Name Weight
Acorn 0.5 oz.
Areca Palm 0 oz.
Bamboo Stick 1.12 oz.
Blood Herb 1.2 oz.
Blue Rose 0.8 oz.
Bowl of Evergreen Flowers 11 oz.
Bunch of Ripe Rice 7.5 oz.
Bunch of Sugar Cane 22.5 oz.
Bunch of Wheat 12.5 oz.
Bundle of Cursed Straw 2.27 oz.
Carniphila Seeds 0.35 oz.
Crimson Rose 0.8 oz.
Dinky Moss Floret 0.2 oz.
Dinky Moss Floret Garland 0.6 oz.
Empty Flower Pot 1.5 oz.
Exotic Flowers 11 oz.
Fern 0.3 oz.
Ficus Benjamina 0 oz.
Flower Bouquet 0.8 oz.
Flower Bowl 11 oz.
Flower Pot (Dryad's Heart Sprout) 1.5 oz.
Flower Pot (Dryad's Heart) 1.5 oz.
Flower Pot (Ember Queen Sprout) 1.5 oz.
Flower Pot (Ember Queen) 1.5 oz.
Flower Pot (Fairy Dancer Sprout) 1.5 oz.
Flower Pot (Fairy Dancer) 1.5 oz.
Flower Pot (Finger Snapper Sprout) 1.5 oz.
Flower Pot (Finger Snapper) 1.5 oz.
Flower Pot (Lizard Tongue Sprout) 1.5 oz.
Flower Pot (Lizard Tongue) 1.5 oz.
Flower Pot (Midnight Bloom Sprout) 1.5 oz.
Flower Pot (Midnight Bloom) 1.5 oz.
Flower Pot (Seeded) 1.5 oz.
Flower Pot (Sprouted) 1.5 oz.
Flower Pot (Winterblossom Sprout) 1.5 oz.
Flower Pot (Winterblossom) 1.5 oz.
Frostbite Herb 1 oz.
Goat Grass 0.8 oz.
God Flowers 11 oz.
Grave Flower 0.6 oz.
Heaven Blossom 2.1 oz.
Holy Orchid 2.5 oz.
Honey Flower 10 oz.
Hydra Tongue 1 oz.
Ice Flower Seeds 0.5 oz.
Indoor Plant 0 oz.
Interwoven Moss Florets 0.4 oz.
Lion's Mane Flower 1 oz.
Mandrake 1.8 oz.
Moon Flower 0.1 oz.
Nettle Blossom 0.88 oz.
Nettle Spit 0.9 oz.
Orange Star 0.7 oz.
Piece of Cactus 1 oz.
Potted Flower 23 oz.
Potted Flower 0 oz.
Powder Herb 0.5 oz.
Purple Kiss Blossom 0.2 oz.
Purple Nightshade Blossoms 2 oz.
Red Rose 0.8 oz.
Seeds 0.5 oz.
Shadow Herb 0.2 oz.
Sling Herb 0.9 oz.
Some Leaves 0.8 oz.
Soothe Bloom 4 oz.
Star Herb 0.3 oz.
Stone Herb 0.2 oz.
Toxic Tulip Seed 0.5 oz.
Tulip 0.5 oz.
Whitered Plant 1.5 oz.
Witherblossom 0.5 oz.
Yellow Rose 0.8 oz.


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