Summer Update 2019
Find out the newest information about the Summer Update in Tibia!
Picture Name Hitpoints Experience loot
Containment Machine 6000 0 Nothing
Dark Soul 0 0 Nothing
Dorokoll The Mystic 0 0 Nothing
Dread Minion 0 0 Nothing
Eliz The Unyielding (s) 0 0 Nothing
Emberwing 15000 0 Nothing
Enraged Sand Brood 0 0 Nothing
Eshtaba The Conjurer (s) 0 0 Nothing
Essence of Malice 0 0 Mysterious Remains Plasma Pearls Odd Organ Violet Gem Shockwave Amulet Red Gem Noble Axe Green Gem Lightning Legs Demon Shield Giant Shimmering Pearl Small Topaz Small Sapphire Wand of Everblazing Small Diamond Magma Monocle Small Amethyst Gold Coin Ultimate Health Potion Silver Token Great Spirit Potion Energy Bar Blue Gem Great Mana Potion Witch Hat Gold Token Ring of Green Plasma Small Emerald Platinum Coin Yellow Gem Wand of Inferno Blade of Corruption Blood of the Mountain Shield of Corruption
Freed Soul 0 0 Nothing
Grovebeast 0 0 Nothing
Leiden 0 0 Nothing
Liqour Spirit 0 0 Nothing
Malkhar Deathbringer (s) 0 0 Nothing
Mezlon The Defiler (s) 0 0 Nothing
Minotaur Idol 0 0 Nothing
Misguided Shadow 0 0 Strong Health Potion Strong Mana Potion Onyx Chip Red Gem
Pillar of Death 0 0 Nothing
Pillar of Draining 1000 0 Nothing
Pillar of Healing 1000 0 Nothing
Pillar of Protection 0 0 Nothing
Pillar of Summoning 0 0 Nothing
Ravennous Hunger 0 0 Mysterious Remains Silver Token Oriental Shoes Red Gem Cobra Crown Mammoth Fur Cape Magic Sulphur Jade Hat Gold Token Green Gem Fig Leaf Broken Key Ring Ultimate Health Potion Blue Gem Small Topaz Small Sapphire Small Emerald Small Diamond Giant Shimmering Pearl Energy Bar Platinum Coin Great Spirit Potion Muck Rod Wood Cape Gold Coin Bed of Nails Great Mana Potion Luminous Orb Small Amethyst Yellow Gem Sacred Tree Amulet Elven Mail Wooden Spellbook Elven Legs
Sand Vortex 0 0 Nothing
Skullfrost 10000 0 Nothing
Soul Reaper 0 0 Nothing
Sphere of Wrath 0 0 Nothing
Stolen Soul 0 0 Nothing
The Armored Voidborn 0 0 Nothing
The Corruptor of Souls 0 0 Nothing
The False God 0 0 Energy Bar Mysterious Remains Great Mana Potion Small Diamond Small Amethyst Blue Gem Giant Sword Green Gem Mino Shield Pair of Iron Fists Piece of Royal Steel Magic Sulphur Red Gem Violet Gem Underworld Rod Necromantic Rust War Axe Small Topaz Red Piece of Cloth Great Spirit Potion Yellow Gem Small Sapphire Ultimate Health Potion Iron Ore Gold Coin Giant Shimmering Pearl Piece of Hell Steel Platinum Coin Silver Token Small Emerald Ornate Mace Velvet Mantle Maimer Impaler
The Remorseless Corruptor 0 0 Nothing
The Sandking 0 0 Yellow Gem Soul Stone Violet Gem Silver Token Skull Staff Runed Sword Ring of Healing Red Gem Mastermind Potion Luminous Orb Magic Sulphur Huge Chunk of Crude Iron Green Gem Hailstorm Rod Grasshopper Legs Giant Shimmering Pearl Gold Token Djinn Blade Crystalline Axe Cluster of Solace Blue Gem Arcane Staff Ultimate Health Potion Great Spirit Potion Great Mana Potion Small Topaz Small Ruby Small Diamond Small Emerald Small Amethyst Violet Crystal Shard Green Crystal Shard Blue Crystal Shard Platinum Coin Gold Coin
