Summer Update 2019
Find out the newest information about the Summer Update in Tibia!
Name Weight
Badly Made Piece of Cloth 5 oz.
Ball on Chains 0 oz.
Banana Skin 0.3 oz.
Big Bone 19 oz.
Blue Fireworks Powder 1 oz.
Bone 9.5 oz.
Broken Bottle 2 oz.
Broken Brown Glass 1.7 oz.
Broken Brown Glass 0 oz.
Broken Flask 2.5 oz.
Broken Green Glass 1.7 oz.
Broken Key Ring 0.5 oz.
Broken Piggy Bank 7.5 oz.
Broken Pottery 1.8 oz.
Broken Sword 35 oz.
Burnt Down Firewood 4.2 oz.
Burnt Scroll 0.4 oz.
Comb 4.5 oz.
Crystal Rubbish 9.8 oz.
Dead Human 800 oz.
Dirty Cape 29.5 oz.
Dirty Fur 2 oz.
Dream Junk 0 oz.
Empty Potion Flask 1.6 oz.
Empty Potion Flask 1.5 oz.
Empty Potion Flask 1.8 oz.
Fish Tail 2.5 oz.
Fishbone 0.7 oz.
Green Fireworks Powder 1 oz.
Green Powder 1 oz.
Hallowed Bonepile 0 oz.
Large Yellowed Bone 19 oz.
Mouldy Cheese 4 oz.
Old Twig 0.5 oz.
Orange Fireworks Powder 1 oz.
Piece of Iron 0.2 oz.
Purple Fireworks Powder 1 oz.
Purple Powder 1 oz.
Red Fireworks Powder 0.95 oz.
Remains of Crude Dream 0 oz.
Remains of a Fish 1.1 oz.
Rotten Meat 0.6 oz.
Rubbish 1 oz.
Rubbish 0 oz.
Rubbish 0 oz.
Rubbish 0.3 oz.
Rubbish 0 oz.
Rubbish 0.8 oz.
Rubbish 1.2 oz.
Rubbish 0.7 oz.
Skeleton 100 oz.
Skull 21.8 oz.
Soft Piece of Cloth 5 oz.
Some Leaves 0.8 oz.
Some Wood 0.4 oz.
Stone Rubbish 9.8 oz.
Torn Book 11 oz.
Torn Piece of Paper 0.5 oz.
Turquoise Fireworks Powder 1 oz.
Twigs 2.1 oz.
Versicolour Fireworks Powder 1.5 oz.
Wooden Trash 5.7 oz.
Wooden Trash 5.7 oz.
Wooden Trash 5.7 oz.
Wooden Trash 5.7 oz.
Wooden Trash 5.7 oz.
Wooden Trash 5.7 oz.
Worn Leather Boots 9 oz.
Yellow Fireworks Powder 0.95 oz.
Yellowed Bone 9.5 oz.


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