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Gray Beach

The rocky beach

The brave ones who dare to face the storms and sail by the sea heading east from Zao will come across Quirefang: a gray and rocky isle.

At first glance, it will appear that you are in an isolated and deserted place, no sign of life apparently, no human or any other pleasant company and without anything to do. But, don't fool yourself, because the rocks of the place are much more than they seem to be!

And, according to the state of the tide, if you are able to find the way to the protected beach of Gray Beach, you will notice that it is home to two important creature races: Insectoids and Deeplins.

We advise that only skilled and experienced warriors dare to explore the area and its challenges because both races are constantly fighting for the island domination.

To north, the higher part of the island is dominated by the Insectoides, a race formed by many different species of giant insects and which intend to transform the region on a massive and powerfull hive where they can grow and multiply infinitely.

To south, going down by the imposing staircases carved in stone, you can access Fiehonja, an underground set of caves partially submerged inhabited by different species of Deeplins, strong and resistant creatures. Because it is a partially submerged region, the existence of air pockets allows the character to explore the area without the need of diving equipment ( Helmet of the Deep Enables underwater exploration. Defence: 2 Weight: 210.00 oz. Created in patch: 7.8 (Liberty Bay) Helmet of the Deep or Depth Galea It can only be wielded properly by players of level 150 or higher. Enables underwater exploration. Defence: 8 Weight: 46.00 oz. Created in patch: 9.4 Depth Galea ) and without reducing the character's speed (a negative effect of submerged areas).

In between a constant territorial fight, have in mind that any action took by visitors will interfere in favor of one of the races and that the more fighting occurs with losses to one side, more species from the military elite of this race will be summoned to reinforce the battlefront to defend their brotherhood.

Interesting Places:

General Information
Services and Utilities
Continent Quirefang
Premium Area
Occupation Humans
World Changes
Mini World Changes
Way of access:
Magical Carpet
Stream Ship
Special Teleport
Ruler Old Rock Boy Can be found in Gray Beach Spontaneous Speech: A traveller on this strange island?; Hey! You there! Come near, come!; Come, come here! Old Rock Boy
Created in Patch 9.4 14 Dec 2011
Suggested Level Range 150+
Citizen Portal
Reachable from Dawnport
Bank Eighty Can be found in Gray Beach Spontaneous Speech: Use this device to manage your gold. Eighty
Mail Service Rock in a Hard Place Can be found in Gray Beach Spontaneous Speech: Hey! Don't leave me alone with all these lunatics! Rock in a Hard Place
Temple Rock With A Soft Spot Can be found in Gray Beach Spontaneous Speech: I can help you, just come over here.; Are you hurt?; Awww... are you in need of aid?; Only the best for you. Rock With A Soft Spot
Blessing NPC
Marriage NPC
Promotion NPC
Offline Training
Imbuing Shire
Reward Shire
Rent Houses
Rent Guildhalls
Arena PvP
Arena PvE
Knight Leader
Sorcerer Leader
Druid Leader
Paladin Leader
Guide NPC

Picture Name
Equipment Shopkeeper
Rock in a Hard Place
Rock Steady
Rock With A Soft Spot
Alternative Rock
The Bankers
Name Level required Level recommended Rewards Spoiler
Deepling Outfits Quest 0 150

Deepling Premium Deepling , Spolium Profundis You travelled the depths of this very world. You entered the blackness of the deep sea to conquer the realm of the Deeplings. May this suit remind you of the strange beauty below. Points: 4 Premium Spolium Profundis

Liquid Black Quest 0 150

access to deeper parts of Fiehonja, ability to fight Tanjis 30000 hp 15000 exp Not possible to summon Not possible to convince Fire 0% Earth +20% Death -20% Holy 0% Ice Immune Energy -20% Physical 0% Drown 0% Healing 0% Paralyze Possible Life Drain Detects invisibility Created in patch: 9.4 Attack type: Close Push objects Walks on fields: energy,fire,poison Negative effects: paralise Tanjis , Obujos 35000 hp 20000 exp Not possible to summon Not possible to convince Fire 0% Earth Immune Death -20% Holy 0% Ice +20% Energy 0% Physical 0% Drown 0% Healing 0% Paralyze Life Drain Detects invisibility Created in patch: 9.4 Attack type: Close Run on low HP Push objects Walks on fields: energy,fire,poison Negative effects: poisoned,skill Obujos and Jaul 90000 hp 30000 exp Not possible to summon Not possible to convince Fire Immune Earth Immune Death -20% Holy 0% Ice 0% Energy 0% Physical 0% Drown 0% Healing 0% Paralyze Life Drain Mana Drain Detects invisibility Created in patch: 9.4 Attack type: Close Run on low HP Push objects Walks on fields: fire,poison Negative effects: paralise,drown,poisoned Jaul , a chance to get:, Small Golden Anchor This anchor is ethereal and belonged to a captain who went down with his ship a long time ago. Weight: 1.34 oz. Created in patch: 9.4 Small Golden Anchor , True Heart of the Sea A true Heart of the Sea, cut by Deeplings in depths of deepest black. It feels cold and lifeless. Weight: 9.70 oz. Light range: 5 Created in patch: 9.4 True Heart of the Sea