The Sinister Hermit 0 0 Nothing
The Souldespoiler 0 0 Mysterious Remains Plasma Pearls Odd Organ Medusa Shield Magma Boots Haunted Blade Gold Token Green Gem Blue Gem Red Gem Rift Crossbow Rift Lance Sapphire Hammer Underworld Rod Wand of Defiance Yellow Gem Shield of Corruption Curious Matter Prismatic Quartz Platinum Coin Small Amethyst Giant Shimmering Pearl Spiked Squelcher Great Spirit Potion Spark Sphere Impaler Great Mana Potion Energy Bar Small Topaz Small Sapphire Small Emerald Small Diamond Ultimate Health Potion Gold Coin
The Source of Corruption 0 0 Gemmed Figurine Crystallized Anger Rift Bow Violet Gem Yellow Gem Gold Ingot Silkweaver Bow Crude Umbral Slayer Wand of Everblazing Umbral Slayer Sapphire Hammer Ring of Red Plasma Heavy Mace Green Gem White Piece of Cloth Small Topaz Solid Rage Ancient Stone Onyx Chip Ultimate Health Potion Gold Token Silver Token Platinum Coin Gold Coin Magic Sulphur Red Gem Skull Staff Piece of Hell Steel Magic Plate Armor Enchanted Chicken Wing Small Emerald Small Amethyst Demon Dust Demonwing Axe Yalahari Figurine
Thundergiant 20000 0 Nothing
Vermin Swarm 0 0 Nothing
Wine Cask 0 0 Nothing
Zarcorix of Yalahar 0 0 Nothing
Animated Skunk 20 3 Bulb of Garlic
Animated Rotworm 65 40 Lump of Dirt Mace Worm Ham Meat Gold Coin
Animated Cyclops 260 150 Meat Short Sword Gold Coin Plate Shield
Animated Mummy 240 150 Gauze Bandage Gold Coin Worm Flask of Embalming Fluid Magic Light Wand Black Pearl Strange Talisman
Museum Stone Golem 270 160 Gold Coin Iron Ore Small Stone Sulphurous Stone
Animated Clomp 900 475 Raw Meat Thick Fur Hardened Bone
Pooka 500 500 Gold Coin Shimmering Beetles Carrot Strong Health Potion Fern Small Stone Opal Cookie Small Enchanted Ruby Orange Mushroom Rainbow Quartz Dream Blossom Staff Stealth Ring Carrot on a Stick
Twisted Pooka 700 600 Gold Coin Strong Health Potion Carrot Stone Herb Shimmering Beetles Fairy Wings Prismatic Quartz Small Stone Cookie Orange Mushroom Small Enchanted Ruby Stealth Ring Crystal of Focus Carrot on a Stick
Animated Ogre Shaman 800 625 Gold Coin Ogre Ear Stud Ogre Nose Ring Strong Mana Potion Broken Shamanic Staff Waterskin
Pixie 770 700 Gold Coin Colourful Snail Shell Dandelion Seeds Wild Flowers Leaf Star Fresh Fruit Rainbow Quartz Star Herb Magic Light Wand Great Mana Potion Small Enchanted Amethyst Red Rose Green Mushroom Strong Mana Potion Butterfly Ring Dream Blossom Staff Wooden Spellbook
Swan Maiden 800 700 Gold Coin Colourful Snail Shell Wild Flowers Silver Brooch Small Enchanted Emerald Green Mushroom Powder Herb White Pearl Opal Coral Brooch Great Mana Potion Strong Mana Potion Summer Dress Flower Wreath Boots of Haste Butterfly Ring Clerical Mace Diamond Sceptre
Animated Ogre Brute 1000 800 Gold Coin Cookie Club Ring Strong Health Potion Ogre Ear Stud Ogre Nose Ring
Faun 900 800 Gold Coin Goat Grass Fresh Fruit Leaf Star Shimmering Beetles Cookie Strong Health Potion Dandelion Seeds Great Health Potion Small Enchanted Sapphire Rainbow Quartz Panpipes Grapes Wood Cape Small Stone Leaf Legs Wooden Spellbook Die Mandrake
