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Run away to survive!

In the early days of creation, the ancient gods Uman and Zathroth were fighting a long and fierce war for the hegemony over the new world. Races after races were created above the land and destroyed themselves in violent combats. Few of the first races survived to the chaotic dispute between the gods, and, amongst them, are the Yalahari.

Created as the most intelligent race, the Yalahari never saw meaning in war, there was no purpose for that sacrifice. Therefore, they gave up the fighting and took refuge on a north's island. There they built the city of Yalahar and they settled, dedicated themselves to science, knowledge and astrology. The city prospered and grew beyond the island where it is located.

In the center of the island, the Yalahari, together with their servants and minions originated from many parts of the world, built a shiny, magnificent, glamorous and luxurious city. In addition to its central region - Inner City, the outskirts of the city was divided and 8 quarters. All of them well fortified, protected from each other and heavily guarded. Each quarter has its own characteristics and sheltering specimens of different races (we believed that for study). Then we can consider that Yalahar is the simbol of all diversity existing in the world of Tibia.

But, not even the smart race Yalahari could protect themselves from the dark forces. With time, dark powers took over the inhabitants and progressively all the progress and balance acquired with the colossal structure was coming to an end. The few "pure" Yalahari disappeared and the city was delivered to their servants and minions that, for not having the same knowledge from their masters, led the city to lose all its glory.

Nowadays, you can get an idea of how the city was contemplating the beautiful Inner City's buildings. It's not recommended going to the quarters, because, today they are refuge of scary creatures, pirates, outlaws, mutants beings and even undead. All this decadence was result of the lack of knowledge, wrong gone experiments, fires, plagues, and even engineering mistakes that made a part of the city sink into the ocean. And, there are rumors that the current governor is under malign influence, a way to guarantee that the chaos last forever with no possibility of recovery.

However, even without the Yalahari, the city is still imported and keeps its relations with close islands - Fenrock and Mistrock, and also with Vengoth, part of the continent of Zao.

And, if you can get a viable naval route, and be willing to go there, although it's not recommended to go outside the central part, adventurers can get special permissions to pass through the great gates along the wall making some investigations and helping Palimuth to find out Yalahari 's intentions and try to recover the city. Only be careful not to succumb to seductive temptations of the dark side.

By the way, when walking by the streets, is always good to have Garlic Necklace and Garlic Cookies in your backpack...

Interesting Places:

General Information
Continent Islands
Premium Area
Occupation Humans
World Changes
Mini World Changes
Way of access:
Magical Carpet
Stream Ship
Special Teleport
Ruler Yalahari
Created in Patch 8.4 (Yalahar) 10 Dec 2008
Suggested Level Range 20-250
Citizen Portal
Reachable from Dawnport
Services and Utilities
Bank Znozel
Mail Service Redward
Temple Lorietta
Blessing NPC
Marriage NPC
Promotion NPC
Offline Training
Imbuing Shire
Reward Shire
Rent Houses
Rent Guildhalls
Arena PvP
Arena PvE
Knight Leader Zarak
Sorcerer Leader Tamoril
Druid Leader Tamara
Paladin Leader Ethan
Guide NPC Guide Edna

