Picture Name Hitpoints Experience loot
Agressive Lava 0 0 Nothing
Burrowing Beetle 0 0 Nothing
Captured Dwarf 0 0 Nothing
Ember Beast 0 0 Nothing
Fiery Blood 0 0 Nothing
Fiery Heart 0 0 Nothing
Fire Empowered Duke 0 0 Nothing
Ghost of a Planegazer 1450 0 Gold Coin Great Mana Potion Small Amethyst
Gnome Pack Crawler 5000 0 Pelvis Bone Brass Shield Bone Torch Mace Viking Helmet
Hungry Baron from Below 0 0 Nothing
Lost Gnome 10000 0 Gold Coin Torch
Makeshift Home 0 0 Nothing
Organic Matter 0 0 Nothing
Snail Slime 0 0 Nothing
Sulphur Geysir 0 0 Nothing
Fox 22 15 Meat Fox Paw
Mole 200 100 Gold Coin
Stonerefiner 800 500 Coal Rare Earth Platinum Coin Glob of Acid Slime Half-Digested Stones Stonerefiner's Skull Rat Cheese Poisonous Slime
Werefox 1500 1600 Moonlight Crystals Platinum Coin Gold Coin Werefox Tail Fox Paw Strong Mana Potion Moonlight Rod Emerald Bangle Small Enchanted Emerald Great Mana Potion Mana Potion Assassin Star Troll Green Ring of Healing Platinum Amulet Werewolf Amulet Werefox Trophy
Lost Exile 1600 1800 Gold Coin Platinum Coin Skull Shatterer Red Hair Dye Lost Husher's Staff Holy Ash Coal Bonecarving Knife Brown Mushroom Great Mana Potion Bone Fetish Basalt Fetish Strong Health Potion Small Topaz Wimp Tooth Chain Basalt Figurine Dwarven Ring Terra Boots Knight Axe Guardian Shield Buckle Clay Lump Suspicious Device Fire Axe Skull Staff Spiked Squelcher Terra Legs Tower Shield
Cave Spider 1800 2000 Strong Health Potion Gold Coin Spider Silk Poison Arrow
Deepworm 2500 2300 Deepworm Jaws Deepworm Spikes Life Ring Wood Mushroom Green Mushroom Green Crystal Shard Dark Mushroom Ham Meat Deepworm Spike Roots Terra Amulet Small Enchanted Amethyst Springsprout Rod Sacred Tree Amulet Giant Shimmering Pearl Suspicious Device
Diremaw 3000 2500 Ham Diremaw Brainpan Violet Crystal Shard Onyx Chip Blue Crystal Shard Diremaw Legs Poisonous Slime Green Crystal Shard Small Emerald Small Enchanted Emerald Giant Shimmering Pearl Gold Ingot Suspicious Device Mycological Bow Mushroom Backpack
Sharpclaw 2300 2500 Werebadger Skull Werebadger Claws Beetroot Moonlight Crystals Underworld Rod Wand of Voodoo Badger Boots Platinum Amulet Troll Green Ultimate Mana Potion Great Mana Potion Onyx Chip Small Enchanted Amethyst Brown Mushroom Platinum Coin Gold Coin Ring of Healing Silver Token Wolf Backpack
Black Vixen 2200 2700 Fox Paw Werefox Tail Assassin Star Moonlight Crystals Small Enchanted Emerald Moonlight Rod Stealth Ring Ultimate Mana Potion Platinum Coin Great Spirit Potion Great Mana Potion Gold Coin Ultimate Spirit Potion Black Pearl Green Gem Silver Token Werewolf Amulet Troll Green Composite Hornbow Wolf Backpack Foxtail Werefox Trophy
Chasm Spawn 4000 2700 Chasm Spawn Abdomen Chasm Spawn Head Chasm Spawn Tail Wood Mushroom Orange Mushroom Green Crystal Shard Blue Crystal Shard Small Enchanted Emerald Small Enchanted Amethyst Brown Mushroom Violet Crystal Shard Mushroom Backpack Suspicious Device
