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Worker Golem

1470 hp 1250 exp Experience boosts
  • Premium exp. 1875 Exp.
    • + Shared exp. 30% (2 vocs) - 1218.75 Exp.
    • + Shared exp. 60% (3 vocs) - 1000 Exp.
    • + Shared exp. 100% (4 vocs) - 937.5 Exp.
  • + Shared exp. 30% (2 vocs) - 812.5 Exp.
  • + Shared exp. 60% (3 vocs) - 666.66666666667 Exp.
  • + Shared exp. 100% (4 vocs) - 625 Exp.
Attack type: Close Attack list:
Melee (0-240) Small Stone (0-125)
Life Drain
Mana Drain
Self-Healing: 200-250
Behaviour and Abilities
Speed 80 Armor 35
Use haste Retargets
Become invisible Pushable
Detects invisibility Push objects
Spawn can be blocked Run on low HP
Walks on fields:
Additional information
Created in patch 8.4 (Yalahar)
Charms' Reward 25
Kills to unlock 50/500/1000
Difficulty Medium
Occurrence Common
Tibia Category Construct
  • klonk klonk klonk
  • Rrrtttarrrttarrrtta
  • Awaiting orders.
  • Secret objective complete.
Creature description

In ancient times the mago-mechanic Worker Golems used to be a common sight in Yalahar. They made a major contribution to Yalahar's wealth and luxury, ensuring that at least the upper classes had not to worry about mundane tasks.

They are constructs made of a variety of magical artefacts. Moreover, Worker Golems own some sort of intelligence gained in a ritual not too different from the one which modern wizards use to create stone golems. With powerful runes and enchantments, some spirit have been called into the golems. Worker Golems are much more limited and specialised than other golems but they are also more precise and easier to control.

The Worker Golems came in many varieties, serving as construction machines, transporters, guards and butlers. In the course of the centuries, more and more of the Worker Golems malfunctioned and deteriorated. Nowadays, not many of the old golems are left. Although some cunning magicians figured out how to repair, control and even create such constructs, the processes involved are extremely time-consuming and expensive. For this reason, Worker Golems outside of Yalahar are a rather rare sight, and many of the still functioning ones are badly affected. Such Damaged Worker Golems are of course much weaker and less durable than the repaired and intact versions.

Though the initial commands of the golems prevented that they attacked a Yalahari, this instructions seem not to be valid for outsiders such as humans. This is probably caused by the fact that outsiders were very rare in the glorious past of the city, nonetheless, nowadays it poses a threat and often leads to fatal attacks. Of course, this is another point while Worker Golem are hardly in usage nowadays.

Although the Worker Golem has become rare over the centuries, there are still some old factories were an unsuspecting explorer might encounter some of these golems mindlessly doing some kind of work. Worker Golems attack intruders with different built-in magic tools using them quite effectively as weapons.

Related Quests
Name Drop chance
Gold Coin Gold Coin Common
Gear Crystal Gear Crystal Semi-Rare
Nail Nail Semi-Rare
Great Health Potion Great Health Potion Semi-Rare
Rusted Armor Rusted Armor Semi-Rare
Great Mana Potion Great Mana Potion Semi-Rare
Life Crystal Life Crystal Rare
Rusted Legs Rusted Legs Rare
Small Diamond Small Diamond Rare
Great Spirit Potion Great Spirit Potion Rare
War Hammer War Hammer Rare
Berserk Potion Berserk Potion Rare
Spiked Squelcher Spiked Squelcher Rare
Iron Ore Iron Ore Rare
Gear Wheel Gear Wheel Rare
Might Ring Might Ring Rare
Bonebreaker Bonebreaker Very Rare
Crystal Pedestal Crystal Pedestal Very Rare
By Kuray on 09 Sep 2016, 07:38 - 10.97

They can be found in Factory Quarter (in Yalahar) and Magistrate Dungeon (Rathleton).

By Julious on 26 Jun 2016, 22:40

If you're a sorcerer can kill worker golems using energy spells and runes, you can easily kill them since lvl 45 but be careful.

on 28 Mar 2016, 01:38
on 28 Jul 2016, 05:16
on 06 Sep 2017, 20:53
on 06 Sep 2017, 20:54
on 06 Sep 2017, 20:54
on 06 Sep 2017, 20:54
on 06 Sep 2017, 20:55
on 08 Jun 2018, 21:21
on 25 Jun 2016, 19:52


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