Cult Believer 975 850 Gold Coin Great Health Potion Meat Small Amethyst Cultish Robe Small Emerald Small Diamond Scarf Piggy Bank Might Ring
Nymph 900 850 Gold Coin Dandelion Seeds Fresh Fruit Wild Flowers Colourful Snail Shell Small Topaz Great Mana Potion Emerald Bangle Small Enchanted Amethyst Blue Rose Strong Mana Potion Hibiscus Dress Sacred Tree Amulet Dream Blossom Staff Butterfly Ring Flower Wreath Boots of Haste
Orc Cult Minion 1000 850 Gold Coin Small Topaz Strong Health Potion Red Mushroom Orcish Axe Cultish Robe Meat Berserk Potion
Dark Faun 1100 900 Gold Coin Cave Turnip Leaf Star Shimmering Beetles Fairy Wings Goat Grass Strong Health Potion Great Health Potion Small Enchanted Sapphire Small Stone Panpipes Prismatic Quartz Dark Mushroom Wood Cape Leaf Legs Wooden Spellbook Die Mandrake
Putrid Mummy 1500 900 Gold Coin Green Bandage Little Bowl of Myrrh Scarab Coin Single Human Eye Broken Flask Pharaoh Banner Green Gem Black Pearl Poison Dagger Mini Mummy
Animated Ogre Savage 1400 950 Ogre Nose Ring Opal Gold Coin Small Topaz Strong Health Potion Skull Fetish Jalapeño Peppers Ogre Ear Stud Mysterious Fetish
Boogy 1300 950 Gold Coin Leaf Star Fairy Wings Strong Health Potion Shimmering Beetles Prismatic Quartz Terra Amulet Red Crystal Fragment Small Enchanted Emerald Sling Herb Wood Mushroom Ancient Coin Golden Sickle Berserk Potion Dream Blossom Staff Mandrake Wooden Spellbook
Minotaur Cult Follower 1600 950 Gold Coin Ham Platinum Coin Minotaur Horn Cowbell Minotaur Leather Bronze Amulet Plate Shield Meat Mino Shield Great Health Potion Cultish Robe Small Emerald Mino Lance Ring of Healing Small Ruby Small Amethyst Small Topaz Red Piece of Cloth Warrior Helmet Gold Ingot Minotaur Trophy Yellow Gem Red Gem
Orc Cultist 1350 950 Gold Coin Orc Tusk Strong Health Potion Orcish Axe Ham Green Piece of Cloth Cultish Robe Small Topaz Brown Crystal Splinter Berserk Potion
Cult Enforcer 1150 1000 Gold Coin Great Health Potion Meat Halberd Cultish Robe Small Amethyst Small Emerald Small Diamond Scarf War Hammer Piggy Bank Warrior Helmet Guardian Shield Knight Legs Might Ring
Orc Cult Priest 1300 1000 Gold Coin Cultish Robe Small Ruby Strong Health Potion Shamanic Hood Mysterious Fetish Orc Leather Green Piece of Cloth Broken Shamanic Staff Black Pearl Heavy Old Tome Orc Tooth Wand of Decay Berserk Potion
Weakened Frazzlemaw 1200 1000 Gold Coin Platinum Coin Fairy Wings Ham Great Mana Potion Frazzle Skin Remains of a Fish Bone Great Health Potion Fish Skull Frazzle Tongue Big Bone Piece of Iron Fish Fin Iron Ore Sai Cluster of Solace Nightmare Blade
Cult Scholar 1650 1100 Gold Coin Meat Great Health Potion Cultish Robe Small Emerald Small Amethyst Small Diamond Scarf Might Ring Piggy Bank
Enfeebled Silencer 1100 1100 Gold Coin Platinum Coin Assassin Star Fairy Wings Silencer Claws Stealth Ring Haunted Blade Terra Legs Terra Boots Diamond Sceptre Glorious Axe Shadow Sceptre Boots of Haste
