing
Askarak Prince 2600 1700 Gold Coin Platinum Coin Strong Health Potion Strong Mana Potion Brown Mushroom Small Emerald Stealth Ring Mastermind Potion Terra Mantle Magic Sulphur Demonic Finger Springsprout Rod Giant Sword
Shiversleep 4600 1900 Ultimate Health Potion Small Ruby Small Amethyst Great Mana Potion Platinum Coin Gold Coin Blue Crystal Splinter Small Topaz Bowl of Terror Sweat Trapped Bad Dream Monster Cluster of Solace
Rift Scythe 3600 2000 Nothing
Shock Head 4200 2300 Gold Coin Small Sapphire Royal Helmet
Destroyer 3700 2500 Meat Gold Coin Small Amethyst Crowbar Demonic Essence Pick Burst Arrow Soul Orb Metal Spike Dark Armor Plate Armor Platinum Coin Giant Sword Steel Boots Crystal Necklace Mind Stone Chaos Mace Great Health Potion Dreaded Cleaver Skull Helmet Death Ring
Hellspawn 3500 2550 Gold Coin Great Health Potion Red Mushroom Demonic Essence Assassin Star Ultimate Health Potion Small Topaz Hellspawn Tail Morning Star Battle Shield Warrior Helmet Knight Legs Rusted Armor Berserk Potion Spiked Squelcher Black Skull Dracoyle Statue Onyx Flail
Flameborn 4000 2900 Hellspawn Tail Platinum Coin Berserk Potion Carrot on a Stick Knight Legs Great Health Potion Assassin Star Red Mushroom Small Topaz Spiked Squelcher Ultimate Health Potion Demonic Essence Warrior Helmet Crown Shield Black Skull Onyx Flail Dracoyle Statue
Frazzlemaw 4100 3400 Gold Coin Platinum Coin Banana Skin Bone Fish Tail Skull Ham Crystal Rubbish Frazzle Skin Frazzle Tongue Great Health Potion Great Mana Potion Fish Piece of Iron Remains of a Fish Brown Crystal Splinter Fishbone Violet Crystal Shard Big Bone Red Crystal Fragment Sai Haunted Blade Hardened Bone Iron Ore Two Handed Sword Gold Ingot Fish Fin Nightmare Blade Cluster of Solace Assassin Dagger
Bretzecutioner 5600 3700 Meat Assassin Star Platinum Coin Metal Spike Death Ring Gold Coin Crystal Necklace Giant Shimmering Pearl Dark Shield Dark Armor Great Mana Potion Giant Shimmering Pearl Small Sapphire Small Amethyst Great Health Potion Great Spirit Potion Small Diamond Demonic Essence Spiked Squelcher Chaos Mace Giant Sword Steel Boots Skull Helmet Dreaded Cleaver
The Flaming Orchid 8500 4000 Gold Coin Peacock Feather Fan Platinum Coin Golden Lotus Brooch Ultimate Health Potion Violet Gem Moonlight Rod Necrotic Rod Crystal Ring Great Mana Potion Magma Coat Great Spirit Potion Underworld Rod Assassin Dagger Magma Legs Demonic Essence Assassin Star Soul Orb Green Gem Oriental Shoes Red Gem
Dawnfire Asura 2900 4100 Gold Coin Concentrated Demonic Blood Platinum Coin Silver Brooch Small Ruby Soul Orb Demonic Essence Golden Lotus Brooch Peacock Feather Fan Great Mana Potion Small Amethyst Small Topaz Mysterious Fetish Red Piece of Cloth Small Emerald Red Gem Small Diamond Wand of Inferno Mystic Turban Focus Cape Magma Coat Death Ring Ruby Necklace Oriental Shoes Blue Gem Spellbook of Mind Control
