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Your First Adventure

"An endless expanse of blue. That's all you can remember as you take your first steps onto the sandy shore of unfamiliar land. You're in a new world now, a world full of mystery and intrigue. Glancing down towards your feet, you notice a parchment. Upon examining this parchment, you now realize that it contains all of the information necessary to flourish in this new found world."

Welcome adventurer. I'm sure you have many questions regarding your current circumstances, so allow me to aid you in the first steps of your journey. The island you have just been summoned to is a sacred realm known as Dawnport. It's purpose is to enlighten new travelers such as yourself in the ways of movement, combat, navigation, communication and economics. This may be a lot to take in at first, so make yourself comfortable, grab a drink and enjoy the ride!


Upon entering this new realm, the first and most vital task you will need to learn is the art of movement.

At begin few words about the "Chat On" and "Chat Off", they are a button that disable or enable the additional hotkeys options. Within Chat On, you are unable to assign any "text" characters like a,b,c to your hotkeys. As soon as you will hit any of this characters on your keyboard they will come at input window at chat. With this your ability to walk will only by possible with arrows or pad. If you choose to use the number pad, make sure that the num lock key is always turned off, otherwise the number pad will not let you move. However, the advantage to using the number pad is that you can utilize the 1, 3, 7 and 9 keys to move diagonally, which will come in very handy down the road.

When "Chat Off" is displayed, you can use the "wasd" keys to move your character, however disadvantage of it is that always as you want to type anything in chat, you have to hit enter before. It can be a bit of pain at begin, but with time you can release it is a good solution. Specially during you killing other monsters. The ability to walk diagonally is also available with Chat Off, you can assign each of the hotkey the way you wish.

That said, there are many other details that you will discover as you venture further, but for the simple task of movement, this is everything you will need to know.


After learning how to move, learning how to communicate is naturally the next step. The first character you will approach will be an NPC, otherwise known as a non-player character. These characters exist to fulfill the roles of merchants, sources of lore, quest givers, and a variety of other tasks that vary from situation to situation. To interact with one of these NPC's, you simply have to greet them with a "hi", "hello", or a variety of other terms that certain people will respond to. Upon greeting them, they will usually respond to you with phrases including words that are highlighted in blue to stand out from the rest. These highlighted words are known as "key words" that you can say back to them for further information on a particular subject. Please be aware that this isn't always the case, and often times there are hidden or not-so-obvious terms that you will have to experiment with to uncover, so never be afraid to get your hands dirty and try new things!

Conversing with other adventurers such as yourself is a much more simple matter. All you have to do is greet someone and hope for the best! If you find yourself lacking companions, try clicking the little envelope icon at the top right of your chat menu. Once you have selected it, you can open the "English Chat" or "World Chat", which is where players usually socialize and share information. Also feel free to open the "Help Chat" in case you ever find yourself lost or confused!


Now you've learned how to move and communicate, so the next step is to learn how to navigate the world! Over time you will develop a natural knowledge of the world and will no longer need maps in the common area's, but for now you will be heavily reliant on a very useful tool called a "mini-map". Your mini-map is located at the top right of your client by default. As you move around, your mini-map will move with you, always keeping you centered. In the beginning, most of your mini-map will be black. Black area's resemble the places you have yet to visit. As you travel however, the black area will be replaced with a colorfully detailed map, allowing you to discern where you have and have not traveled to. As a side note, you can right click your mini-map and choose to set a mark, which will allow you to leave notes for yourself so you don't forget important places you may wish to return to.


"First learn to use your brain, then learn to use your brawn." You were probably wondering if we were ever going to get to the good stuff, how to fight! Now that you've learned all the basics, we can get down into the mud and learn how to get stronger!

The first thing you need to do when engaging an enemy is to target it. There are numerous ways you can go about doing this. You can right click on the target and select "attack". You can open your battle list and simply left click on the target you want to attack. Or you can hold down the alt key on your keyboard and left click the target. Regardless of the method you prefer, they all work equally well.

Once you have the enemy targeted, it's simply a matter of moving appropriately and trying not to let yourself get outnumbered! During the beginning of your journey in Dawnport, you will gain a basic understanding of combat, and once you specialize into a specific vocation, you will have to apply the strategies and tactics you learn here in much more specific manners.

Keep in mind that you can only ever block 2 enemies at any given time. If a third enemy starts attacking you, the third enemy will bypass your shield and directly attack your armor, which leads to much more severe injuries.

There are three types of damage animations. The first is a gray cloud of smoke, which means that an attack was either blocked or dodged depending on if it was a melee or a projectile. A yellow spark means that the shield was bypassed and that the armor absorbed all of the damage. Red blood means that both the shield and armor were bypassed and that the target took damage. Keep in mind that projectiles always bypass shields and go directly to the armor, whereas magic bypasses both armor and shielding and always does direct damage.

As you defeat opponents, your experience will increase and you will gain levels. Through this, you will gain health, mana, carrying capacity, speed and your offense will become slightly stronger. However, your primary offensive and defensive capabilities will come from your skills which raise through using them. For example, if you use a one handed sword and a shield, then each time you do battle, your mastery over swords and shields will increase and allow you to hit more often for more damage, and block more often allowing you to negate more damage.

Once an opponent has been defeated, you can proceed to open its corpse and loot its belongings. Remember, gold is what makes the world go round, and you will require vast amounts of it in order to fund your future endeavors! Loot is generally divided into three types: Gold, creature products and equipment. There is often more than one use for items you may find, so always do your homework and learn about what you have earned!

In the unfortunate event that you meet your demise, you will lose a portion of your experience and skills. Once you have left Dawnport, death will become even more severe. You will always drop your backpack and even have a chance at dropping some of your equipment. Through the use of blessings, you can lower the penalties of death and prevent yourself from dropping items, however blessings are beyond the scope of this guide. For more information on this topic, talk to a guide near any boat upon leaving Dawnport.

That said, you will have 8 levels to get a feel for combat before progressing to the next stage of your development, so take your time and make sure you're comfortable before proceeding.

"Upon reaching the end of the parchment, you feel confident that you will be off to a great start. You gently roll the parchment back up and place it on the sand, hoping that it serves the next adventurer as much as it did you. Taking one last glance back at the open sea, you march forward, taking the first step towards fulfilling your destiny."


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