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Small Ruby

You see a small ruby. It weights 0.10 oz.
Weight: 0.10 oz. Stackable: till 100 Created in patch: < 6.0
Related Quests
Name Drop chance
Feroxa Common
Tarbaz Common
The Duke of the Depths Common
Shulgrax Common
Fleshslicer Common
Lord of the Elements Common
Blistering Fire Elemental Common
Tyrn Common
Mahrdis Common
Feroxa Common
Mazoran Common
Zamulosh Common
Shiversleep Common
Glooth Fairy Common
The Shatterer Common
Preceptor Lazare Common
The Count of the Core Common
Animated Moohtant Common
The Sandking Common
Moohtant Wallbreaker Common
Soul of Dragonking Zyrtarch Common
Lloyd Common
Depowered Minotaur Common
Realityquake Common
Esmeralda Common
Glooth Bomb Common
Arthom The Hunter Common
Lisa Common
The Time Guardian Common
Ferumbras Common
The Enraged Thorn Knight Common
Weak Spawn of Despair Common
Anomaly Common
Maw Common
Weak Gloombringer Common
Bullwark Common
Plagirath Common
Razzagorn Common
World Devourer Common
The Imperor Common
Lizard Magistratus Uncommon
Demon Outcast Uncommon
Dawnfire Asura Uncommon
Juggernaut Uncommon
Kollos Uncommon
Roaring Lion Uncommon
Quara Pincher Uncommon
True Frost Flower Asura Uncommon
Menacing Carnivor Uncommon
Spidris Elite Uncommon
Brain Squid Uncommon
Falcon Knight Uncommon
Vicious Manbat Uncommon
Falcon Paladin Uncommon
Terrorsleep Uncommon
Spidris Uncommon
Minotaur Cult Prophet Uncommon
Orc Cult Inquisitor Uncommon
Twisted Shaper Uncommon
Orc Cult Fanatic Uncommon
Nightfiend Uncommon
Orc Cult Priest Uncommon
Devourer Uncommon
Shaburak Lord Uncommon
Shaburak Prince Uncommon
Hellflayer Uncommon
Hive Overseer Uncommon
True Dawnfire Asura Uncommon
Grimeleech Uncommon
Vexclaw Uncommon
Massive Fire Elemental Uncommon
Lizard Noble Uncommon
Phantasm Uncommon
Feversleep Uncommon
Draken Spellweaver Uncommon
Glooth Anemone Uncommon
Demon Uncommon
Renegade Quara Pincher Uncommon
Weeper Uncommon
Ogre Brute Semi-Rare
Moohtant Semi-Rare
Mooh'Tah Warrior Semi-Rare
Frost Flower Asura Semi-Rare
Dread Intruder Semi-Rare
Stabilizing Dread Intruder Semi-Rare
Minotaur Cult Zealot Semi-Rare
Renegade Knight Semi-Rare
Vampire Viscount Semi-Rare
Ogre Shaman Semi-Rare
Renegade Quara Constrictor Semi-Rare
Worm Priestess Semi-Rare
Minotaur Cult Follower Semi-Rare
Quara Pincher Scout Semi-Rare
Ogre Savage Semi-Rare
Defiler Semi-Rare
Minotaur Invader Semi-Rare
Vile Grandmaster Semi-Rare
Draken Warmaster Semi-Rare
Demon Skeleton Semi-Rare
Ghoulish Hyaena Semi-Rare
Shaburak Demon Semi-Rare
Minotaur Hunter Semi-Rare
Orclops Doomhauler Semi-Rare
Broken Shaper Semi-Rare
Midnight Asura Semi-Rare
Shaper Matriarch Semi-Rare
Blood Priest Semi-Rare
Execowtioner Semi-Rare
Orclops Ravager Semi-Rare
Minotaur Amazon Semi-Rare
Tainted Soul Rare
Abyssal Calamary Rare
Hunter Very Rare
Amazon Very Rare
Adept of the Cult Very Rare
By Trululu on 03 Nov 2016, 03:18 - 10.97

Use in Helmet of the Ancients to make Full Helmet of the Ancients

By Jeilyn on 10 Feb 2016, 23:40

Can be enchanted in Fire Shrines (Only Sorcerer 30+)

on 07 Feb 2016, 11:30
on 10 Feb 2016, 06:20
on 08 Jun 2016, 00:45
on 10 Feb 2016, 14:19
on 19 Dec 2016, 21:50


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