Name Weight
Ancient Amulet (Quest) 3 oz.
Anglerfish Lamp 0 oz.
Black Jade Cobra 6.5 oz.
Black Pit Demon 5 oz.
Black Skull 24 oz.
Blue Pit Demon 5 oz.
Blue Sphere 10 oz.
Burnt Out Devourer Core 5.6 oz.
Candelabrum 50 oz.
Candle Stump 8.5 oz.
Candlestick 3 oz.
Charged Ghost Charm 9 oz.
Crystal Lamp 10 oz.
Crystal Lamp 0 oz.
Devourer Core 5.6 oz.
Dragon Eye (Replica) 28 oz.
Dragon Goblet 18 oz.
Dripping Candles 0 oz.
Eye of the Storm 11 oz.
Fluorescent Fungi 0 oz.
Frozen Starlight 0.2 oz.
Ghostsilver Lantern 6 oz.
Glass of Goo 17 oz.
Gloomy Poisonous Fungi 0 oz.
Glowing Mushroom 10 oz.
Glowing Sulphur Fungi 0 oz.
Golden Fafnar Trophy 9 oz.
Green Light 0.2 oz.
Green Pit Demon 5 oz.
Idol Lamp 0 oz.
Imortus 46.9 oz.
Jade Zaoan Bishop 5 oz.
Jade Zaoan King 5 oz.
Jade Zaoan Knight 5 oz.
Jade Zaoan Pawn 5 oz.
Jade Zaoan Queen 5 oz.
Jade Zaoan Rook 5 oz.
Light of Change 0 oz.
Lit Crystal Lamp 10 oz.
Lit Predator Lamp 0 oz.
Lit Protectress Lamp 0 oz.
Lit Rift Lamp 8 oz.
Lit Skull Lamp 0 oz.
Little Adventurer Doll 26.13 oz.
Lucky Clover Amulet 1.5 oz.
Luminescent Fungi 0 oz.
Magic Light Wand 15 oz.
Magical Torch 18 oz.
Majestic Shield 150 oz.
Mathmaster Shield 3.14 oz.
Midnight Panther Doll 17 oz.
Mining Helmet 7 oz.
Noble Sword (Replica) 50 oz.
Obsidian Zaoan Bishop 5 oz.
Obsidian Zaoan King 5 oz.
Obsidian Zaoan Knight 5 oz.
Obsidian Zaoan Pawn 5 oz.
Obsidian Zaoan Queen 5 oz.
Obsidian Zaoan Rook 5 oz.
Old Radio 40.15 oz.
Phoenix Statue 20 oz.
Phoenix Statue (Replica) 20 oz.
Pumpkinhead 12.5 oz.
Red Pit Demon 5 oz.
Rift Lamp 8 oz.
Shimmer Glower 10 oz.
Silver Fafnar Trophy 9 oz.
Skull Candle 22 oz.
Small Lamp 10 oz.
Snow Globe 10 oz.
Statue of Devovorga 18 oz.
Stone of Insight 9.99 oz.
Stone of Wisdom 9.99 oz.
Strange Symbol 2 oz.
Sun Mirror 8.5 oz.
Table Lamp 0 oz.
TibiaSpace Music Box 27 oz.
Tibiora's Box 42 oz.
Torch 5 oz.
Trapped Lightning 9 oz.
True Heart of the Sea 9.7 oz.
Vengothic Lamp 0 oz.
Wailing Widow's Necklace 5.4 oz.
Werewolf Amulet 5.5 oz.


Name Weight
Brown Pit Demon 5 oz.


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