Name Weight
Behemoth Trophy 5 oz.
Birthday Cup 38 oz.
Black Pit Demon 5 oz.
Blue Pit Demon 5 oz.
Bolfrim's Golden Bug Trophy 12.5 oz.
Bonebeast Trophy 5 oz.
Bronze Trophy of Excellence 13 oz.
Bronze Warrior Trophy 18 oz.
Cyclops Trophy 5 oz.
Deer Trophy 5 oz.
Delany's Golden Bug Trophy 12.5 oz.
Demon Trophy 5 oz.
Disgusting Trophy 7 oz.
Dragon Lord Trophy 5 oz.
Draken Trophy 6 oz.
Elven Trophy 9 oz.
Gilded Birthday Cup 38 oz.
Golden Fafnar Trophy 9 oz.
Golden Goblet 15 oz.
Golden Goblet 15 oz.
Golden Trophy of Excellence 13 oz.
Golden Warrior Trophy 19 oz.
Green Pit Demon 5 oz.
Lion Trophy 5 oz.
Lizard Trophy 5.5 oz.
Marlin Trophy 5 oz.
Minotaur Trophy 5 oz.
Orc Trophy 5 oz.
Pigeon Trophy 4 oz.
Red Pit Demon 5 oz.
Sea Serpent Trophy 5 oz.
Silver Fafnar Trophy 9 oz.
Silver Trophy of Excellence 13 oz.
Silver Warrior Trophy 18.5 oz.
Siramal's Golden Bug Trophy 12.5 oz.
Snake God Trophy 5 oz.
Souleater Trophy 5 oz.
Statue of Abyssador 24 oz.
Statue of Deathstrike 21 oz.
Statue of Gnomevil 22 oz.
The Famous Golden Bug 12.5 oz.
Trophy of Feroxa 5 oz.
Trophy of Jaul 5 oz.
Trophy of Obujos 5 oz.
Trophy of Tanjis 5 oz.
Trophy of a Strange Being 0 oz.
Trophy of a Strange Fish 0 oz.
Werebadger Trophy 5 oz.
Werebear Trophy 5 oz.
Wereboar Trophy 5 oz.
Werefox Trophy 5 oz.
Wolf Trophy 5 oz.


Name Weight
Brown Pit Demon 5 oz.


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