Summer Update 2019
Find out the newest information about the Summer Update in Tibia!
Name Weight
All-Seeing Tapestry 0 oz.
Banner 0 oz.
Banner 0 oz.
Bat Decoration 2 oz.
Behemoth Trophy 5 oz.
Blue Christmas Garland 5 oz.
Blue Tapestry 10 oz.
Bonebeast Trophy 5 oz.
Brocade Tapestry 0 oz.
CM Token 10 oz.
Cake Tapestry 10 oz.
Christmas Wreath 10 oz.
Cyclops Trophy 5 oz.
Deer Trophy 5 oz.
Demon Trophy 5 oz.
Demonic Tapestry 10 oz.
Disgusting Trophy 7 oz.
Dragon Lord Trophy 5 oz.
Dragon Tapestry 10 oz.
Eye Pod 5 oz.
Firlefanz 10 oz.
Golden Dragon Tapestry 0 oz.
Green Balloons 0.1 oz.
Green Tapestry 10 oz.
Hanging Sabre 0 oz.
Hanging Shield 0 oz.
Hieroglyph Banner 10 oz.
Leaf Wreath 0 oz.
Lion Trophy 5 oz.
Lordly Tapestry 0 oz.
Majestic Shield 150 oz.
Marlin Trophy 5 oz.
Menacing Tapestry 0 oz.
Minotaur Trophy 5 oz.
Mosaic 0 oz.
Mosaic 0 oz.
Nightmare Beacon 5 oz.
Nightmare Hook 5 oz.
Orange Tapestry 10 oz.
Orc Trophy 5 oz.
Painting of Tibiasula 0 oz.
Party Lampions 10 oz.
Party Lampions 10 oz.
Party Wall Snake 10 oz.
Party Wall Tinsel 10 oz.
Pharaoh Banner 10 oz.
Picture 10 oz.
Picture 10 oz.
Picture 10 oz.
Pigeon Trophy 4 oz.
Pirate Tapestry 10 oz.
Psychedelic Tapestry 10 oz.
Pure Energy 0 oz.
Purple Tapestry 10 oz.
Red Christmas Garland 5 oz.
Red Tapestry 10 oz.
Rift Tapestry 10 oz.
Royal Tapestry 10 oz.
Silky Tapestry 10 oz.
Skeleton Decoration 10 oz.
Snow Flake Tapestry 10 oz.
Spiderwebs 0.05 oz.
Sword Tapestry 0 oz.
Tapestry of Honour 8 oz.
Trophy of Feroxa 5 oz.
Trophy of Jaul 5 oz.
Trophy of Obujos 5 oz.
Trophy of Tanjis 5 oz.
Velvet Tapestry 10 oz.
Wall Mirror 10 oz.
Wall Mirror 10 oz.
Wall Mirror (Oval) 10 oz.
Wall Mirror (Round) 10 oz.
Werebadger Trophy 5 oz.
Werebear Trophy 5 oz.
Wereboar Trophy 5 oz.
White Tapestry 10 oz.
Wolf Trophy 5 oz.
Yellow Tapestry 10 oz.


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