Midnight Asura 3100 4100 Gold Coin Platinum Coin Small Sapphire Peacock Feather Fan Assassin Star White Pearl Soul Orb Great Health Potion Golden Lotus Brooch Small Diamond Concentrated Demonic Blood Demonic Essence Small Topaz Small Ruby Small Emerald Tribal Mask Necrotic Rod Silver Amulet Silver Brooch Underworld Rod Yellow Gem Black Pearl Blue Robe Crystal Ring Oriental Shoes Assassin Dagger Skullcracker Armor Spellbook of Mind Control Blue Gem Gold Ingot
Retching Horror 5300 4100 Platinum Coin Gold Coin Pool of Chitinous Glue Great Mana Potion Brown Mushroom Great Health Potion Goosebump Leather Wand of Starstorm Beastslayer Axe Fire Sword Spiked Squelcher Broken Dream Underworld Rod Crown Shield Mercenary Sword Cluster of Solace Butcher's Axe Onyx Flail Tower Shield Steel Boots
Feversleep 5900 4400 Great Mana Potion Gold Coin Platinum Coin Small Topaz Trapped Bad Dream Monster Small Emerald Cyan Crystal Fragment Ultimate Health Potion Blue Crystal Splinter Blue Crystal Shard Small Amethyst Small Ruby Bowl of Terror Sweat Blue Robe Cluster of Solace
Fury 4100 4500 Concentrated Demonic Blood Jalapeño Peppers Gold Coin Meat Soul Orb Terra Rod Small Amethyst Rusted Legs Great Health Potion Demonic Essence Noble Axe Platinum Coin Orichalcum Pearl Red Piece of Cloth Crystal Ring Assassin Dagger Steel Boots Golden Legs Assassin Star Death Ring
Plaguesmith 8250 4500 Mouldy Cheese Dirty Cape Morning Star Gold Coin Rusted Armor Knight Legs Platinum Coin Piece of Iron Battle Hammer Onyx Arrow Two Handed Sword Demonic Essence Steel Shield Soul Orb Great Health Potion Steel Boots Silver Brooch Small Amethyst War Hammer Club Ring Axe Ring Piece of Draconian Steel Piece of Hell Steel Hammer of Wrath Piece of Royal Steel Emerald Bangle War Horn
Choking Fear 5800 4700 Brown Crystal Splinter Platinum Coin Gold Coin Great Mana Potion Ultimate Health Potion Blue Crystal Splinter Dead Weight Hemp Rope Great Spirit Potion Beastslayer Axe Brown Piece of Cloth Life Ring Green Crystal Shard Energy Ring Yellow Piece of Cloth Ring of Healing Guardian Shield Sai Terra Mantle Spellbook of Mind Control Terra Boots Red Piece of Cloth Springsprout Rod Cluster of Solace Underworld Rod Shadow Sceptre
Silencer 5400 5100 Platinum Coin Gold Coin Silencer Claws Silencer Resonating Chamber Assassin Star Glorious Axe Dark Shield Haunted Blade Titan Axe Stealth Ring Terra Legs Diamond Sceptre Cluster of Solace Boots of Haste Terra Boots Shadow Sceptre
Guzzlemaw 6400 5500 Platinum Coin Gold Coin Bone Frazzle Tongue Skull Red Crystal Fragment Great Health Potion Fishbone Banana Skin Great Mana Potion Frazzle Skin Brown Crystal Splinter Fish Tail Crystal Rubbish Piece of Iron Ham Fish Remains of a Fish Fish Fin Hardened Bone Big Bone Two Handed Sword Violet Crystal Shard Iron Ore Haunted Blade Sai Assassin Dagger Cluster of Solace Nightmare Blade
Angry Demon 8200 6000 Nothing
Demon 8200 6000 Gold Coin Great Mana Potion Great Spirit Potion Platinum Coin Small Ruby Ultimate Health Potion Demonic Essence Fire Mushroom Small Topaz Small Emerald Assassin Star Small Amethyst Demon Horn Talon Gold Ring Golden Sickle Fire Axe Red Gem Ice Rapier Might Ring Orb Stealth Ring Giant Sword Purple Tome Devil Helmet Mastermind Shield Platinum Amulet Demon Shield Demon Trophy Demonrage Sword Magic Plate Armor Golden Legs
