Liberty Bay

Liberty bay


Liberty bay lays on island called Vandura. The land was first settled by Pirates, many of today's city residents are pirates. King Tibianus ordered to include Vandura to Kingdom of Thais. So small oasis of pirates been renamed to Liberty bay.

The whole infrastructure of city is well designed. At south, where is sea, we have harbor. From there we can travel to other capital Cities like Thais, Venore, Port Hope and others. At middle we have Depot and bank, around it you will find craftsmen. At west equipment and weapons, at north east jewelry. At south-west party of city you can find less-wealthy distinct of Liberty bay. From time to time city is attacked by Pirates. During this raids you are able to find pirates which normal you cannot meet with like Ron the Ripper 1500 hp 500 exp Not possible to summon Not possible to convince Fire 0% Earth 0% Death 0% Holy 0% Ice 0% Energy 0% Physical 0% Drown 0% Healing 0% Paralyze Life Drain Detects invisibility Created in patch: 7.8 (Liberty Bay) Attack type: Close Push objects Ron the Ripper .

Beneath ocean lays water kingdom. After you will be worth enough with Explorer Society you will be able to explore this ruined city of Quaras. Just be careful, they are not friendly! You will have to wear special [Helmet of the deep] to be able to breath under water. Some times Quaras will attack Liberty bay, tryng to chase off inhabitants of the City, but with the help of Heros they are always defeated, you are one of this Heros!


Goverment residence

The residence is owned by Percy Silverhand, King Tibianus right hand. He was sent by him to Liberty bay to become a governor. Together with his beautiful dauther they moved from Thais to rise King Tibianus imperium on other parts of world. Mr. Silverhand is not happy with all what happens around his city. He is most afraid of Pirates trying to rob citizens.

Liberty bay fortress

It is the stronghold build in into mountain. It is conducted by Admiral Wyrmsliver, his assistant Tristan will learn knights all about their spells. All paladins can attempt Isolde for spells. The fortress is first defense against Pirates. During their attack on city, all heros around the world will try to chase danger off the island.

sugar cane plantations

They are places all around the city expect of east coast. Few farmers works on field. The plantations are the most important income of Liberty Bay. From them you can destilize rum, something what pirates loves the most! Beneath the fields you will find large caves with [rotworms] and [c rotworms]. It is a perfect place for a young hero to start in. Keep in mind to take a rope with you!



Like in every pirate universe there must be always place for cults and voodoo, same is at Liberty bay. At north of city couple of people practice dark voodoo magic. They have their huge complex build beneath Liberty bay. Cave have many levels and on each of them you will find different opponents to fight with. As much deeper you will go in, so much dangerous it will be for you. To pass inside their headquarters you will need to learn special ... .


Laguna islands

This area is created by three islands. To move between each of them you need to learn how to swim on water turtles. All of those lands are exacly connected by this kind of transport. On and beneath this islands you will find tortoius, many kind of them. From time to time you will be able to see a crab. There are rumors that you can spot somewhere beneath Crust~ Gigantica.

Treasure island

It is a small island placed south west from the city. You can travel to it by [npc]. On it you will find a lot of treasure hunters and a shop! Where you can buy yourself suvenires. The treasure island indeed hides its secrets but you need to prove to be a good treasure hunter to find them out.


It is a capital city, fortress of Pirates. It is conducted by four pirates bosses [names]. Beneath of it you will find some undead creatures which hunts this place. The whole fortess is really huge, it is very good place to gain levels as it has a lot of monsters. Some of the parts are restricted to only worthy one.

Ferumbrass Citadel

Know also as Ferumbrass tower, the tower is full with strong creatures like Demons, Serpent Spawns or Behemoths. To access the tower you need to speak with Zoltan from Edrons magic academy. For a small fee he will let you in once, all next time you have to repeat the it. The tower has five levels, on each of it you will find different monsters to kill. We advise only the experience heros should enter to this tower.


It is also know as giant spider island because of on the land you can meet a lot of giant spiders. Underground of Malada you can find a labyrinth with Quaras, the place is know under the name Quara Hell. On way you might see some Hydras and Water Elementals. If you need [silk] it is perfect place for you to be. If there is enough people online on your server, the spawn will be enough to always have one monsters to kill. It is also a great place to hunt together with a friend. You will be killing monsters much faster and because of bonus you will gain bit of more experience.


Better known as Hydra island, on surface you will find around 25 Hydras to kill. It is really good place to earn some money and experience if the spawn on your server is quite fast (big population). Depends on your vocation it is wise to not go hunt there below 100 level if you are alone. Below it you will find places with bug raiders.

Bonebeast island

Ramoa in other words Bonebeast island. You will find mostly undead creatures on it and beneath it. Deep underground of it lays forgotten Lich Hell. It is a very good place if you wish to kill some of undead monsters. We would highly advise to not go alone on this adventure as it might be a bad idea.


