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Ultimate Health Potion

You see an ultimate health potion. It can only be wielded properly by knight of level 130 or higher. It weights 3.10 oz.
Weight: 3.10 oz. Item produces sound when used: Aaaah... Stackable: till 100 Regain health: ~750 Created in patch: 8.11 Price: 23 Tibia Coins for 100 items
Name Drop chance
The Baron from Below Common
World Devourer Common
Lady Tenebris Common
The Enraged Thorn Knight Common
Soul of Dragonking Zyrtarch Common
Lloyd Common
Shiversleep Common
Annihilon Common
Tarbaz Common
The Flaming Orchid Common
Cliff Strider Common
Tremor Worm Common
The Last Lore Keeper Common
The Shatterer Common
The Lord of the Lice Common
The False God Common
The Duke of the Depths Common
Feroxa Common
Crazed Winter Vanguard Common
Rage Squid Common
The Count of the Core Common
The Manhunter Common
Darkfang Common
Ancient Spawn of Morgathla Common
The Source of Corruption Common
The Unarmored Voidborn Common
The Sandking Common
Essence of Malice Common
Ravennous Hunger Common
The Souldespoiler Common
Maw Common
Gorgo Common
Rupture Common
Anomaly Common
Owin Common
Ghastly Dragon Common
Feroxa Common
Eradicator Common
Outburst Common
Hemming Common
The Time Guardian Common
Lizard Gate Guardian Common
Realityquake Common
Hatebreeder Common
Fleshslicer Common
Flameborn Common
Energetic Book Uncommon
Stone Devourer Uncommon
Undead Elite Gladiator Uncommon
Hand of Cursed Fate Uncommon
Thanatursus Uncommon
Demon Uncommon
Blightwalker Uncommon
Ironblight Uncommon
Crazed Winter Rearguard Uncommon
Insane Siren Uncommon
Icecold Book Uncommon
Choking Fear Uncommon
Knowledge Elemental Uncommon
Betrayed Wraith Uncommon
Draken Elite Uncommon
Draken Abomination Uncommon
Energuardian of Tales Uncommon
Terrorsleep Uncommon
Stabilizing Dread Intruder Uncommon
Medusa Uncommon
War Golem Uncommon
Hellspawn Uncommon
Dread Intruder Uncommon
Phantasm Uncommon
Spidris Elite Uncommon
Orewalker Uncommon
Spidris Uncommon
Feversleep Uncommon
Hive Overseer Uncommon
Lava Golem Uncommon
Vexclaw Uncommon
Grim Reaper Uncommon
Souleater Uncommon
Demon Outcast Uncommon
Hellflayer Uncommon
Weeper Uncommon
Lost Basher Uncommon
Bog Raider Semi-Rare
Wereboar Semi-Rare
Glooth Anemone Semi-Rare
Werewolf Semi-Rare
Kollos Semi-Rare
Glooth Brigand Semi-Rare
Werebear Semi-Rare
Draken Warmaster Semi-Rare
Glooth Bandit Semi-Rare
Glooth Golem Semi-Rare
By Jeilyn on 20 Jun 2016, 04:09

A good choice for Knights Level 200+ (Is helpful when you go hunting team, almost always it used in case of emergency).

By Venner on 26 Apr 2016, 14:05

It is possible to buy them in Tibia Store, 100 Ultimate Health Potion costs 25 Tibia Coins and 250 Ultimate Health Potion costs 62 Tibia Coins .

By Jeilyn on 07 Feb 2016, 04:02

Heals about 750 Hit Poins.

on 07 Feb 2016, 03:57


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