Help Tibia Royal and collect contribution points, 2.000 points you can exchange for Shield of Destiny in game!

Creating your Account

The first thing to do is creating your account. Keep in mind that your account isn't the same thing that your character, it's just your profile on Tibia website, and you'll use it to create your characters and hold them in there. If it's your first visit to the official tibia website, you'll be sent to a page where you can instantly create your account through the classic way or using your facebook profile.

If it's not your first visit, you just need to click on "Create Account", under the blue button "Play Now!".

If you have any problem finding it you just can click here. Remember that you must use an e-mail that isn't on Tibia's database already. Also your password must be composed of at lest 8 characters, having at least one letter and at least one character different from a letter. Once there you will be able to choose your Account Info (1) and your Character's name (2) (your account can hold up to 20 characters, so you can create more characters later) and the World Location/Type (3). It's preferable to choose a server that is near to the place you live, this way you can enjoy playing Tibia without any conection problems. The options are North America and Europe.

After choosing the World Location and Type, you will have a Suggested World, or you can choose manually one of the servers that fits your conditions. Read and accept the terms (4), click on the "Submit" button, and you will be directed to your Account Page. You still need to confirm the e-mail you have subscribed, just going to your e-mail in-box and click on the link sent by Cipsoft.

Account Security Hints

Why are they important??. Account hacking is a common problem on Tibia. Maybe, with time and effort, your account could become really valuable for the characters you hold on it or the items you obtained during your Tibia journey. Sadly, there are players that are willing to cause you a tremendous harm in order to take control of your characters or maybe getting your items for themselves or for selling to other players. So, it will be better if you take care of your account than be sorry later. You can find some security hints on the official tibia website, but also we strongly recommend to save the recovery key you will get for creating an account, on a text document in a safe place of your computer or maybe on a portable disk separated from the PC. This is a huge game, it simply never ends, and sometimes you can play it actively for years. During this time, you would probably never find yourself in the need of using this key and that is how many players forgot about it and lost them. Hopefully, if this happens, you can buy a new one. In case you lost your account for any reason, you can use the lost account interface on the account section of the official Tibia website

Game Worlds Types

Both sides have to agree a fight, for that, it's the most harmless type of Server. If you are looking for a community of players with strong sense of unity and new friends, you like to level up faster, and maybe found fancy houses and large collections of rare items, this is your place. The principal drawback is that you can only transfer to the "free-to-move" hardcore servers.

Is the mid-term of the servers. You are allowed to kill other players and get killed, but this is restricted by penalties (a.k.a. Skull System, where the killing player is marked and can suffer the consequences for his actions). A benefit of playing in this kind of server is the fact that you can move to any other server type if you realize you don't like it. The principal drawback of Open-pvp is the abuse of power illegal obtained by most of the "ruling guilds" and the excessive botting and gold farming. As the name says, the killing is encouraged. If you are looking for a challenge and you are not afraid to die... let's say...pretty often, this is your place. They are the less populated ones, but in some hardcore servers, there is an strong sense of community to fight and kill botters. The principal drawback of this server is that you can become a victim of power abuse since there are not restrictions to the player killing.

Additional server versions

During time, CipSoft has add few more types of servers:

Retro Open PvP - They were first introduced on 15 October 2014. They bring the old rules of PvP known from old Tibia:

Preview Game World - It was once a world where we had double experience, now it is a normal world.


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