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Platinum Coin

You see a platinum coin. It weights 0.10 oz.
Weight: 0.10 oz. Stackable: till 100 Created in patch: 6.1 (Kazordoon)
Related Quests
Name Drop chance
Horadron Always
The Ravager Always
Bibby Bloodbath Always
Gorgo Always
The Bloodweb Always
Death Priest Shargon Always
The Mean Masher Always
Ethershreck Always
Fleshcrawler Always
Zanakeph Always
Melting Frozen Horror Always
Tromphonyte Always
Bretzecutioner Always
Orshabaal Always
Ribstride Always
Ghazbaran Always
The Baron from Below Always
Morgaroth Always
Paiz the Pauperizer Always
The Flaming Orchid Always
Dracola Always
The Old Widow Always
Marziel Common
Execowtioner Common
Animated Guzzlemaw Common
Gaz'haragoth Common
Glooth Bandit Common
Ghastly Dragon Common
Zevelon Duskbringer Common
Massacre Common
Draken Warmaster Common
Esmeralda Common
Hydra Common
Humongous Fungus Common
Metal Gargoyle Common
Terrorsleep Common
Prince Drazzak Common
Glooth Brigand Common
Instable Breach Brood Common
Minotaur Cult Prophet Common
The Source of Corruption Common
Kroazur Common
The Unarmored Voidborn Common
Enfeebled Silencer Common
Weakened Frazzlemaw Common
The Sandking Common
Essence of Malice Common
The False God Common
Ravennous Hunger Common
The Souldespoiler Common
Minotaur Amazon Common
Lizard Zaogun Common
Lersatio Common
Nightfiend Common
The Lord of the Lice Common
Minotaur Cult Zealot Common
Boreth Common
Bones Common
Grorlam Common
Deepling Guard Common
Guzzlemaw Common
The Imperor Common
Retching Horror Common
Instable Sparkion Common
Orewalker Common
Dread Intruder Common
Stabilizing Reality Reaver Common
Werebadger Common
Demon Common
Seacrest Serpent Common
Rupture Common
Zugurosh Common
Zomba Common
Outburst Common
Feroxa Common
The Last Lore Keeper Common
Tentacle of the Deep Terror Common
Kalyassa Common
Haunted Dragon Common
Gelidrazah the Frozen Common
Zorvorax Common
Twisted Shaper Common
Shaper Matriarch Common
Moohtant Wallbreaker Common
Lady Tenebris Common
Elder Wyrm Common
Soul of Dragonking Zyrtarch Common
Draken Spellweaver Common
Buster Common
The Time Guardian Common
Hatebreeder Common
Ragiaz Common
Orclops Ravager Common
Oodok Witchmaster Common
Worm Priestess Common
The Percht Queen Common
Crazed Winter Rearguard Common
Arachnophobica Common
Insane Siren Common
Menacing Carnivor Common
Lumbering Carnivor Common
Gazer Spectre Common
Lucifuga Aranea Common
Draken Elite Common
Draken Abomination Common
Ink Blob Common
Cursed Book Common
Knowledge Elemental Common
Brain Squid Common
Energetic Book Common
Icecold Book Common
Guardian of Tales Common
Grand Canon Dominus Common
Furious Scorpion Common
The Nightmare Beast Common
Crazed Summer Rearguard Common
Baleful Bunny Common
Izcandar the Banished Common
Izcandar Champion of Winter Common
Izcandar Champion of Summer Common
Stone Devourer Common
Feroxa Common
Spiky Carnivor Common
Ripper Spectre Common
Burster Spectre Common
Malofur Mangrinder Common
Maxxenius Common
Faceless Bane Common
Alptramun Common
Soul-Broken Harbinger Common
Thanatursus Common
Crazed Winter Vanguard Common
Crazed Summer Vanguard Common
Animated Feather Common
The Blazing Rose Common
Preceptor Lazare Common
Reflection Of Mawhawk Common
The Manhunter Common
Darkfang Common
Sharpclaw Common
Bloodback Common
Black Vixen Common
Ancient Spawn of Morgathla Common
Lost Exile Common
The Duke of the Depths Common
Werefox Common
Stonerefiner Common
Shadowpelt Common
Animated Moohtant Common
Hellhound Common
Minotaur Cult Follower Common
Hand of Cursed Fate Common
Hellflayer Common
Reflection Of A Mage Common
Stabilizing Dread Intruder Common
Broken Shaper Common
True Dawnfire Asura Common
True Frost Flower Asura Common
Rage Squid Common
Squid Warden Common
Brokul Common
Burning Book Common
Deathling Spellsinger Common
Undead Elite Gladiator Common
Skeleton Elite Warrior Common
Renegade Quara Constrictor Common
