Name Weight
Astral Shaper Rune 8.5 oz.
Bag of Apple Slices 2 oz.
Bamboo Leaves 2 oz.
Candle Stump 8.5 oz.
Carrot on a Stick 2 oz.
Control Unit 2 oz.
Crackling Egg 8.5 oz.
Decorative Ribbon 2 oz.
Diapason 2 oz.
Fist on a Stick 2 oz.
Four-Leaf Clover 2 oz.
Foxtail 2 oz.
Giant Shrimp 2 oz.
Glow Wine 2 oz.
Golden Can of Oil 2 oz.
Golden Fir Cone 2 oz.
Golem Wrench 2 oz.
Harness 2 oz.
Hunting Horn 2 oz.
Inert Astral Shaper Rune 8.5 oz.
Iron Loadstone 2 oz.
Leather Whip 2 oz.
Leech 2 oz.
Library Ticket 8.5 oz.
Maxilla Maximus 2 oz.
Melting Horn 2 oz.
Menacing Egg 8.5 oz.
Music Box 2 oz.
Mysterious Scroll 8.5 oz.
Nail Case 2 oz.
Nightmare Horn 2 oz.
Percht Skull 8.7 oz.
Purple Tendril Lantern 9.2 oz.
Reins 2 oz.
Scorpion Sceptre 2 oz.
Slingshot 2 oz.
Slug Drug 2 oz.
Sugar Oat 2 oz.
Sweet Smelling Bait 2 oz.
The Lion's Heart 2 oz.
Tin Key 2 oz.
Turquoise Tendril Lantern 9.2 oz.
Vibrant Egg 8.5 oz.


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