Summer Update 2019
Find out the newest information about the Summer Update in Tibia!
Picture Name Hitpoints Experience loot
Arkhothep 0 0 Nothing
Superior Death Minion 2500 0 Nothing
Dipthrah 4200 2900 Ornamented Ankh Small Sapphire Energy Ring Ankh Great Mana Potion Blue Gem Mind Stone Pharaoh Sword Mini Mummy Skull Staff
Omruc 4300 2950 Crystal Arrow Arrow Great Health Potion Small Diamond Red Apple Boots of Haste Burst Arrow Poison Arrow Stealth Ring Yellow Gem Power Bolt Gold Coin Onyx Arrow Hammer of Wrath Mini Mummy
Thalas 4100 2950 Cobrafang Dagger Small Emerald Time Ring Serpent Sword Poison Dagger Gold Coin Great Health Potion Stealth Ring Mini Mummy Djinn Blade Green Gem
Vashresamun 4000 2950 Blue Note Blue Robe Gold Coin White Pearl Panpipes Crystal Ring Lute Violet Gem Mini Mummy Ancient Tiara Crystal Mace
Morguthis 4800 3000 Sword Hilt Great Health Potion Assassin Star Knight Axe Black Pearl Stone Skin Amulet Demonbone Amulet Ravager's Axe Steel Boots Mini Mummy
Mahrdis 3900 3050 Burning Heart Gold Coin Life Ring Small Ruby Great Health Potion Red Gem Fire Axe Phoenix Shield Holy Falcon Mini Mummy
Ashmunrah 5000 3100 Silver Brooch Might Ring Gold Coin Great Mana Potion Hammer of Wrath Mini Mummy Crown Armor Holy Scarab
Rahemos 3700 3100 Ancient Rune Ring of Healing Gold Coin Great Mana Potion Small Amethyst Magician Hat Violet Gem Mini Mummy Twin Axe Orb Crystal Wand
Horestis 6000 3500 Scorpion Sceptre Great Health Potion Platinum Coin Silver Brooch Great Mana Potion Scarab Coin Rusted Legs Pharaoh Banner Hieroglyph Banner Gold Coin Pharaoh Sword Twin Axe Mini Mummy
The Ravager 53500 18000 Platinum Coin Scarab Coin Black Pearl Silver Brooch Great Mana Potion Great Health Potion Gold Coin Daramian Axe Ancient Amulet Scarab Shield


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