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Dragon Lord Hatchling

750 hp 645 exp Experience boosts
  • Premium exp. 967.5 Exp.
    • + Shared exp. 30% (2 vocs) - 628.875 Exp.
    • + Shared exp. 60% (3 vocs) - 516 Exp.
    • + Shared exp. 100% (4 vocs) - 483.75 Exp.
  • + Shared exp. 30% (2 vocs) - 419.25 Exp.
  • + Shared exp. 60% (3 vocs) - 344 Exp.
  • + Shared exp. 100% (4 vocs) - 322.5 Exp.
Attack type: Close Attack list:
Melee (0-86+) Fire Wave (90-125)
Firebomb (20) Great Fireball (55-105)
Life Drain
Mana Drain
Behaviour and Abilities
Use haste Retargets
Become invisible Pushable
Detects invisibility Push objects
Spawn can be blocked Run on low HP
Walks on fields:
Additional information
Created in patch 8.1
Charms' Reward 25
Kills to unlock 50/500/1000
Difficulty Medium
Ocurrence Common
Tibia Category Dragon
  • Fchu?
  • Rooawwrr
Creature description

Usually it takes decades or even centuries until a dragon lord evolves from an ordinary dragon. Sometimes though, when very ancient and powerful dragon lords mate, a child is born with a fraction of its parents immense power. The body of such a Dragon Lord Hatchling is protected by red scales which already hint on its powerful destiny. The powers of a Dragon Lord Hatchling outclass those of any ordinary hatchling. So to speak born into the nobility of dragon kind, the Dragon Lord Hatchlings contain the worst traits any dragon hatchling could have. Although they are able to control their appetite in a better way than other hatchlings, they only use this self-restraint for cruel cat and mouse games they love to play with their soon-to-be food. And food can be almost everything that is or has been alive, even their own kind. Particularly, old and sick dragons, that did not leave early enough for the fabled dragon cemetery, often fall prey to their malicious offspring. As dragons are not willing to teach anything to their hatchlings, the youngsters have to become keen observers to pick up a few tricks and some magic from the older generation.

Related Quests
Name Drop chance
Mana Potion Mana Potion Common
Green Mushroom Green Mushroom Semi-Rare
Magma Boots Magma Boots Rare
By Kuray on 09 Sep 2016, 07:40 - 10.97

They can be found in Dragonblaze Peaks (Farmine) volcano in Goroma (Access by Liberty Bay), Dragon Lair and Fire Axe Quest (Edron), Dragon Lair (Fenrock) Dragon Lair (Kha'zeel / Tiquanda), Dragon Lair (Thais) and Dragon Lair (Venore).

on 08 Apr 2016, 20:32
on 14 Jun 2017, 04:37
on 18 May 2016, 06:14


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