The Obliverator 9020 6000 Nothing
Demon Outcast 6900 6200 Platinum Coin Gold Coin Ultimate Health Potion Great Mana Potion Small Diamond Small Ruby Fire Mushroom Small Emerald Assassin Star Small Sapphire Stealth Ring Ring of Healing Giant Sword Crusader Helmet Demon Dust Devil Helmet Might Ring Cluster of Solace Ice Rapier Crown Shield Platinum Amulet Demon Shield Demonrage Sword Crown Armor
Hellhound 7500 6800 Small Emerald Black Pearl Assassin Star Soul Orb Demonic Essence Gold Coin Platinum Coin Yellow Piece of Cloth Hardened Bone Blazing Bone Knight Axe Wand of Inferno Hellhound Slobber Spike Sword Red Piece of Cloth Red Gem Yellow Gem Magma Legs Magma Amulet Magma Boots Amber Staff Gold Ingot Green Piece of Cloth Magma Coat Giant Sword Green Gem Ruthless Axe Onyx Flail Explorer Brooch
Kerberos 11000 6800 Great Mana Potion Gold Ingot Black Pearl Hellhound Slobber Magma Amulet Concentrated Demonic Blood Knight Axe Demonic Essence Platinum Coin Explorer Brooch Golden Armor Ruthless Axe Green Gem Fire Sword Executioner
Terrorsleep 7200 6900 Gold Coin Great Mana Potion Platinum Coin Small Amethyst Cyan Crystal Fragment Blue Crystal Splinter Trapped Bad Dream Monster Blue Crystal Shard Small Ruby Ultimate Health Potion Bowl of Terror Sweat Small Emerald Small Topaz Fish Fin Giant Sword Broken Dream Blue Piece of Cloth Blue Robe Knight Armor White Piece of Cloth Warrior Helmet Cluster of Solace Red Piece of Cloth
Vexclaw 8500 7100 Gold Coin Platinum Coin Great Spirit Potion Great Mana Potion Demonic Essence Small Emerald Vexclaw Talon Fire Mushroom Small Topaz Small Ruby Small Amethyst Ultimate Health Potion Ring of Healing Yellow Gem Red Gem Giant Sword Might Ring Energy Ring Ice Rapier Devil Helmet Fire Axe Rift Lance Platinum Amulet Demon Shield Mastermind Shield Rift Shield Demonrage Sword Rift Bow Rift Crossbow Golden Legs Magic Plate Armor
Floating Savant 8000 8000 Red Gem Red Piece of Cloth Red Crystal Fragment Book of Necromantic Rituals Concentrated Demonic Blood Demonic Essence Small Enchanted Ruby Pick Black Skull Sample of Monster Blood
Grimeleech 9500 8200 Great Mana Potion Concentrated Demonic Blood Gold Coin Great Spirit Potion Great Health Potion Platinum Coin Small Amethyst Small Diamond Demonic Essence Green Mushroom Underworld Rod Fire Mushroom Small Topaz Some Grimeleech Wings Small Ruby Magma Legs Yellow Gem Red Gem Wand of Voodoo Demon Shield Rift Bow Rift Crossbow Rift Lance Devil Helmet Rift Shield Nightmare Blade Abyss Hammer Magic Plate Armor Vile Axe Steel Boots
True Frost Flower Asura 4000 8700 Platinum Coin Gold Coin Small Amethyst Soul Orb Small Topaz White Pearl Crystal Coin Assassin Star Small Sapphire Small Enchanted Sapphire Small Diamond Silver Brooch Peacock Feather Fan Great Health Potion Golden Lotus Brooch Demonic Essence Concentrated Demonic Blood Black Pearl Small Ruby Yellow Gem Blue Gem Gold Ingot Silver Amulet Crystal Ring Tribal Mask Royal Star Northwind Rod Blue Robe Hailstorm Rod Spellbook of Mind Control Oriental Shoes Skullcracker Armor Assassin Dagger