It is a island with volcano in middle. I do not have any inhabitants expect of blind assassin who might offer you a special item, but only to his own kind. The enter to the main island is protected by voodoo spell. You have to learn how to break it before you will be able to take your adventure further[more]. On island you will find two ways to go, one will be go into caves where you will find every kind of cults creatures together with demons, or to climb up the top of volcano to look up adventures there. West of the island you will find a cave with teleport, it is a special cave to transport yourself between 3 islands near by. To active the teleport you have to at least once use it from the island you teleport to. Goroma is connected by a cave tunnel with Bonebeast island. On it's way there, you will find many undead creatures.

Pirates Island

On this island you will find friendly Pirates. Even tho the camp is very small, you will find there everything what you need. From a good smith end up with a big inn where you can drink and dance. All of the pirates on this island are fighting against Nagrand corsairs. They personally will need your assists to help them with this big problem. North from the pirates camp you can find a Voodoo master [name]. He can help you to learn dark secrets of voodoo magic so that you can use it in different places of your journey. Near of him, you can also spot a Mermid, she is friendly and as well will try to help you.

General Information
Services and Utilities
Continent Shattered Isles
Premium Area
Occupation Humans
World Changes
Mini World Changes
Way of access:
Magical Carpet
Stream Ship
Special Teleport
Ruler Percy Silverhand Can be found in Liberty Bay Percy Silverhand
Created in Patch 7.8 (Liberty Bay) 01 Aug 2006
Suggested Level Range 8-120
Citizen Portal
Reachable from Dawnport
Bank Jefrey Can be found in Liberty Bay Spontaneous Speech: You'll sleep much better after a hunt once you have sold your loot and brought your money to our bank. Jefrey
Mail Service Herbert Can be found in Liberty Bay Herbert
Temple Tyrias Can be found in Liberty Bay Tyrias
Blessing NPC
Marriage NPC
Promotion NPC
Offline Training
Imbuing Shire
Reward Shire
Rent Houses
Rent Guildhalls
Arena PvP
Arena PvE
Knight Leader Tristan Can be found in Liberty Bay Tristan
Sorcerer Leader Malunga Can be found in Liberty Bay Spontaneous Speech: Malunga
Druid Leader Charlotta Can be found in Liberty Bay Charlotta
Paladin Leader Isolde Can be found in Liberty Bay Isolde
Guide NPC Guide Davina Can be found in Liberty Bay Spontaneous Speech: I'm informed about the status the world is in. If you have questions, let me know.; Need some help finding your way through Liberty Bay? Let me assist you.; Free escort to the depot for newcomers!; Hello, is this your first visit to Liberty Bay? I can sho Guide Davina

Picture Name
Drink/Food Shopkeeper
Equipment Shopkeeper
Red Lilly
Furniture Shopkeeper
Admiral Wyrmslicer
One-Eyed Joe
Guide Davina
Jewelry Shopkeeper
Knight Guild Leader
Laguna Islands
Magic Shopkeeper
Raymond Striker
Paladin Guild Leader
Ship Captains
Captain Max
Captain Waverider
Jack Fate
Sorcerer Guild Leader
The Bankers
Treasure Island
Skeleton Guard
Unknown occupations
Name Level required Level recommended Rewards Spoiler
Eleonore Quest 0 15

Gold Coin Weight: 0.10 oz. Stackable: till 100 Created in patch: < 6.0 155x Gold Coin , access to Meriana and Laguna Islands, Matchmaker You don't believe in romance to be a coincidence or in love at first sight. In fact - love potions, bouquets of flowers and cheesy poems do the trick much better than ever could. Keep those hormones flowing! Points: 1 Premium Matchmaker , possibility to travel with turtles

Lone Medusa Quest 0 70

Black Pearl Weight: 0.20 oz. Stackable: till 100 4 Black Pearl

Nargor Island Quest 0 0

1398, 37, Access to Nargor island, Model Ship, Pirate

Pirate Outfits Quest 0 0

Pirate Premium Pirate , Swashbuckler Ye be a gentleman o' fortune, fightin' and carousin' on the high seas, out fer booty and lassies! Ye no be answerin' to no man or blasted monarchy and yer life ain't fer the lily-livered. Aye, matey! Points: 6 Premium Swashbuckler

The Cursed Crystal Quest 0 90

one of those shards randomly:, Blue Crystal Shard Weight: 0.20 oz. Stackable: till 100 Created in patch: 9.6 Blue Crystal Shard , Green Crystal Shard Weight: 0.20 oz. Stackable: till 100 Created in patch: 9.6 Green Crystal Shard , Violet Crystal Shard Weight: 0.20 oz. Stackable: till 100 Created in patch: 9.6 Violet Crystal Shard , and one of those items:, Eye Patch It once belonged to a pirate. Weight: 10.00 oz. Stackable: till 100 Created in patch: 7.8 (Liberty Bay) Eye Patch , Peg Leg Weight: 5.00 oz. Stackable: till 100 Created in patch: 7.8 (Liberty Bay) Peg Leg , Hook Weight: 5.00 oz. Stackable: till 100 Created in patch: 7.8 (Liberty Bay) Hook , Pirate Backpack Weight: 18.00 oz. Imbuements Slots: 1 Vol.: 20 Created in patch: 7.8 (Liberty Bay) Pirate Backpack , Wail of the Banshee You saw the Crystal Gardens with all their stunning beauty and survived the equally impressive monsters there. In the end you discovered a great evil and destroyed it with the help of a banshee who was not even aware of her support. Points: 1 Premium Wail of the Banshee

