Summer Update 2019
Find out the newest information about the Summer Update in Tibia!
Name Weight
Big Mud Lump 0 oz.
Blooming Jade Spike Plant 0 oz.
Bog Fingers Plant 0 oz.
Bog Wart 0 oz.
Bog Wart 0 oz.
Choking Swamp Gnarl 0 oz.
Dark Spikes 0 oz.
Dead Tree 0 oz.
Dusk Catcher 0 oz.
Frog Leaf 0 oz.
Ghastly Eye 0 oz.
Giant Mud Lump 0 oz.
Jungle Grass 0 oz.
Lady in the Fog Plant 0 oz.
Mire Sprout 0 oz.
Moon Herb 0 oz.
Mud Ball 0 oz.
Mud Whip 0 oz.
Muddy Floor 0 oz.
Muddy Mountain 0 oz.
Muddy Stone Wall 0 oz.
Muddy Water 0 oz.
Necrotic Grass 0 oz.
Old Rush Wood 0 oz.
Orange Dankshroom 0 oz.
Ramp 0 oz.
Ramp (Muddy) 0 oz.
Rutted Stone Tile 0 oz.
Shadow Plant 0 oz.
Skull 0 oz.
Skull 0 oz.
Small Cortinarius Mushrooms 0 oz.
Small Gomphidius Mushroom 0 oz.
Small Greasy Stone 0 oz.
Small White Beech Mushrooms 0 oz.
Soup Kettle 0 oz.
Stone Stings 0 oz.
Swamp Claw 0 oz.
Swamp Gnarl 0 oz.
Swamp Lichen 0 oz.
Swamp Reed 0 oz.
Swamp Tile 0 oz.
Swamp Tile 0 oz.
Timbers 0 oz.
Water Lily 0 oz.
Water Lily 0 oz.
Water Lily 0 oz.
Water Lily 0 oz.


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