The Tibian cities are important agglomerations that offer the adventurers accommodation and many services. The most important services are:

Once you leave Dawnport your character will be informed that has to choose a hometown. Choice one city is important because every time the character dies, or if the game world is reset, it will be sent back to the temple of the chosen city. However keep in mind that is always possible to change the character's hometown. This is an interesting option, very useful and we also advise that you always choose as hometown the nearest city from where you use to hunt. This choise saves some valuable time in case the character dies, even more if it isn't under blessing protection.

To premium account characters, the cities also offer special transport services by ships and/or flying carpets. For some gold coins, the NPCs responsible by these services can teleport your characters between determined cities by a faster and safer way.

It is also in cities and/or its surroundings, that, for certain monthly amount of gold, the premium account characters can rent houses. The rented houses can be decorated to provide a nice and cozy to sleep, expose your valuable items and receive friends. And, if your character is leader of some guild, you also have the option to rent a guildhall to use as headquarters and, even, give away some rooms to your friends.


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