Picture Name
Drink/Food Shopkeeper
Druid Guild Leader
Equipment Shopkeeper
Gree Dee
Furniture Shopkeeper
Frok, The Guard
Golem Guardian
Kihil, The Guard
Guide Edna
Jewelry Shopkeeper
Knight Guild Leader
Magic Shopkeeper
Paladin Guild Leader
A Beautiful Girl
A Fading Memory
A Wandering Soul
Emperor Rehal
Mr. West
Pythius the Rotten
Ship Captains
Captain Cookie
The Bankers
Unknown occupations
Menacing Mummy
Name Type Size (SQM) Beds Rent
Aureate Court 1 House 126 3 600000
Aureate Court 2 House 119 2 400000
Aureate Court 3 House 105 2 400000
Aureate Court 4 House 92 4 400000
Aureate Court 5 House 142 6 600000
Cascade Towers Guildhall 405 0 5000000
Fortune Wing 1 House 247 4 800000
Fortune Wing 2 House 137 2 600000
Fortune Wing 3 House 141 2 600000
Fortune Wing 4 House 136 4 600000
Halls of Serenity Guildhall 504 33 5000000
Harbour Promenade 1 House 129 5 800000
Luminous Arc 1 House 159 2 800000
Luminous Arc 2 House 154 4 600000
Luminous Arc 3 House 130 3 600000
Luminous Arc 4 House 190 5 800000
Luminous Arc 5 House 117 6 800000
Mad Scientist's Lab House 169 6 600000
Radiant Plaza 1 House 133 4 800000
Radiant Plaza 2 House 93 2 600000
Radiant Plaza 3 House 120 2 800000
Radiant Plaza 4 House 186 3 800000
Sun Palace Guildhall 513 27 5000000
Name Level recommended Creatures
Knight Paladin Mage
Alchemist Quarter - Mutated Humans 20 20 20 Mutated Human Mercury Blob Mutated Rat
Alchemist Quarter - Mutated Tigers 40 30 30 Mutated Tiger Death Blob Bog Raider
Alchemist Quarter- Bog Raiders 80 80 80 Bog Raider Mutated Tiger Death Blob
Arena Quarter 50 50 60 Gladiator Mutated Rat Mutated Tiger Undead Gladiator Mutated Bat Barbarian Bloodwalker
Beregar - Bonelord Cave 60 60 60 Bonelord Elder Bonelord Ghoul Gozzler Braindeath
Beregar - Mines 60 60 55 Dwarf Dwarf Soldier Dwarf Guard Dwarf Geomancer Fire Devil Stone Golem
Cemetery Quarter - Graveyards 45 40 40 Skeleton Ghoul Crypt Shambler Demon Skeleton
Cemetery Quarter - Grim Reapers 160 130 140 Grim Reaper
Cemetery Quarter - Nightmares 110 100 110 Nightmare Nightmare Scion
Cemetery Quarter - Tarantulas 25 25 25 Tarantula
Cemetery Quarter - Underground 80 70 70 Bonebeast Mutated Bat Banshee Lich Giant Spider Braindeath
Factory Quarter - Surface 35 35 30 Dog Cat Seagull Pig Rabbit Badger Rat Snake Spider Bug Wolf Poison Spider Crab Centipede Crazed Beggar Goblin Scavenger Larva Dwarf Smuggler Amazon Bandit Gang Member Damaged Worker Golem Dark Apprentice Assassin Pirate Marauder Mutated Human Slime Mad Scientist
Fenrock 30 30 25 Barbarian Headsplitter Barbarian Skullhunter Barbarian Brutetamer Rotworm Crocodile Carrion Worm Tortoise
Fenrock - Tortoise Cave 25 20 20 Tortoise Crocodile
Fenrock Dragon Lair 100 80 80 Dragon Lord Dragon Lord Hatchling
Foreign Quarter - Pirates 60 60 50 Pirate Buccaneer Pirate Corsair Pirate Marauder
Magic Academy 20 25 0
Magician Quarter - Blue Djinns 60 60 50 Blue Djinn Marid
Magician Quarter - Cults 30 30 30 Acolyte of the Cult Adept of the Cult Enlightened of the Cult Novice of the Cult Serpent Spawn
Magician Quarter - Green Djinns 60 55 50 Green Djinn Efreet
Magician Quarter - Hellspawns 80 80 80 Hellspawn Gozzler
Magician Quarter - Magicians 60 55 40 Dark Apprentice Dark Magician Mad Scientist Priestess
Magician Quarter - Plagues 150 150 100 Hellspawn Plaguesmith
Minotaur Camp 10 10 15 Minotaur Guard Minotaur Mage Minotaur Minotaur Archer
Mistrock 35 30 30 Cyclops Cyclops Drone Cyclops Smith Blood Crab
Sunken Quarter 85 80 80 Quara Constrictor Quara Hydromancer Quara Mantassin Quara Pincher Quara Predator
Sunken Quarter 100 105 100 Quara Constrictor Quara Hydromancer Quara Mantassin Quara Predator Quara Pincher Inky Splasher Sharptooth
Trade Quarter 35 30 27 Crazed Beggar Crocodile Elf Smuggler Goblin Assassin Amazon Wild Warrior Nomad Bandit Poacher Gang Member Valkyrie Barbarian Headsplitter Barbarian Skullhunter Hunter Monk Witch Pirate Marauder Pirate Cutthroat Pirate Buccaneer Pirate Corsair Stalker Assassin Gladiator Mad Scientist
Vengoth - Castle 95 90 90 Vampire Bride Werewolf Hellspawn Vampire Mutated Bat Spectre Priestess Banshee Nightmare Scion Nightmare Nightstalker Bonebeast Haunted Treeling Earth Elemental Bog Raider Mutated Rat Giant Spider Elder Bonelord Bonelord Tarantula Skeleton Poison Spider Spider Bat
Vengoth - Surface 50 40 40 Scorpion War Wolf Tarantula Slime Demon Skeleton Haunted Treeling
Vengoth - Werewolf Cave 80 80 90 War Wolf Werewolf
War Golem Cave 150 150 150 War Golem Damaged Worker Golem Worker Golem
Yalahar Demons East 200 150 100 Demon
Yalahar Demons West 200 150 100 Demon
Yalahar Dragon Lair 40 30 25 Elf Arcanist Dragon Hydra Serpent Spawn
Name Level recommended Possible to get Silver Token
Vampire Raid in Yalahar
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