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Goblin Assassin

75 hp 52 exp Experience boosts
  • Premium exp. 78 Exp.
    • + Shared exp. 30% (2 vocs) - 50.7 Exp.
    • + Shared exp. 60% (3 vocs) - 41.6 Exp.
    • + Shared exp. 100% (4 vocs) - 39 Exp.
  • + Shared exp. 30% (2 vocs) - 33.8 Exp.
  • + Shared exp. 60% (3 vocs) - 27.733333333333 Exp.
  • + Shared exp. 100% (4 vocs) - 26 Exp.
Attack type: Close Attack list:
Melee (0-15) Throving Knives (0-35)
Life Drain
Mana Drain
Negative effects:
  • Drunk
Behaviour and Abilities
Speed 70 Armor 6
Use haste Retargets
Become invisible Pushable
Detects invisibility Push objects
Spawn can be blocked Run on low HP
Walks on fields:
Additional information
Convinceable (360 Mana)
Created in patch 8.2
Charms' Reward 15
Kills to unlock 25/250/500
Difficulty Easy
Occurrence Common
Tibia Category Humanoid
  • Goblin Powahhh!
  • Me kill you!
  • Me green menace!
  • Gobabunga!
  • Gooobliiiins!
Creature description

All goblins employ stealth and treachery as legitimate means to win a battle. This goes so far that the goblin culture actually encourages and adores such methods. Though Goblin Assassins are hardly anything else than 'wannabe assassins', they are indeed the most tricky and cunning of their kind. They use everything at their disposal for fighting including dirty trick. They enjoy stealthy attacks and the use of paralysing poison to eliminate their enemies. Amongst their kind, they are revered as heroes. They often hold high positions, gained by trickery to get rid of other contenders for leadership. Every goblin chieftain has a bunch of assassins as close advisors. Since the king knows that his advisors would gladly stab him in the back to succeed him as chief, he plays a difficult game of playing off the Goblin Assassins against each other and sending them on suicidal missions to get rid of them. So, being a Goblin Assassin is a mixed blessing. It is desirable as it ensures a position of power which all goblins long for. At the same time, it is a threat for a goblin's life.

In battles, Goblin Assassins try to be as effective as necessary to keep their position and as inconspicuous as possible to avoid the attention of both, their opponents and their fellow assassins. To some extend, this restricts the assassin's effectiveness, though when under pressure, he usually plays out all of his tricks to either flee or to kill his opponent.

Related Quests
Name Drop chance
Gold Coin Gold Coin Common
Small Axe Small Axe Uncommon
Dagger Dagger Uncommon
Bone Bone Uncommon
Leather Helmet Leather Helmet Uncommon
Small Stone Small Stone Uncommon
Fish Fish Uncommon
Short Sword Short Sword Uncommon
Leather Armor Leather Armor Uncommon
Mouldy Cheese Mouldy Cheese Uncommon
Bone Club Bone Club Semi-Rare
By Sequela on 16 Dec 2016, 16:17 - 11.02 (Winter Update 2016)

They make rare invasions in Femor Hill (Between these two cities Femor Hills and Kazordoon) along with Goblin Goblin Leader Goblin Scavenger and with the messages:

1: Goblins attack from Femor Hills!

2: Danger! Now the goblin leaders attack Kazordoon from Femor Hills!

Where it is possible to get Silver Raid Token

They are not very strong creatures but we must know that an invasion is a lot of them, you have to be careful.

By juuliraa on 24 Nov 2016, 02:09 - 10.97

Goblin Assassin can be found in Edron, Femor Hills, Fenrock, Former Trade Quarter (Yalahar) and Isle of Evil.

By Sahery on 15 Jun 2016, 05:07

You can talk to the npc Daniel Steelsoul and ask the task , and you kill 150 Goblin can be Goblin Assassin or Goblin Scavenger

the reward is 300 experience and 250 Gold Coin

on 30 Mar 2016, 21:16
on 27 Aug 2016, 22:39
on 12 May 2017, 08:43
on 24 Jul 2017, 17:00
on 24 Jul 2017, 17:00
on 24 Jul 2017, 17:01
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