Summer Update 2019
Find out the newest information about the Summer Update in Tibia!
Picture Name Hitpoints Experience loot
Angry Plant 0 0 Nothing
Dragon Essence 0 0 Nothing
Dragon Warden 0 0 Nothing
Fallen Challenger 0 0 Nothing
Somewhat Beatable Dragon 0 0 Nothing
Spirit of Fertility 0 0 Nothing
The First Dragon 0 0 Nothing
Unbeatable Dragon 0 0 Nothing
Piñata Dragon 10000 85 Birthday Backpack Surprise Bag Party Cake Surprise Bag Bar of Chocolate Cookie Costume Bag Ferumbras' Candy Hat Chocolatey Dragon Scale Legs Candy Bottle of Tibian Wine Doll Toy Mouse Stuffed Dragon
Ice Dragon 2500 2300 Gold Coin Dragon Ham Shiver Arrow Dragon Blood Dragon Tongue Hailstorm Rod Golden Mug Ice Cube Great Mana Potion Small Sapphire Glacier Mask Energy Ring Life Crystal Shard Glacier Amulet Dragon Scale Mail
Haunted Dragon 6500 6500 Great Health Potion Assassin Star Ancient Coin Platinum Coin Gold Coin Small Sapphire Unholy Bone Great Mana Potion Dragon Necklace Mind Stone Black Pearl Demonic Essence Hardened Bone Dark Shield Dark Armor Death Ring Dragonbone Staff Red Gem Gold Ingot Dragon Slayer Spellweaver's Robe Skullcracker Armor
Gelidrazah the Frozen 10000 9000 Dragon Blood Dragon Tongue Scale of Gelidrazah Glacier Amulet Gold Coin Platinum Coin Small Sapphire Shard Golden Mug Energy Ring Glacier Mask Dragon Ham Ice Cube Glacial Rod Icicle Bow Frozen Plate Runic Ice Shield Northern Star
Kalyassa 10000 9000 Dragon Tongue Horn of Kalyassa Dragon Blood Royal Helmet Dragon Ham Great Mana Potion Energy Ring Red Dragon Leather Platinum Coin Power Bolt Fire Sword Great Health Potion Onyx Arrow Dragon Scale Mail Stuffed Dragon Dragon Scale Boots
Tazhadur 10000 9000 Dragon Blood Tooth of Tazhadur Dragon Tongue Green Dragon Scale Green Dragon Leather Gold Coin Dragon Hammer Double Axe Dragon Shield Dragon Necklace Dragon Scale Mail
Zorvorax 10000 9000 Bones of Zorvorax Dragon Blood Dragon Tongue Great Health Potion Great Mana Potion Great Spirit Potion Demonic Essence Skull Helmet Hardened Bone Dragonbone Staff Death Ring Unholy Bone Gold Ingot Platinum Coin Gold Coin Rusted Armor Maxilla Maximus Amulet of Loss Royal Scale Robe Dark Lord's Cape


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