Cave Devourer 4200 2800 Cave Devourer Maw Cave Devourer Eyes Small Enchanted Sapphire Cyan Crystal Fragment Green Crystal Shard Violet Crystal Shard Blue Crystal Shard Crystalline Arrow Cave Devourer Legs Slime Heart Small Enchanted Ruby Stealth Ring Suspicious Device
Darkfang 3800 3200 Werewolf Fur Wolf Paw Moonlight Crystals Sai Wolf Trophy Dreaded Cleaver Platinum Amulet Stone Skin Amulet Ultimate Health Potion Small Enchanted Sapphire Onyx Chip Black Pearl Berserk Potion Platinum Coin Gold Coin Time Ring Troll Green Bonebreaker Silver Token Wolf Backpack
Reflection Of A Mage 3500 3250 Piggy Bank Assassin Star Platinum Coin Gold Coin
Bloodback 4200 3500 Wereboar Tusks Wereboar Hooves Moonlight Crystals Gold Coin Fur Armor Wereboar Loincloth Stone Skin Amulet Red Gem Furry Club Small Enchanted Ruby Red Crystal Fragment Great Health Potion Platinum Coin Silver Token Wolf Backpack
Lava Lurker 5000 4000 Small Enchanted Ruby
Shadowpelt 5000 4000 Werebear Skull Black Pearl Furry Club Werebear Fur Gold Coin Small Enchanted Sapphire Bear Paw Opal Ham Great Health Potion Platinum Coin Spiked Squelcher Giant Shimmering Pearl Silver Token Relic Sword Tiger Eye Wolf Backpack
Tunnel Tyrant 6000 4000 Tunnel Tyrant Head Violet Gem Small Enchanted Ruby Small Enchanted Sapphire Lump of Dirt Tunnel Tyrant Shell Crystal Mace Green Gem Energy Vein Blue Gem Suspicious Device Crystalline Armor
Reflection Of Mawhawk 12600 9650 Gold Coin Platinum Coin Cluster of Solace Green Crystal Splinter Unrealized Dream Frazzle Tongue
Ancient Spawn of Morgathla 50000 40000 Onyx Chip Daramian Waraxe Scarab Pincers Gold Token Ring of Healing Mastermind Potion Ultimate Health Potion Blue Crystal Shard Violet Crystal Shard Green Crystal Shard Springsprout Rod Platinum Coin Great Mana Potion Small Emerald Huge Chunk of Crude Iron Blue Gem
Last Planegazer 50000 40000 The Cube
The Baron from Below 50000 40000 Mallet Head Platinum Coin Heavy Crystal Fragment Blue Gem Green Gem Rusty Shield Silver Token Gold Token Rusty Helmet Stone Skin Amulet Mastermind Potion Great Mana Potion Crystal Mace Fire Sword Magic Sulphur Ultimate Health Potion Wand of Inferno Violet Crystal Shard Huge Shell Longing Eyes Gnome Shield Gnome Sword Gnome Armor Plan for a Makeshift Armour
The Count of the Core 50000 40000 Small Emerald Dragon Necklace Fire Axe Fire Sword Giant Shimmering Pearl Gold Token Green Gem Huge Chunk of Crude Iron Huge Spiky Snail Shell Luminous Orb Magic Sulphur Mastermind Potion Red Gem Silver Token Crystalline Armor Chitinous Mouth Blue Gem Small Diamond Small Amethyst Green Crystal Shard Platinum Coin Small Ruby Small Topaz Great Mana Potion Great Spirit Potion Gnome Shield Gnome Sword Wand of Inferno Ultimate Health Potion Amber Staff Yellow Gem
The Duke of the Depths 50000 40000 Heavy Crystal Fragment Stone Skin Amulet Ultimate Health Potion Wand of Inferno Magic Sulphur Small Ruby Blue Gem Platinum Coin Fire Sword Fire Axe Mastermind Potion Dragon Necklace Damaged Worm Head Great Spirit Potion Great Mana Potion Blue Crystal Shard Silver Token


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