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The prosperous Zao's mine

The dwarves' tireless search for rich minerals made them develop an efficient underground transport and tracking systems. And this led them to discover and explore the dangerous continent of Zao.

Based on the minerals and precious stones exploitation the dwarves founded Farmine inside the solid Zao's west mountain. The city was built taking advantage of both natural caves and excavated for extraction caves and thrives impressively thanks to the support and alliances formed that the dwarves got from other folks.

But if you think that the only risk near the city is that some dangerously excavated hall can crumble, or Stone Golem , Gargoyle and Gozzler - native creatures of the mountain that live on the caves, you are mistaken.

Actually you can't even imagine what is waiting for you in many locations in the surface of the continent of Zao. Indeed, although its occupation by the dwarves and humans is recent the continent is so old as the own history of Tibia and shelter many different kinds of creatures, some harmless, but others ancient of explosive temper and really dangerous.

So, if you can find the way to climb down the mountain and get to the steppe, be prepared to fight the very moment you step on the arid and corrupted soil of the region. We recommend you to arrange insect repellent to put away Insect Swarm .

Interesting Places:

General Information
Continent Zao
Premium Area
Occupation Dwarfs
World Changes
Mini World Changes
Way of access:
Magical Carpet
Stream Ship
Special Teleport
Ruler Ongulf
Created in Patch 8.54 (Zao) 09 Dec 2009
Suggested Level Range 10-250+
Citizen Portal
Reachable from Dawnport
Services and Utilities
Bank Murim
Mail Service Murim
Temple Prezil
Blessing NPC
Marriage NPC
Promotion NPC
Offline Training
Imbuing Shire
Reward Shire
Rent Houses
Rent Guildhalls
Arena PvP
Arena PvE
Knight Leader
Sorcerer Leader
Druid Leader
Paladin Leader
Guide NPC

Picture Name
Drink/Food Shopkeeper
Equipment Shopkeeper
Gate Guardian
Lizard Tunnel Guard
A Sleeping Dragon
A Strange Chalice
Broken Servant Sentry
Ship Captains
Unknown occupations
Name Level required Level recommended Rewards Spoiler
An Interest In Botany Quest 50 0

1000x Gold Coin , Sedge Hat , 3000 experience points

An Uneasy Alliance Quest 0 50

2x Tome of Knowledge , 650-2250 Gold Coin , 800-1800 experience points

Children of the Revolution Quest 0 100

Serpent Crest , Tome of Knowledge , 10.000 experience points, Extreme Degustation

Curos Tasks 0 0

4600x Gold Coin , 5100 experience points, The Milkman

Elementalist Outfits Quest 0 0

Elementalist Premium Elementalist , Mystic Fabric Magic

Lazaran Tasks 0 0
The New Frontier Quest 0 60

8.000 experience points, access to the Zao, 2 Gold Ingot , Berserk Potion , Bullseye Potion , Mastermind Potion , Champion of Chazorai , Warmaster Premium Warmaster , Piggy Bank , Tome of Knowledge , access to magic carpet located on the top of the mountain

The Spirit Will Get You Quest 0 0

possibility to do Wayfarer addons, 10.050 experience points

Tomes of Knowledge Quest 0 100

Tome of Knowledge

Unnatural Selection Quest 0 0

Tribal Crest , Tome of Knowledge , Talented Dancer

Warmaster Outfits Quest 0 80

Warmaster Premium Warmaster addons , Master of War

Wayfarer Outfits Quest 0 0

Wayfarer Premium Wayfarer , Peazzekeeper

Wrath of the Emperor Quest 80 120

ability to trade with Chartan , Spiritual Charm , Black Jade Cobra , 100 Platinum Coin , 10 Crystal Coin , 5 Gold Ingot , 10 Black Pearl , Blue Gem , Dragon Backpack , Jewelled Backpack , Ghostwhisperer , Wayfarer , Godslayer , Wayfarer Premium Wayfarer , Elite Draken Helmet , Royal Draken Mail , Royal Scale Robe , 10 Red Dragon Scale

Zalamon e Chartan Tasks 0 0

Red Gem , Yellow Gem , Green Gem , Blue Gem , Violet Gem , Terra Amulet , Dwarven Ring , Sudden Death Rune , Vive la Resistance , Extreme Degustation , 100 Mana Potion , 25 Great Health Potion , 50 Assassin Star , 25 Great Spirit Potion , Vive la Resistance , Extreme Degustation

Name Type Size (SQM) Beds Rent
Caveman Shelter House 87 4 150000
Eastern House of Tranquility House 268 5 200000
Name Level recommended Creatures
Knight Paladin Mage
Brimstone Bug Cave - North 80 80 80 Brimstone Bug
Brimstone Bug Caves 130 100 130 Brimstone Bug Lancer Beetle Wailing Widow Toad The Keeper
Chosens Training Camp 150 130 130 Lizard Chosen Lizard High Guard Lizard Dragon Priest Lizard Legionnaire Battlemaster Zunzu Lizard Zaogun
Corruption Hole 150 105 100 Lizard Chosen Mutated Bat Mutated Tiger Death Blob Ghastly Dragon The Voice of Ruin Lizard Dragon Priest Lizard High Guard Lizard Legionnaire
Falcon Below 450 0 400 Grand Master Oberon Falcon Knight Falcon Paladin Jailer
Gnarlhound Caves 25 20 28 Gnarlhound
Killer Caiman Cave 70 70 65 Killer Caiman
Lizard City 200 200 200 Lizard Zaogun Lizard Dragon Priest Lizard High Guard Lizard Legionnaire
Muggy Plains - Mutated Tigers & Bats 50 50 50 Mutated Tiger Mutated Bat
Plantations 150 150 150 Insect Swarm Death Blob Lancer Beetle Haunted Treeling Wailing Widow Killer Caiman Mutated Bat Mutated Rat Mutated Tiger Souleater Brimstone Bug Lizard Dragon Priest Lizard Legionnaire Lizard High Guard
Souleater Mountain 130 120 130 Souleater Mutated Bat Mutated Tiger Lizard High Guard Lizard Legionnaire
Stampor Cave 130 130 100 Stampor
Undead Dragon Wote 250 200 200 Undead Dragon Draken Abomination Ghastly Dragon Fury of the Emperor Draken Elite Scorn of the Emperor Spite of the Emperor Wrath of the Emperor
Zao Palace Drakens 200 150 150 Draken Spellweaver Draken Warmaster Lizard Zaogun
Zao Walls - Drakens 200 250 150 Draken Spellweaver Draken Warmaster
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