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Death on Strike

Again and again Deathstrike has fallen to your prowess. Perhaps it's time for people calling YOU Deathstrike from now on.

Points: 4 Premium Category: Quests Tibia ID: 315 Created in patch: 9.6 (Jul 11 2012)
By Eric on 19 Dec 2015, 01:09

This achievement is earned by opening Deathstrike's reward chest 50 times. Deathstrike 200000 hp 40000 exp Not possible to summon Not possible to convince Fire -20% Earth Immune Death -20% Holy -20% Ice -20% Energy -20% Physical -20% Drown 0% Healing 0% Paralyze Life Drain Mana Drain Detects invisibility Created in patch: 9.6 Attack type: Close Become invisible Pushable Walks on fields: energy,fire,poison Negative effects: paralise Deathstrike is the boss of Warzone 1, and the second hardest boss of the three.

This boss heals for a lot and goes invisible often, requiring you to retarget him often. This boss may be very strong to Death, but the best strategy is still to SD him because it hits so much harder than other runes. Sorcerers can also use energy wave and great energy beam if they are on an Open PvP or Optional PvP world and don't have to worry about hurting their teammates.

This boss requires a decently sized team, about 20 average leveled players. When I have killed this boss, our strategy was to have four knights surround him in a cross (he won't move diagonal) and then all mages summon Fire Devils (because they stand still to shoot, unlike Fire Elementals because of their melee attack priority) and their attacks hit physical, which is 10% more damage on him than fire. Paladins just shoot as normal.

This boss requires a decently sized team because of how much he heals. In the past he has reached red health and then healed all the way back to green, so we usually bring 200+ SDs per character.



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