Orshabaal 20500 10000 Platinum Coin Demonic Essence Orshabaal's Brain Might Ring Orb Mastermind Shield Strange Symbol Small Emerald Ring of the Sky Assassin Star Fire Axe Black Pearl Boots of Haste Demon Shield Devil Helmet Mind Stone Gold Coin Robe of the Underworld Giant Sword Small Sapphire Gold Ingot Ancient Amulet Golden Legs Purple Tome Energy Ring Golden Sickle Magic Light Wand Double Axe Crystal Ball Platinum Amulet Blue Gem Crystal Necklace Snakebite Rod Silver Amulet Golden Mug Ruby Necklace Gold Ring Crystal Ring Protection Amulet Stone Skin Amulet Demon Horn Talon Green Gem Magic Plate Armor Voodoo Doll Wand of Decay Teddy Bear Thunder Hammer
Spawn of Devovorga 4600 10500 Tentacle Piece
Furyosa 25000 11500 Silver Raid Token Yellow Piece of Cloth Magma Legs Small Sapphire White Piece of Cloth Crystal Ring Red Piece of Cloth Soul Orb Demonic Essence Magma Coat Jalapeño Peppers Wand of Everblazing Death Ring Phoenix Shield Furious Frock
Hellflayer 14000 12500 Concentrated Demonic Blood Gold Coin Platinum Coin Demonic Essence Small Ruby Small Topaz Great Mana Potion Small Emerald Small Diamond Great Spirit Potion Small Amethyst Pair of Hellflayer Horns Gold Ingot Ultimate Health Potion Violet Gem Rift Lance Giant Shimmering Pearl Red Gem Magma Boots Magma Legs Golden Armor Mastermind Shield Green Gem Titan Axe Rift Shield Rift Crossbow Rift Bow Skull Helmet Demonbone Amulet Spellbook of Mind Control Heavy Mace Magic Plate Armor
Juggernaut 20000 14000 Platinum Coin Gold Coin Concentrated Demonic Blood Great Health Potion Demonic Essence Great Mana Potion Assassin Star Soul Orb Knight Armor Small Ruby Giant Shimmering Pearl Red Gem Titan Axe Small Diamond Gold Ingot Small Emerald Onyx Arrow Spiked Squelcher War Axe Green Gem Violet Gem Mastermind Shield Golden Armor Heavy Mace Demonbone Amulet Closed Trap
Mawhawk 20000 14000 Unrealized Dream Frazzle Tongue Cluster of Solace Blue Crystal Splinter Iron Ore Brown Crystal Splinter Fish Fin Fire Sword Assassin Dagger Gold Coin Violet Crystal Shard Red Piece of Cloth Haunted Blade Green Crystal Splinter Hardened Bone Platinum Coin Nightmare Blade
Sight of Surrender 28000 17000 Great Mana Potion Sight of Surrender's Eye Blue Crystal Splinter Green Crystal Splinter Violet Crystal Shard Green Crystal Shard Blue Crystal Shard Broken Visor Ultimate Health Potion Great Spirit Potion Platinum Coin Brown Crystal Splinter Stone Skin Amulet Cluster of Solace Steel Boots Might Ring Jade Hammer Magic Plate Armor Tower Shield Crystal Mace Crusader Helmet Hammer of Wrath Crown Legs Onyx Flail String of Mending
Horadron 30000 18000 Platinum Coin Demonic Essence Unrealized Dream Cluster of Solace Gold Coin Demon Horn Spellbook of Lost Souls Knight Legs Noble Axe Dream Matter Blue Robe Spellbook of Warding Spellbook of Mind Control Vile Axe Beastslayer Axe Executioner Crown Armor Lightning Legs Steel Boots Small Emerald Dream Warden Mask Golden Armor Golden Legs Small Sapphire Great Axe Demonwing Axe Spellscroll of Prophecies
