Name Weight
Armor Rack Kit 35 oz.
Bamboo Drawer Kit 35 oz.
Bamboo Table Kit 35 oz.
Barrel Kit 35 oz.
Big Table Kit 35 oz.
Birdcage Kit 20 oz.
Blue Bed Kit 35 oz.
Bookcase Kit 25 oz.
Canopy Bed Kit 40 oz.
Chimney Kit 80 oz.
Christmas Tree Package 35 oz.
Coal Basin Kit 35 oz.
Crystal Table Kit 25 oz.
Decoration Kit 0 oz.
Dragon Statue Kit 75 oz.
Dragon Throne Kit 75 oz.
Drawer Kit 25 oz.
Dresser Kit 25 oz.
Easel Kit 75 oz.
Globe Kit 20 oz.
Goblin Statue Kit 25 oz.
Green Bed Kit 35 oz.
Green Cushioned Chair Kit 25 oz.
Harp Kit 35 oz.
Indoor Plant Kit 30 oz.
Ivory Chair Kit 25 oz.
Knight Statue Kit 30 oz.
Large Amphora Kit 30 oz.
Large Used Amphora Kit 30 oz.
Locker Kit 30 oz.
Minotaur Statue Kit 30 oz.
Oven Kit 25 oz.
Pendulum Clock Kit 30 oz.
Piano Kit 35 oz.
Red Bed Kit 35 oz.
Red Cushioned Chair Kit 25 oz.
Rocking Chair Kit 25 oz.
Rocking Horse Kit 35 oz.
Round Table Kit 35 oz.
Small Table Kit 25 oz.
Sofa Chair Kit 25 oz.
Square Table Kit 35 oz.
Stone Table Kit 35 oz.
Table Lamp Kit 20 oz.
Telescope Kit 25 oz.
Trunk Chair Kit 35 oz.
Trunk Kit 35 oz.
Trunk Table Kit 35 oz.
Tusk Chair Kit 25 oz.
Tusk Table Kit 35 oz.
Used Globe Kit 20 oz.
Used Red Chair Kit 25 oz.
Used Rocking Horse Kit 35 oz.
Used Telescope Kit 25 oz.
Venorean Cabinet Kit 80 oz.
Venorean Drawer Kit 20 oz.
Venorean Wardrobe Kit 25 oz.
Weapon Rack Kit 35 oz.
Wooden Chair Kit 25 oz.
Yellow Bed Kit 35 oz.


Name Weight
Trough Kit 30 oz.


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