Name Weight
Aggressive Fluid 1.5 oz.
Animal Cure 1.8 oz.
Antidote Potion 2.65 oz.
Beer 0 oz.
Beer Cask 0 oz.
Berserk Potion 2.9 oz.
Bottle of Glooth Wine 4 oz.
Bottle of Tibian Wine 1 oz.
Bullseye Potion 2.9 oz.
Concentrated Demonic Blood 2 oz.
Essence of Dread 0.3 oz.
Essence of Wishful Thinking 0.3 oz.
Flask of Greasy Red Oil 1.8 oz.
Flask of Rust Remover 0.9 oz.
Flask with Beaver Bait 1.8 oz.
Flask with Magical Oil 1.8 oz.
Flask with Oil and Blood 1.8 oz.
Fresh Mushroom Beer 2 oz.
Fruit Juice 0 oz.
Great Health Potion 3.1 oz.
Great Mana Potion 3.1 oz.
Great Spirit Potion 3.1 oz.
Health Potion 2.7 oz.
Interdimensional Potion 1.8 oz.
Lemonade 0 oz.
Lemonade Cask 0 oz.
Mana Potion 2.7 oz.
Mastermind Potion 2.9 oz.
Milk 1.8 oz.
Muck Remover 0.9 oz.
Oil 1.8 oz.
Small Health Potion 2.65 oz.
Stale Mushroom Beer 2 oz.
Strong Mana Potion 2.9 oz.
Tea 0 oz.
Ultimate Health Potion 3.1 oz.
Vial of Beer 1 oz.
Vial of Blood 1.8 oz.
Vial of Coconut Milk 1.8 oz.
Vial of Distilled Water 1.8 oz.
Vial of Elemental Water 1.8 oz.
Vial of Fruit Juice 1.8 oz.
Vial of Lemonade 1.8 oz.
Vial of Lifefluid 1.8 oz.
Vial of Liquid Silver 2.4 oz.
Vial of Manafluid 1.8 oz.
Vial of Mead 1.8 oz.
Vial of Medusa Blood 1.8 oz.
Vial of Milk 1.8 oz.
Vial of Mud 1.8 oz.
Vial of Oil 1.8 oz.
Vial of Rum 1.8 oz.
Vial of Slime 1.8 oz.
Vial of Tea 1.8 oz.
Vial of Urine 1.8 oz.
Vial of Water 1.8 oz.
Vial of Wine 1 oz.
Water 1.8 oz.
Wine 0 oz.
Wine Cask 0 oz.
Wonder Glue 1.8 oz.


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