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Sea Serpent

1950 hp 2300 exp Experience boosts
  • Premium exp. 3450 Exp.
    • + Shared exp. 30% (2 vocs) - 2242.5 Exp.
    • + Shared exp. 60% (3 vocs) - 1840 Exp.
    • + Shared exp. 100% (4 vocs) - 1725 Exp.
  • + Shared exp. 30% (2 vocs) - 1495 Exp.
  • + Shared exp. 60% (3 vocs) - 1226.6666666667 Exp.
  • + Shared exp. 100% (4 vocs) - 1150 Exp.
Attack type: Close Attack list:
Melee (0-250) Drowning Bomb (20 hp/turn)
Ice Wave (100-300) Earth Wave (60-300)
Life Drain
Mana Drain
Self-Healing: 70-280/turn
Negative effects:
Behaviour and Abilities
Speed 240 Armor 25
Use haste Retargets
Become invisible Pushable
Detects invisibility Push objects
Spawn can be blocked Run on low HP
Walks on fields:
Additional information
Created in patch 8.2
Charms' Reward 25
Kills to unlock 50/500/1000
Difficulty Medium
Occurrence Common
Tibia Category Reptile
Creature description

The legendary Sea Serpent is a mysterious and powerful creature. For a long time Sea Serpents were exiled into the world of fairy tales just like the bogeyman or the man in the cave. However, during the years of the serpents, it became shockingly clear that Sea Serpents are a horrible reality. For many years, hordes of Sea Serpents made the ship passage between Carlin and Svargrond impassable. Then, almost over night, they vanished as suddenly as they had appeared. Still, sightings of Sea Serpents are not uncommon nowadays. Sea Serpents are omnivores but prefer meat over seaweed and tang. They hunt seals, sharks, octopuses and small whales, and occasionally also quara. The quara are in a strange relationship with the Sea Serpents. Some of them worship single Sea Serpents like gods, while others organise large hunting parties to exterminate Sea Serpents that enter their territory.

Normally, Sea Serpents are afraid of the strange ships humans tend to travel with. Some of them, however, seem to have overcome their fear. Those Sea Serpents attack ships with all their strength, and they are able to destroy even the biggest ships that cruise the seas. If they are able to wreck a whole ship, one can imagine what a single diver or swimmer has to expect from these beasts. While most Sea Serpents avoid the noisy big ships, a single human is always a welcome snack. Sea Serpents attack immediately, and only the fact that they are not used to meet with resistance might be an advantage of their victims.

Related Quests
Name Drop chance
Platinum Coin Platinum Coin Common
Gold Coin Gold Coin Common
Dragon Ham Dragon Ham Common
Small Sapphire Small Sapphire Uncommon
Plate Legs Plate Legs Uncommon
Sea Serpent Scale Sea Serpent Scale Uncommon
Serpent Sword Serpent Sword Semi-Rare
Ring of Healing Ring of Healing Semi-Rare
Strong Mana Potion Strong Mana Potion Semi-Rare
Strong Health Potion Strong Health Potion Semi-Rare
Spirit Cloak Spirit Cloak Semi-Rare
Northwind Rod Northwind Rod Rare
Glacier Amulet Glacier Amulet Rare
Great Mana Potion Great Mana Potion Rare
Stealth Ring Stealth Ring Very Rare
Glacier Kilt Glacier Kilt Very Rare
Focus Cape Focus Cape Very Rare
Crystalline Armor Crystalline Armor Very Rare
Leviathan's Amulet Leviathan's Amulet Very Rare
By Sahery on 13 Jun 2016, 07:29

You can talk to the Grizzly Adams and ask task of Sea Serpent , you need to kill 900 Sea Serpent or Young Sea Serpent to kill the boss " Leviathan " and get the achievement The Drowned Sea God , and you get 30,000 reward experience and 52.000 Gold Coin and 4 points..

EturnaLL Me
By EturnaLL Me on 28 Jan 2016, 07:31

You may hunt 900 Sea Serpents and Young Sea Serpent

combined as a task of the Killing in the Name of... Quest.

Upon completion of the task you will face Leviathan

Since these monsters are weak to physical attacks,

knights do good here(if they have the skills to kill them)

on 26 Mar 2016, 19:05
on 29 Jun 2016, 08:46
on 01 Feb 2016, 18:36
on 14 Feb 2016, 03:52
on 18 Oct 2017, 23:46


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