Falcon Paladin Common
Burster Common
Frost Flower Asura Common
True Midnight Asura Common
Biting Book Common
Quara Pincher Common
Moohtant Common
Grimeleech Common
Annihilon Common
The Voice of Ruin Common
Defiler Common
Tremor Worm Common
Devourer Common
The Enraged Thorn Knight Common
Lost Basher Common
Deathbine Common
Arachir the Ancient One Common
Ice Overlord Common
Sir Valorcrest Common
Mr. Punish Common
Feversleep Common
Glooth Battery Common
Ferumbras Mortal Shell Common
Renegade Quara Pincher Common
Betrayed Wraith Common
Weakened Shlorg Common
Dark Torturer Common
Lost Thrower Common
Shaburak Prince Common
Chopper Common
Fleshslicer Common
Robby the Reckless Common
Souleater Common
Mindmasher Common
Tarbaz Common
Hirintror Common
Deepling Master Librarian Common
Reality Reaver Common
Leviathan Common
Medusa Common
Water Elemental Common
Anomaly Common
Hellgorak Common
Kerberos Common
Fazzrah Common
Crawler Common
Shulgrax Common
Earth Overlord Common
Dawnfire Asura Common
Wereboar Common
Terofar Common
Demodras Common
Madareth Common
Glooth Bomb Common
Breach Brood Common
The Welter Common
Mawhawk Common
Realityquake Common
Choking Fear Common
Plagirath Common
Mooh'Tah Warrior Common
Owin Common
Flameborn Common
Behemoth Common
The Handmaiden Common
World Devourer Common
Zamulosh Common
Weak Spawn of Despair Common
Hemming Common
The Count of the Core Common
Minotaur Invader Common
Lost Husher Common
Sight of Surrender Common
Sparkion Common
Jesse the Wicked Common
Eradicator Common
Mad Mage Common
Askarak Prince Common
Raging Mage Common
Hideous Fungus Common
Lloyd Common
Fernfang Common
Professor Maxxen Common
Lost Berserker Common
The Plasmother Common
Glooth Fairy Common
Diblis the Fair Common
Infected Weeper Common
Fire Overlord Common
Ironblight Common
Enslaved Dwarf Common
Vexclaw Common
Spitter Common
Control Tower Common
Waspoid Common
Phantasm Common
Lava Golem Common
Razzagorn Common
Shiversleep Common
Werebear Common
Massive Water Elemental Common
Zavarash Common
Spidris Common
Renegade Quara Predator Common
Cliff Strider Common
Frazzlemaw Common
Rotspit Common
Weak Harbinger of Darkness Common
Depowered Minotaur Common
Demon Outcast Common
Tyrn Common
Bullwark Common
Vile Grandmaster Common
Sea Serpent Common
Glooth Golem Common
Arthom The Hunter Common
Eternal Guardian Common
The Pale Count Common
Sulphur Scuttler Common
Deepling Tyrant Common
General Murius Common
The Shatterer Common
Magma Crawler Common
Ushuriel Common
Maw Common
Kollos Common
Rustheap Golem Common
Zulazza the Corruptor Common
Midnight Asura Common
Hive Overseer Common
Gravedigger Common
Askarak Lord Common
Spidris Elite Common
Deep Terror Common
Armadile Common
Horestis Common
Elvira Hammerthrust Common
Deepling Spellsinger Common
Mazoran Common
Weak Gloombringer Common
Undead Dragon Common
Minotaur Hunter Common
Energy Overlord Common
Mamma Longlegs Common
Walker Common
Mornenion Common
Renegade Quara Hydromancer Common
Weeper Common
Shaburak Lord Common
Glooth Anemone Common
Juggernaut Common
Silencer Common
Shadowstalker Common
Massive Fire Elemental Uncommon
Sandstone Scorpion Uncommon
Lizard Magistratus Uncommon
Stampor Uncommon
Lizard Noble Uncommon
Vampire Bride Uncommon
Vulcongra Uncommon
Lich Uncommon
Plaguesmith Uncommon
Rot Elemental Uncommon
Wiggler Uncommon
Roaring Lion Uncommon
Fury Semi-Rare
Spectre Semi-Rare
Furious Troll Semi-Rare
Nightmare Semi-Rare
Destroyer Semi-Rare
Lizard High Guard Semi-Rare
Lizard Dragon Priest Semi-Rare
Grim Reaper Semi-Rare
Diabolic Imp Semi-Rare
Lizard Chosen Semi-Rare
Goldhanded Cultist Rare
Goldhanded Cultist Bride Rare
Hellfire Fighter Rare
Nightmare Scion Rare
By Trululu on 01 Nov 2016, 09:22 - 10.97

100 Gold Coin = 1 Platinum Coin

100 Platinum Coin = 1 Crystal Coin

on 16 Jun 2016, 19:34
on 24 Jun 2016, 16:38
on 10 Feb 2016, 03:33
on 20 May 2016, 23:10
on 18 Oct 2017, 23:22


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