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Strong Health Potion

You see a strong health potion. It can only be wielded properly by knight, paladin of level 50 or higher. It weights 2.90 oz.
Weight: 2.90 oz. Item produces sound when used: Aaaah... Stackable: till 100 Created in patch: 8.1 Price: 8 Tibia Coins for 0 items
Related Quests
Name Drop chance
Tromphonyte Always
Tyrn Common
Kroazur Common
Misguided Shadow Common
Shardhead Common
Arachir the Ancient One Common
Boreth Common
The Pale Count Common
Sir Valorcrest Common
Animated Ogre Savage Common
The Welter Common
Lersatio Common
Marziel Common
Fleshcrawler Common
Sulphur Scuttler Common
Fazzrah Common
General Murius Common
Zevelon Duskbringer Common
Mad Mage Common
Depowered Minotaur Common
Arthei Common
Hirintror Common
Grandfather Tridian Common
Askarak Prince Common
Raxias Common
Cave Spider Common
Owin Common
Animated Ogre Brute Common
Lost Husher Uncommon
Diamond Servant Uncommon
Orclops Doomhauler Uncommon
Orclops Ravager Uncommon
Yielothax Uncommon
Brimstone Bug Uncommon
Arctic Faun Uncommon
Lizard High Guard Uncommon
Stone Devourer Uncommon
Vulcongra Uncommon
Mooh'Tah Warrior Uncommon
Vicious Manbat Uncommon
Orc Cultist Uncommon
Orc Cult Priest Uncommon
Lost Exile Uncommon
Orc Cult Inquisitor Uncommon
Misguided Thief Uncommon
Diamond Servant Replica Uncommon
Twisted Pooka Uncommon
Vampire Viscount Uncommon
Boogy Uncommon
Dark Faun Uncommon
Faun Uncommon
Squid Warden Uncommon
Orc Cult Minion Uncommon
Nightfiend Uncommon
Seacrest Serpent Uncommon
Lava Golem Uncommon
Ogre Brute Uncommon
Wyrm Uncommon
Shaburak Lord Uncommon
Glooth Anemone Uncommon
Shaburak Prince Uncommon
Water Elemental Uncommon
Pooka Uncommon
Dragonling Uncommon
Orewalker Uncommon
Minotaur Hunter Uncommon
Armadile Uncommon
Askarak Lord Uncommon
Mutated Tiger Uncommon
Rot Elemental Uncommon
Enraged Crystal Golem Uncommon
Ogre Savage Uncommon
Blood Beast Uncommon
Lizard Noble Uncommon
Elder Wyrm Uncommon
Draptor Uncommon
Metal Gargoyle Uncommon
Rustheap Golem Uncommon
Ancient Scarab Semi-Rare
The Horned Fox Semi-Rare
Giant Spider Semi-Rare
Crustacea Gigantica Semi-Rare
Stampor Semi-Rare
Wereboar Semi-Rare
Vampire Semi-Rare
Young Sea Serpent Semi-Rare
Humongous Fungus Semi-Rare
Shaburak Demon Semi-Rare
Wiggler Semi-Rare
Sea Serpent Semi-Rare
Lizard Zaogun Semi-Rare
Werewolf Semi-Rare
Dark Magician Semi-Rare
Vampire Bride Semi-Rare
Lizard Legionnaire Semi-Rare
Ice Golem Semi-Rare
Askarak Demon Semi-Rare
Gravedigger Semi-Rare
Wyvern Semi-Rare
Dragon Rare
Midnight Panther Rare
Dragon Lord Rare
Pirate Corsair Rare
Pirate Buccaneer Rare
Cyclops Smith Rare
Haunted Treeling Rare
Cyclops Drone Rare
By darkos on 16 Jun 2016, 04:09

you have the possibility of get one of these by using a Gnomish Supply Package .

By Venner on 26 Apr 2016, 14:12

It is possible to buy them in Tibia Store, 100 Strong Health Potion costs 8 Tibia Coins and 250 Strong Health Potion costs 20 Tibia Coins .

By faiky on 03 Feb 2016, 00:07

Heals the target for 250 to 350 hitpoints with an average of 300.

on 06 Feb 2016, 06:30
on 11 Feb 2016, 22:35


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