Help Tibia Royal and collect contribution points, 2.000 points you can exchange for Shield of Destiny in game!
Name Weight
Battle Stone 1.5 oz.
Blazing Bone 2.2 oz.
Bloody Pincers 1.2 oz.
Brimstone Fangs 1.12 oz.
Brimstone Shell 1.12 oz.
Broken Shamanic Staff 1.28 oz.
Compass 0.8 oz.
Crawler Head Plating 2.65 oz.
Cultish Mask 1.65 oz.
Cultish Robe 2 oz.
Cyclops Toe 1.11 oz.
Damselfly Wing 1.2 oz.
Deepling Warts 2.4 oz.
Demon Horn 10 oz.
Demonic Skeletal Hand 1.32 oz.
Draken Sulphur 0.68 oz.
Elven Hoof 2.3 oz.
Elven Scouting Glass 0.8 oz.
Elvish Talisman 1.1 oz.
Energy Vein 2 oz.
Fiery Heart 1.15 oz.
Flask of Embalming Fluid 0.75 oz.
Frazzle Skin 1.9 oz.
Frosty Heart 1.86 oz.
Gloom Wolf Fur 1.2 oz.
Green Dragon Leather 0.6 oz.
Green Dragon Scale 0.8 oz.
Hellspawn Tail 1.25 oz.
Lion's Mane 1.8 oz.
Metal Spike 0.5 oz.
Mooh'tah Shell 5 oz.
Moohtant Horn 3.5 oz.
Mystical Hourglass 0.96 oz.
Ogre Nose Ring 21 oz.
Orc Tooth 1 oz.
Peacock Feather Fan 2 oz.
Petrified Scream 1.5 oz.
Piece of Dead Brain 1.32 oz.
Piece of Scarab Shell 1.42 oz.
Piece of Swampling Wood 3.5 oz.
Pile of Grave Earth 0.98 oz.
Poisonous Slime 0.8 oz.
Polar Bear Paw 1.5 oz.
Protective Charm 1.2 oz.
Rope Belt 0.97 oz.
Rorc Feather 2.5 oz.
Sabretooth 1.28 oz.
Seacrest Hair 1.8 oz.
Silencer Claws 4.2 oz.
Slime Heart 1.8 oz.
Snake Skin 1 oz.
Some Grimeleech Wings 8.5 oz.
Strand of Medusa Hair 2.3 oz.
Swamp Grass 0.94 oz.
Thick Fur 1.25 oz.
Vampire Teeth 0.5 oz.
Vexclaw Talon 9 oz.
War Crystal 1.45 oz.
Warmaster's Wristguards 1.2 oz.
Waspoid Wing 0.99 oz.
Winter Wolf Fur 1.1 oz.
Wyrm Scale 1.8 oz.
Wyvern Talisman 2.25 oz.


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