Summer Update 2019
Find out the newest information about the Summer Update in Tibia!
Name Weight
Acid Foxglove 0 oz.
Agave 0 oz.
Alga 0 oz.
Bamboo Plant 0 oz.
Big Fern 0 oz.
Bitter Calyx 0 oz.
Blister Egg Plant 0 oz.
Buttercut 0 oz.
Carnivortex 0 oz.
Chill Nettle 0 oz.
Cormo Dementi 0 oz.
Cormo Dementi (Usable) 0 oz.
Corms 0 oz.
Crimson Fin 0 oz.
Dancing Dawn Maiden 0 oz.
Dark Delight 0 oz.
Dawnfire Herb Plant 0 oz.
Desertfire Plant 0 oz.
Desertfire Plant 0 oz.
Doomato 0 oz.
Dreadcoil 0 oz.
Dream Garlic 0 oz.
Ferns 0 oz.
Forest Pincer 0 oz.
Frostbite Herb 0 oz.
Gaunt Briar 0 oz.
Giant Carrot 0 oz.
Giant Dreadcoil 0 oz.
Huge Twilight Morel 0 oz.
Ichor Thistle 0 oz.
Jungle Crown Plant 0 oz.
Jungle Grass 0 oz.
Jungle Maw 0 oz.
Jungle Umbrella Plant 0 oz.
Kelp 0 oz.
Laminaria 0 oz.
Leaves 0 oz.
Lizards Tongue Bush 0 oz.
Monkey Tail 0 oz.
Mud Whip 0 oz.
Overgrowth 0 oz.
Pepper Root Grass 0 oz.
Peppermoon Bells 0 oz.
Pillar Growth 0 oz.
Pillar Leech 0 oz.
Pillar Maw 0 oz.
Pillar Mustardcup 0 oz.
Pillar Pads 0 oz.
Pillar Tendril 0 oz.
Pillar Vine 0 oz.
Plants 0 oz.
Plants 0 oz.
Poison Spine 0 oz.
Potted Plant 0 oz.
Potted Plant 0 oz.
Purple Wineberry 0 oz.
Red Bladed Agave 0 oz.
Reed 0 oz.
Seaweed 0 oz.
Shadow Plant 0 oz.
Sleepless Twine 0 oz.
Sludge Fern 0 oz.
Small Fern 0 oz.
Small Ichor Thistle 0 oz.
Small Plant House 0 oz.
Small Twilight Morels 0 oz.
Small Yellow Pincher Bush 0 oz.
Small poison spine 0 oz.
Snake Maw 0 oz.
Strange Glowing Plant 0 oz.
Swamp Lichen 0 oz.
Swamp Reed 0 oz.
Swamp Tentacles 0 oz.
Tainted Plant 0 oz.
Tangerine Tail 0 oz.
Thornpeak Grass 0 oz.
Toxic Tulip 0 oz.
Twilight Morels 0 oz.
Water Lily 0 oz.
Wraithtongue 0 oz.
Wrigglecoil 0 oz.
Yellow Pincher Bush 0 oz.


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