A few years ago Tibian authorities stablished a new place for beginners to learn the basics of the life in Tibia. A training island, guarded by an Adventurer's guild outpost offers the newcomers the chance to explore the benefits and disadvantages of each vocation, with better organization than Rookgaard ever had, on Dawnport you will even learn some spells to fully explore the reach of the vocation you've trying.

Once you created your new character, this is where you will log-in... just go up the ladder to enter into the Adventurer's guild outpost.

Upstairs you'll meet NPC Inigo

Just go upstairs, above of NPC Inigo, and you will find the NPC MR. Morris. Who will offer you to accomplish two kind of tasks, kill certain kind of creatures and fetch some items for him.

These are few of the quests you may see on your questlog...

Also, you will find a few shops to buy equipment, potions, etc. Outside the Outpost there is a huge place (with many levels) to explore, full of weak and dangerous creatures, for example, mountain trolls and minotaurs. There's some non-reachable creatures too, like Dragons, Dragon Lords, even an Hydra and a Serpent Spawn.

Finding your call

  • On Dawnport you get the chance to try all four vocations before taking a real choice and it all starts with the need of your first adventures and quests. You can leave the outpost either as a knight, paladin, sorcerer or druid, simply by passing through the corresponding vocation gate of your choice. Remember that you can go back and forth between these gates and switch vocations as often as you need to find out which vocation suits you the best before making a final choice.

    Also important is that you will not lose your skill progress if you change your vocation on Dawnport. However, if you change your vocation the skill experience will be subject to a vocation specific conversion which results in a different skill level. So a druid's magic level will not be taken over one-to-one if you switch to a knight, of course.

  • When using a gate ypu will be provided with some vocation-specific stuff and spells to help you survive in the surrounding wilderness. Since March 2015, you are able to gain maximum magic level 20 when you reside on Dawnport.

  • The Adventurer's blessing is only available for Open PvP worlds and will protect characters from any loss through a PvP death until they reach level 21. However, a character will lose the Adventurer's blessing if he attacks another player. The blessing cannot be bought but will be bestowed automatically upon all characters below level 21 that do not have a player kill in their history.

  • As soon as you've reached level 8, you can leave the island and head for the main continent. Level 8 is also the required minimum level to participate in PvP on Dawnport. No matter how much you enjoy your stay, though, you have to leave the isle for good with level 20 at the latest. Since March 2015 you are not able any more to take any potions or items out of Dawnport.

    Important: Only players who have confirmed their email adresses will leave the island.

Monsters which you will meet at Dawnport

Picture Name Hitpoints Experience loot
Dawn Bat 0 0 Nothing
Deer 25 0 Ham Meat Antlers
Rabbit 15 0 Coloured Egg Coloured Egg Coloured Egg Coloured Egg Coloured Egg Meat Carrot
Sheep 20 0 Meat Wool
Squirrel 20 0 Snowball Envelope From the Wizards Party Trumpet Party Hat Fireworks Rocket Bunch of Winterberries Acorn Walnut Peanut
Badger 23 5 Envelope From the Wizards Bunch of Winterberries Fireworks Rocket Party Hat Party Trumpet Snowball Beetroot Badger Fur Acorn
Mountain Troll 30 12 Meat Spear Leather Armor Gold Coin Rope Studded Club Hand Axe Bunch of Troll Hair Rapier
Spider 20 12 Gold Coin Spider Fangs
Wolf 25 18 Meat Wolf Paw
Salamander Trainer 220 20 Meat Axe Bunch of Troll Hair Bone Club Gold Coin Spear Short Sword Rope
Poison Spider 26 22 Gold Coin Poison Spider Shell
Bear 80 23 Meat Ham Bear Paw Honeycomb
Troll-Trained Salamander 70 23 Insectoid Eggs Simple Arrow Gold Coin Meat Axe Chain Helmet Health Potion Bone Club Poison Arrow Studded Helmet Short Sword Shovel
Wasp 35 24 Honeycomb
Muglex Clan Footman 50 25 Small Stone Goblin Ear Leather Armor Short Sword Mouldy Cheese Bone Club Dagger Small Axe Leather Helmet Gold Coin Bone Fish
Muglex Clan Footman 50 25 Gold Coin Small Stone Leather Armor Short Sword Small Axe Dagger Fish Goblin Ear Mouldy Cheese Bone
Orc 70 25 Gold Coin Meat Studded Shield Sabre Studded Armor Axe Studded Helmet Heavy Old Tome Orc Leather Orc Tooth
Brittle Skeleton 50 35 Torch Pelvis Bone Bone Gold Coin Viking Helmet Studded Armor Mace Brass Shield Hatchet Sword
Dawnfly 90 35 Poison Arrow Damselfly Eye Simple Arrow Gold Coin Arrow Health Potion Mana Potion Damselfly Wing Doublet
Skeleton 50 35 Bone Gold Coin Pelvis Bone Viking Helmet Torch Heavy Old Tome Hatchet Sword Mace Brass Shield
Muglex Clan Scavenger 60 37 Gold Coin Leather Helmet Leather Armor Bone Club Short Sword Small Axe Dagger Bone Fish Small Stone Mouldy Cheese
Muglex Clan Scavenger 60 37 Small Axe Bone Mouldy Cheese Gold Coin Leather Armor Small Stone Short Sword Leather Helmet Dagger Bone Club Fish
Rotworm 65 40 Gold Coin Ham Lump of Dirt Meat Sword Mace Worm
Troll Marauder 70 40 Wooden Shield Bunch of Troll Hair Gold Coin Leather Boots Meat Trollroot Studded Armor Simple Arrow Studded Club Silver Amulet
Woodling 80 40 Simple Arrow White Mushroom Rope Arrow Gold Coin Swampling Moss Piece of Swampling Wood Studded Armor Hatchet Studded Shield
Dawn Scorpion 65 45 Gold Coin Scorpion Tail
Muglex Clan Assassin 75 48 Dagger Bone Club Gold Coin Small Stone Mouldy Cheese Leather Helmet Bone Short Sword Fish Leather Armor Small Axe
Muglex Clan Assassin 75 48 Gold Coin Small Axe Short Sword Leather Armor Fish Bone Mouldy Cheese Leather Helmet Dagger Small Stone Studded Armor
Crazed Dwarf 105 50 Gold Coin Letter Axe Hatchet Studded Armor Leather Legs White Mushroom Pick Plate Shield Dwarven Ring
Meadow Strider 100 50 Worm Longsword Marsh Stalker Feather Meat Mace Hatchet Fish Marsh Stalker Beak Gold Coin Rope Seeds
Minotaur Bruiser 100 50 Shovel Minotaur Leather Sword Plate Shield Brass Helmet Minotaur Horn Bronze Amulet Chain Armor Mace Studded Armor Axe Meat
Minotaur Poacher 160 55 Crossbow Piercing Bolt Chain Armor Gold Coin Meat Minotaur Leather Broken Crossbow Studded Armor Minotaur Horn Bolt
Carrion Worm 145 70 Gold Coin Meat Carrion Worm Fang Worm Coal
Scar Tribe Shaman 115 85 Gold Coin Broken Shamanic Staff Orc Tooth Studded Armor Corncob Shamanic Hood Studded Legs
Scar Tribe Warrior 125 85 Broken Helmet Gold Coin Orc Leather Meat Studded Legs Chain Armor Plate Shield Skull Belt
Minotaur Occultist 125 100 Swampling Club Leather Legs Minotaur Horn Magic Light Wand Leather Helmet Purple Robe Mana Potion
Lesser Fire Devil 175 110 Small Pitchfork Gold Coin Blank Rune Torch
Juvenile Cyclops 260 130 Chain Armor Gold Coin Cyclops Toe Wolf Tooth Chain Meat Chain Helmet Sword Mace Hatchet Plate Shield Studded Legs

