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Life Ring

You see a life ring. It weighs 0.80 oz.
Main Attributes
Regeneration time: 4 minutes 15 seconds Weight: 0.80 oz.
Additional information
Buy from 1 NPCs for 1000 Gold Coin Created in patch: 7.1 (Venore)
Related Quests
Name Drop chance
The Noxious Spawn Common
Flamecaller Zazrak Common
The Lord of the Lice Common
White Pale Common
Groam Common
The Snapper Common
Mahrdis Common
Zushuka Common
Midnight Panther Uncommon
Serpent Spawn Uncommon
Deepworm Uncommon
Mutated Tiger Uncommon
Rot Elemental Semi-Rare
Deepling Spellsinger Semi-Rare
Renegade Quara Hydromancer Semi-Rare
Deepling Elite Semi-Rare
Choking Fear Semi-Rare
Deathling Scout Semi-Rare
Deathling Spellsinger Semi-Rare
Arachnophobica Semi-Rare
Zomba Semi-Rare
Deepling Scout Semi-Rare
Deepling Warrior Semi-Rare
Omnivora Semi-Rare
Yakchal Semi-Rare
Deepling Master Librarian Semi-Rare
Massive Water Elemental Rare
Acolyte of the Cult Rare
Water Elemental Rare
Lizard Dragon Priest Rare
Zombie Rare
Metal Gargoyle Rare
Undead Prospector Very Rare
Barbarian Skullhunter Very Rare
Lizard Snakecharmer Very Rare
Barbarian Headsplitter Very Rare
Ghoul Very Rare
Name City Price
Yaman Ankrahmun 50 Gold Coin
Name City Price
Alexander Edron 900 Gold Coin
Khanna Issavi 1000 Gold Coin
Yaman Ankrahmun 900 Gold Coin
By Benxzzz on 26 Dec 2016, 02:24 - 11.02 (Winter Update 2016)

Life Ring is like Pair of Soft Boots but in ring, commonly used in team hunt for increase mana.

By Trululu on 15 Sep 2016, 00:44 - 10.97

Use Sweet Mangonaise Elixir to get 10 copies of this ring.

By Jasz on 03 May 2016, 20:02

You can also obtain them in the quest Life Ring Quest, Darashia Dragon Quest and Behemon

By Eric on 16 Dec 2015, 16:01

This ring is very useful to wear while hunting, as it provides cheap mana over time as opposed to a mana potion. A life ring purchased for 800 gold restores the same amount of mana as a mana potion for its cost. This means that the cheaper you buy a life ring from players, often for 300 to 500 gold, the more you save hunting.

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