War Against The Hive Quest 0 150

Insectoid Premium Insectoid , Minor Disturbance Your actions start to make a difference. You have blinded the antennae of the hive often enough to become an annoyance to it. Points: 2 Premium Minor Disturbance , Dazzler In the war against the hive, your efforts in blinding it begin to pay off. Your actions have blinded the hive severely and the entity seems to become aware that something dangerous is happening. Points: 3 Premium Dazzler , Hive Blinder You have put a lot of time and energy into keeping the hive unaware of what is happening on Quirefang. The hive learnt to fear your actions. It would surely crush you with all its might ... if it could only find you! Points: 4 Premium Hive Blinder , Hickup You have grown accustomed to frequenting the hive's stomach system. Your actions have caused the hive some first digestion problems. Points: 2 Premium Hickup , Heartburn Never-tiring, you attack the inner organs of the mighty hive. Your attacks on the hive's digestion system begin to cause some trouble. Points: 3 Premium Heartburn , Stomach Ulcer You severely disrupted the digestion of the hive. The hive should for sure see a doctor. It seems you proved to be more than it can swallow. Points: 4 Premium Stomach Ulcer , Planter The hive has to be fought with might and main, hampering its soldiers is only the first step. You diligently stopped the pores of the hive to spread its warriors. Points: 2 Premium Planter , Pimple You are getting more and more experienced in destroying the supply of the enemy's forces. Your actions caused the hive some severe skin problems. Points: 3 Premium Pimple , Suppressor A war is won by those who have the best supply of troops. The hive's troops have been dealt a significant blow by your actions. You interrupted the hive's replenishment of troops lastingly and severely. Points: 4 Premium Suppressor , Gatherer By killing creatures of the hive and gaining weapons for further missions, you started a quite effective way of war. You gathered a lot of dissolved chitin to resupply the war effort. Points: 2 Premium Gatherer , Supplier The need for supplies often decides over loss or victory. Your tireless efforts to resupply the resources keeps the war against the hive going. Points: 3 Premium Supplier , Chitin Bane You have become competent and efficient in gathering the substance that is needed to fight the hive. You almost smell like dissolved chitin and the Hive Born would tell their children scary stories about you if they could speak. Points: 4 Premium Chitin Bane , Headache Even in the deepest structures of the hive, you began to strike against the mighty foe. Your actions probably already gave the hive a headache. Points: 2 Premium Headache , Confusion The destruction you have caused by now can be felt throughout the whole hive. The mayhem that follows your step caused significant confusion in the consciousness of the hive. Points: 3 Premium Confusion , Manic You have destroyed a significant amount of the hive's vital nerve centres and caused massive destruction to the hive's awareness. You are probably causing the hive horrible nightmares. Points: 4 Premium Manic , Guard Killer You have proven that you can beat the best of the hive. You have caused first promising breaches in the defence of the hive Points: 2 Premium Guard Killer , Hive Infiltrator The most powerful warriors of the hive were killed by you by the dozens. The hive is not safe anymore because of your actions. Points: 1 Premium Hive Infiltrator , Exterminator Efficient and lethal, you have gained significant experience in fighting the elite forces of the hive. Almost single-handed, you have slain the best of the Hive Born and live to tell the tale. Points: 4 Premium Exterminator , Hive Fighter You have participated that much in the hive war, that you are able to create some makeshift armor from the remains of dead hive born that can be found in the major hive, to show of your skill. Points: 1 Premium Hive Fighter , Hive War Veteran Your invaluable experience in fighting the hive allows you to add another piece of armor to your chitin outfit to proove your dedication for the cause. Points: 1 Premium Hive War Veteran , Bane of the Hive Countless fights and never tiring effort in the war against the hive grant you the experience to finish your outfit with the last remaining part. Your chitin outfit is a testament of your skills and dedication for the cause. Points: 2 Premium Bane of the Hive

Name Type Size (SQM) Beds Rent
Old Sanctuary of God King Qjell House 536 6 21940
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