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Small Sapphire

You see a small sapphire. It weights 0.10 oz.
Weight: 0.10 oz. Stackable: till 100
Tibia Ids: 3029
Related Quests
Name Drop chance
Undead Dragon Common
Rupture Common
Depowered Minotaur Common
Zanakeph Common
Hellgorak Common
Razzagorn Common
Lord of the Elements Common
Shulgrax Common
Horadron Common
Leviathan Common
The Plasmother Common
Bretzecutioner Common
Mindmasher Common
Morgaroth Common
Shardhead Common
Hirintror Common
Raging Mage Common
Golgordan Common
Roaring Water Elemental Common
Weak Gloombringer Common
Fahim the Wise Common
Tyrn Common
The Many Common
Furyosa Common
Glooth Fairy Common
Dracola Common
Realityquake Common
Zamulosh Common
Demodras Common
The Welter Common
Latrivan Common
The Pale Count Common
Ferumbras Mortal Shell Common
Terofar Common
Ghazbaran Common
Orshabaal Common
Feroxa Common
Ferumbras Common
Mazoran Common
World Devourer Common
Ragiaz Common
Dipthrah Common
Plagirath Common
Bullwark Common
Gelidrazah the Frozen Common
Haunted Dragon Common
Bones Common
The False God Common
The Souldespoiler Common
Ravennous Hunger Common
Essence of Malice Common
The Unarmored Voidborn Common
Animated Feather Common
Icecold Book Common
Squid Warden Common
Feroxa Common
Faceless Bane Common
Xogixath Common
Guard Captain Quaid Common
Feral Sphinx Common
Custodian Common
Gaffir Common
Devourer Uncommon
Demon Outcast Uncommon
Deepling Master Librarian Uncommon
Hand of Cursed Fate Uncommon
Deepling Tyrant Uncommon
Roaring Lion Uncommon
Midnight Asura Uncommon
Marid Uncommon
Serpent Spawn Uncommon
Sea Serpent Uncommon
Frost Flower Asura Uncommon
Gazer Spectre Uncommon
True Midnight Asura Uncommon
True Frost Flower Asura Uncommon
Instable Sparkion Semi-Rare
Stabilizing Dread Intruder Semi-Rare
Young Sea Serpent Semi-Rare
Deepling Spellsinger Semi-Rare
Glooth Blob Semi-Rare
Deepling Guard Semi-Rare
Hydra Semi-Rare
Renegade Quara Mantassin Semi-Rare
Blue Djinn Semi-Rare
Dragon Lord Semi-Rare
Wyvern Semi-Rare
Vile Grandmaster Semi-Rare
Frost Dragon Semi-Rare
Zarabustor Semi-Rare
Rot Elemental Semi-Rare
Sparkion Semi-Rare
Dread Intruder Semi-Rare
Broken Shaper Semi-Rare
Ice Dragon Semi-Rare
Shock Head Semi-Rare
Worm Priestess Semi-Rare
Minotaur Cult Zealot Semi-Rare
Warlock Semi-Rare
Dwarf Geomancer Rare
Abyssal Calamary Rare
Shark Rare
Enlightened of the Cult Rare
Quara Mantassin Rare
Quara Mantassin Scout Rare
Ice Golem Rare
Gozzler Very Rare
By Trululu on 03 Nov 2016, 03:19 - 10.97

You need 1 in Lion's Rock Quest.

By darkos on 23 Jun 2016, 02:37

you can get 2 of these on The Dragon Tower Quest.

By Jeilyn on 07 Feb 2016, 11:41

Can be enchanted by Premium Druids of level 30 or higher in Ice Shrines.

on 07 Feb 2016, 11:41
on 08 Jun 2016, 00:46
on 17 Aug 2016, 16:53
on 10 Feb 2016, 14:19


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