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Bundle of Cursed Straw

You see a bundle of cursed straw. It weights 2.27 oz.
Weight: 2.27 oz. Stackable: till 100 Created in patch: 8.54 (Zao)
Name Drop chance
Blightwalker Common
Name City Price
Luna Edron 800 Gold Coin
Yasir Ankrahmun 800 Gold Coin
By faiky on 08 Feb 2016, 04:44

Creature product dropped by Blightwalker 8900 hp 5850 exp Not possible to summon Not possible to convince Fire -20% Earth Immune Death Immune Holy +20% Ice -20% Energy -20% Physical +20% Drown 0% Healing 0% Paralyze Life Drain Detects invisibility Created in patch: 7.9 Attack type: Close Run on low HP Push objects Spawn can be blocked Negative effects: paralise,drunk,cursed Blightwalker . Has no utility.

You can sell it for Luna or Yasir for 800gps.

on 22 Apr 2016, 20:31
on 04 Jan 2017, 17:23


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