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Brimstone Bug

1300 hp 900 exp Experience boosts
  • Premium exp. 1350 Exp.
    • + Shared exp. 30% (2 vocs) - 877.5 Exp.
    • + Shared exp. 60% (3 vocs) - 720 Exp.
    • + Shared exp. 100% (4 vocs) - 675 Exp.
  • + Shared exp. 30% (2 vocs) - 585 Exp.
  • + Shared exp. 60% (3 vocs) - 480 Exp.
  • + Shared exp. 100% (4 vocs) - 450 Exp.
Attack type: Close Attack list:
Melee (0-300) Wrath of Nature (140-310)
Mana Drain Beam (130-200) Death Missile ()
Great Poison Wave (80-120)
Life Drain
Mana Drain
Negative effects:
  • Paralise
  • Poisoned
Behaviour and Abilities
Speed 120 Armor 38
Use haste Retargets
Become invisible Pushable
Detects invisibility Push objects
Spawn can be blocked Run on low HP
Walks on fields:
Additional information
Created in patch 8.6 (Zao Palace)
Charms' Reward 25
Kills to unlock 50/500/1000
Difficulty Medium
Occurrence Common
Tibia Category Vermin
  • Chrrr!
Creature description

Some insects are incredibly resistant to poison, diseases, and extreme climates. The Brimstone Bug seems to be the paragon of such resilience. It is argued whether this bug is the product of corruption or rather drawn to it. As a matter of fact the Brimstone Bug actually feeds on the corrupted essence of the world regardless of its source. They are drawn to places of dark magic or magical devastation. They are also known to devour residues of undead and demonic excrements without hesitation. Like certain flies are drawn to physically rotten things, the Brimstone Bug is attracted by things that are spiritually rotten. Not only does such matter no harm to them, it also seems to fuel several unusual powers of the Brimstone Bug. Only occasionally though, they display their magical powers which are unpredictable but harmful. Even though corruption is their preferred kind of nourishment, the Brimstone Bugs are not above attacking uncorrupted beings. If not starving, the bug will carry its dead or helpless prey to a place of great corruption and wait for the victim to become contaminated by the taint. Then it will finally devour it.

Brimstone Bugs live in swarms of different sizes even though they are quite aggressive among each other and fights are common, brutal, and often lethal. The Brimstone Bug is cannibalistic and will devour any fallen swarm member. However, if they can choose, they will devour corrupted prey first, which makes those theories less likely which claim that the Brimstone Bug itself is a result of corruption.

Sometimes colonies of Brimstone Bugs form in seemingly uncorrupted areas. The truth is, however, that the bugs only eat the corruption faster than it can grow back. So exterminating a colony might prove even worse than the bugs itself because without the bugs the corruption might spread even further through the land.

Related Quests
Name Drop chance
Poisonous Slime Poisonous Slime Common
Gold Coin Gold Coin Common
Strong Health Potion Strong Health Potion Uncommon
Strong Mana Potion Strong Mana Potion Uncommon
Lump of Earth Lump of Earth Uncommon
Brimstone Shell Brimstone Shell Uncommon
Sulphurous Stone Sulphurous Stone Uncommon
Brimstone Fangs Brimstone Fangs Uncommon
Magic Sulphur Magic Sulphur Semi-Rare
Small Emerald Small Emerald Semi-Rare
Stealth Ring Stealth Ring Rare
Platinum Amulet Platinum Amulet Very Rare
By Glex on 06 Jul 2016, 06:29

this creature was implemented in the summer update 2010. you can find in many parts of farmine like Razzachai, Northern Zao Plantations and the differents bristome bugs caves.

By Sahery on 13 Jun 2016, 07:16

You can talk to the Grizzly Adams and ask task of Brimstone Bug , you need to kill 500 to kill the boss " Sulphur Scuttler " and get the achievement Something Smells , and you get 15,000 reward experience and 19.000 Gold Coin and 3 points.

on 13 Apr 2016, 06:51
on 22 May 2019, 10:00
on 08 Mar 2016, 20:09


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