Minotaur Cult Prophet 1700 1100 Ham Platinum Coin Gold Coin Ring of Healing Minotaur Leather Meat Small Amethyst Great Health Potion Small Emerald Small Ruby Moonlight Rod Minotaur Horn Great Mana Potion Small Topaz Cowbell Cultish Robe Gold Ingot Red Piece of Cloth Minotaur Trophy Red Gem Yellow Gem
Orc Cult Fanatic 1300 1100 Gold Coin Fish Sword Ring Brown Mushroom Plate Shield Orc Leather Cultish Robe Skull Belt Small Ruby Great Health Potion Warrior Helmet Plate Armor Brass Legs Plate Legs Orc Tooth
Orc Cult Inquisitor 1500 1150 Gold Coin Strong Health Potion Red Mushroom Ham Orcish Axe Halberd Battle Axe Small Ruby Orc Tooth Orc Leather Orcish Gear Black Pearl Cultish Robe Bug Meat Berserk Potion
Misguided Bully 2000 1200 Meat Gold Coin Rubbish Amulet Gold Ingot Blue Gem
Misguided Thief 1800 1200 Gold Coin Meat Ham Red Gem Strong Health Potion Yellow Gem Strong Mana Potion Rubbish Amulet Blue Crystal Splinter Stone Skin Amulet Gold Ring
Minotaur Cult Zealot 1800 1350 Platinum Coin Gold Coin Purple Robe Strong Mana Potion Snakebite Rod Cultish Robe Taurus Mace Small Ruby Small Amethyst Small Sapphire Small Topaz Small Emerald Red Piece of Cloth Minotaur Leather Minotaur Horn Small Diamond Yellow Gem Red Gem Minotaur Trophy
Museum Stone Rhino 3000 1800 Rhino Horn Rhino Hide Hardened Bone Raw Meat Tusk Shield
Goldhanded Cultist 3000 2000 Golden Brush Gold Coin Opal Tiger Eye Yellow Gem Gold Ingot Green Gem Golden Bag Golden Backpack Platinum Coin Gold Nugget
Goldhanded Cultist Bride 3000 2000 Gold Coin Golden Brush Tiger Eye Opal Gold Ingot Golden Bag Yellow Gem Golden Backpack Platinum Coin
Barkless Devotee 2800 2200 Gold Coin Fig Leaf Torn Shirt Bed of Nails
Barkless Fanatic 3200 2500 Gold Coin Fig Leaf Tiger Eye Bed of Nails Torn Shirt
Animated Moohtant 3200 2600 Giant Pacifier Moohtant Horn Minotaur Leather Small Ruby Great Mana Potion Small Diamond Gold Coin Platinum Coin
Kroazur 3000 2700 Small Enchanted Emerald Gold Ingot Gemmed Figurine Red Crystal Fragment Nightmare Blade Strong Health Potion Platinum Coin Great Health Potion Fairy Wings Cluster of Solace Gold Coin Small Enchanted Amethyst Ancient Coin Assassin Star Gold Token Silver Token
Security Golem 6500 2750 Nothing
Animated Guzzlemaw 6400 5500 Platinum Coin Hardened Bone Frazzle Skin Ham Fishbone Big Bone Great Health Potion Great Mana Potion Gold Coin Frazzle Tongue Bone Remains of a Fish Skull Crystal Rubbish Banana Skin Iron Ore Sai Violet Crystal Shard
The Unarmored Voidborn 250000 15000 Mysterious Remains Skull Helmet Abyss Hammer Red Gem Great Mana Potion Blue Gem Small Emerald Small Sapphire Berserker Bonebreaker Collar of Blue Plasma Giant Shimmering Pearl Giant Shimmering Pearl Gold Token Ring of Red Plasma Great Spirit Potion Gold Ingot Small Amethyst Orc Tusk Gold Coin Platinum Coin Skull Fetish Ultimate Health Potion Silver Token Energy Bar Piece of Royal Steel Yellow Gem Small Diamond Shadow Sceptre Collar of Red Plasma Magic Sulphur Terra Hood


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