General Information
Services and Utilities
Continent Islands
Premium Area
Occupation Humans
World Changes
Mini World Changes
Way of access:
Magical Carpet
Stream Ship
Special Teleport
Ruler Inigo Can be found in Dawnport Spontaneous Speech: Careful out there! Be sure to loot the monsters for valuable stuff!; You're going out? Make sure you have a rope with you!; Feeling lost? Talk to me if you need directions!; Come to me if you need help!; I know the ways and lays of Dawnport. Talk to me if Inigo
Created in Patch 10.55 15 Sep 2014
Suggested Level Range 1-20
Citizen Portal
Reachable from Dawnport
Bank Plunderpurse Can be found in Dawnport Spontaneous Speech: Any questions about the functions of your bank account? Feel free to ask me for help! Plunderpurse
Mail Service
Temple Oressa Can be found in Dawnport Spontaneous Speech: Undecided on your vocation? I can help you decide!; Tibia needs brave adventurers like you. Choose your vocation and sail to the mainland!; Talk to me to choose your definite vocation! Become a knight, paladin, druid or sorcerer! Oressa
Blessing NPC
Marriage NPC
Promotion NPC
Offline Training
Imbuing Shire
Reward Shire
Rent Houses
Rent Guildhalls
Arena PvP
Arena PvE
Knight Leader Ser Tybald Can be found in Dawnport Spontaneous Speech: A go-getter. I like that. Ser Tybald
Sorcerer Leader Garamond Can be found in Dawnport Spontaneous Speech: Ah, youthful spirits, quickly seeking adventure. Garamond
Druid Leader Garamond Can be found in Dawnport Spontaneous Speech: Ah, youthful spirits, quickly seeking adventure. Garamond
Paladin Leader Ser Tybald Can be found in Dawnport Spontaneous Speech: A go-getter. I like that. Ser Tybald
Guide NPC

Picture Name
Druid Guild Leader
Equipment Shopkeeper
Knight Guild Leader
Ser Tybald
Magic Shopkeeper
Mr Morris
Ship Captains
Captain Dreadnought
The Bankers
Name Level required Level recommended Rewards Spoiler
Backpack Quest 0 0

Backpack Weight: 18.00 oz. Imbuements Slots: 1 Vol.: 20 Created in patch: < 6.0 Backpack

Dawnport 2 2

Gold Coin Weight: 0.10 oz. Stackable: till 100 Created in patch: < 6.0 350x Gold Coin

Dawnport Quest 0 5

Gold Coin Weight: 0.10 oz. Stackable: till 100 Created in patch: < 6.0 350x Gold Coin

Flash Client Tutorial 0 0

Gold Coin Weight: 0.10 oz. Stackable: till 100 Created in patch: < 6.0 3x Gold Coin , Backpack Weight: 18.00 oz. Imbuements Slots: 1 Vol.: 20 Created in patch: < 6.0 Backpack , Rope Weight: 18.00 oz. Created in patch: < 6.0 Rope , Torch Weight: 5.00 oz. Light range: 7 Created in patch: < 6.0 Torch

Legion Helmet Quest 0 5

Legion Helmet Defence: 4 Weight: 31.00 oz. Created in patch: 7.4 Legion Helmet

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