The Mermaid Marina Quest 0 0

ability to negotiate with Marina Can be found in Meriana Spontaneous Speech: You wouldn't keep a pretty lady like me waiting, would you?Hello, come and entertain me for a while! Marina , Beach Tamer You re-enacted the Taming of the Shrew on a beach setting and proved that you can handle capricious girls quite well. With or without fish tails. Points: 2 Premium Beach Tamer

The Shattered Isles Quest 35 100

access to Laguna Islands, Forbidden Islands (Ramoa, Talahu, Malada, Kharos), Meriana, Nargor

Treasure Hunt Quest 35 60

Gold Ingot Weight: 18.00 oz. Stackable: till 100 Created in patch: 8.4 (Yalahar) 3 Gold Ingot , Bejeweled Ship's Telescope It's the only left-over from a famous pirate treasure. Weight: 45.00 oz. Rotatable Created in patch: 8.5 Bejeweled Ship's Telescope , Small Amethyst Weight: 0.10 oz. Stackable: till 100 Created in patch: < 6.0 2 Small Amethyst , Small Emerald Weight: 0.10 oz. Stackable: till 100 Created in patch: < 6.0 3 Small Emerald

Voodoo Master Quest 35 35

access to Goroma's vulcano

Name Type Size (SQM) Beds Rent
Admiral's Avenue 1 House 91 2 5105
Admiral's Avenue 2 House 94 4 5470
Admiral's Avenue 3 House 73 2 4115
Freedom Street 1 House 47 2 2450
Freedom Street 2 House 115 4 6050
Harvester's Haven, Flat 01 House 17 2 950
Harvester's Haven, Flat 02 House 17 2 950
Harvester's Haven, Flat 03 House 17 2 950
Harvester's Haven, Flat 04 House 17 2 950
Harvester's Haven, Flat 05 House 17 2 950
Harvester's Haven, Flat 06 House 17 2 950
Harvester's Haven, Flat 07 House 17 2 950
Harvester's Haven, Flat 08 House 17 2 950
Harvester's Haven, Flat 09 House 17 2 950
Harvester's Haven, Flat 10 House 17 2 950
Harvester's Haven, Flat 11 House 17 2 950
Harvester's Haven, Flat 12 House 17 2 950
Ivory Circle 1 House 76 2 4280
Ivory Circle 2 House 126 2 7030
Ivy Cottage Guildhall 563 26 30650
Litter Promenade 1 House 10 2 400
Litter Promenade 2 House 10 1 300
Litter Promenade 3 House 15 1 450
Litter Promenade 4 House 13 1 390
Litter Promenade 5 House 16 2 580
Marble Lane 1 House 192 6 11060
Marble Lane 2 House 113 3 6415
Marble Lane 3 House 141 4 8055
Marble Lane 4 House 110 4 6350
Meriana Beach House 146 3 8230
Mountain Hideout Guildhall 279 17 15550
Rum Alley 1 House 17 1 510
Rum Alley 2 House 10 1 300
Rum Alley 3 House 11 1 330
Shady Trail 1 House 25 5 1150
Shady Trail 2 House 13 2 490
Shady Trail 3 House 10 1 300
Smuggler Backyard 1 House 19 2 670
Smuggler Backyard 2 House 19 2 670
Smuggler Backyard 3 House 20 2 700
Smuggler Backyard 4 House 13 1 390
Smuggler Backyard 5 House 17 2 610
Straycat's Corner 1 House 10 1 300
Straycat's Corner 2 House 22 1 660
Straycat's Corner 3 House 7 1 210
Straycat's Corner 4 House 7 1 210
Straycat's Corner 5 House 22 2 760
Straycat's Corner 6 House 10 1 300
Sugar Street 1 House 56 3 3000
Sugar Street 2 House 47 3 2550
Sugar Street 3a House 29 3 1650
Sugar Street 3b House 37 3 2050
Sugar Street 4a House 17 2 950
Sugar Street 4b House 17 2 950
Sugar Street 4c House 13 1 650
Sugar Street 4d House 13 2 750
Sugar Street 5 House 25 2 1350
The Shelter Guildhall 353 0 13590
The Tavern 1a House 49 0 2750
The Tavern 1b House 36 0 1900
The Tavern 1c House 79 0 4150
The Tavern 1d House 29 0 1550
The Tavern 2a House 103 0 5550
The Tavern 2b House 32 0 1700
The Tavern 2c House 19 0 950
The Tavern 2d House 25 0 1350
The Yeah Beach Project House 115 3 6525
Trader's Point 1 House 42 2 2200
Trader's Point 2 (Shop) House 105 2 5350
Trader's Point 3 (Shop) House 117 2 5950
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