Massacre 32000 20000 Demonic Essence Soul Orb Gold Coin Piece of Massacre's Shell Big Bone Orichalcum Pearl Meat Platinum Coin Golden Armor Old Twig Great Health Potion Great Mana Potion Jewel Case Berserker Great Shield Heavy Mace
Mozradek 28000 21000 Red Gem Sea Horse Figurine
Phrodomo 90000 44000 Nothing
Shulgrax 290000 58000 Silver Token Underworld Rod Small Emerald Shadow Sceptre Yellow Gem Red Gem Small Amethyst Blue Gem Platinum Coin Green Gem Rift Lance Small Ruby Great Health Potion Great Spirit Potion Rift Crossbow Onyx Chip Dreaded Cleaver Gold Coin Demonbone Amulet Magic Plate Armor Lightning Legs Violet Gem Small Topaz Rift Bow Lightning Pendant Small Diamond Opal Giant Shimmering Pearl Demonic Essence Concentrated Demonic Blood Death Ring Giant Shimmering Pearl Great Mana Potion Small Sapphire Rift Shield Pair of Iron Fists Ruthless Axe Bloody Edge Treader of Torment
Tarbaz 295000 80000 Silver Token Rift Bow Small Topaz Platinum Coin Yellow Gem Gold Coin Great Spirit Potion Rift Crossbow Small Emerald Small Ruby Ultimate Health Potion Violet Crystal Shard Blue Crystal Shard Underworld Rod Small Diamond Great Health Potion Green Gem Rift Lance Chaos Mace Great Mana Potion Giant Shimmering Pearl Blue Gem Giant Shimmering Pearl Glacier Amulet Green Crystal Shard Glacier Kilt Small Amethyst Energy Ring Red Gem Violet Gem Shroud of Despair Maimer
Verminor 160000 80000 Nothing
Ragiaz 445000 100000 Silver Token Platinum Coin Giant Shimmering Pearl Violet Gem Green Crystal Fragment Demonic Essence Bonebreaker Red Gem Great Health Potion Yellow Gem Great Mana Potion Cyan Crystal Fragment Small Amethyst Small Sapphire Red Crystal Fragment Ring of Healing Skull Staff Composite Hornbow Gold Coin Green Gem Skull Helmet Blue Gem Small Emerald Rift Shield Amber Staff Rift Bow Small Topaz Golden Legs Death Gaze Reaper's Axe
Gaz'haragoth 350000 1000000 Platinum Coin Crude Umbral Mace Nightmare Beacon Crude Umbral Axe Golden Legs Crystal Coin Magma Coat Crude Umbral Blade Unrealized Dream Red Piece of Cloth Crude Umbral Bow Crude Umbral Chopper Blue Gem Crude Umbral Crossbow Crude Umbral Slayer Umbral Crossbow Blue Crystal Splinter Crude Umbral Spellbook Umbral Axe Umbral Blade Umbral Bow Nightmare Hook Umbral Chopper Blue Crystal Shard Demonic Tapestry Psychedelic Tapestry Nightmare Horn Dream Warden Mask Violet Crystal Shard Crude Umbral Hammer Umbral Hammer Yellow Piece of Cloth Umbral Mace Umbral Master Axe Umbral Master Bow Demon Horn Umbral Master Chopper Umbral Master Crossbow Umbral Master Hammer Umbral Master Mace Green Crystal Splinter Umbral Master Slayer Umbral Master Spellbook Umbral Masterblade Dream Matter Brown Crystal Splinter Umbral Slayer Umbral Spellbook Solitude Charm Giant Shimmering Pearl Cluster of Solace Giant Shimmering Pearl Dream Warden Claw Spiritual Charm Skull Helmet Demonic Essence Phoenix Charm Eye Pod Twin Sun Charm Unity Charm Boots of Haste


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