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How to Submit Screenshots

Created by Zathroth. on 11 Feb 2016, 04:23
Table of Contents
Points for this Contribution
Using the Navigation Bar
The Add Screenshot form
Required Standars
Doubts? need Support or Advice?

Points for this Contribution

Submiting a valuable screenshot related with content available in our data base will be rewarded with 1 up to 2 contribution points. A screenshot gets 2 contribution points when it is considered by the staff as unique, valuable and really useful; only 1 point when it is a normal screenshot, still valuable but not as good as the one that receives 2 points.

Invalid Screenshot

0 Points. It will be instantly deleted.

0 Points. Images without Character name visible which is not assign with Tibia Royal.

Valid Screenshot

0 Points. Valid screenshot with repeated content, or whose information can be found elsewhere on the page.

1 Point. Valid that adds something new to the website.

2 Points. Valid that adds something unique on our website or a rare screenshot.

Using the Navigation Bar

As you can see the navigation bar, at the top of th website, provides you with a shortcut to the Contribution System in which you can access to everything related with it. From the specific forms to submit each type of contribution, to the Contribution Programme pages, Tutorials and F.A.Q's, as well as a Contribution Highscore list (called "Hall of Fame") and your own Contribution List.

To submit a Screenshot, just go to "Submit Content" > "Media" > "Add Screenshot"

The Add Screenshot form

The link mentioned above will lead you to a form where you can upload the image and tag it, to connect the screenshot with the content available in our data base (items, monsters, achievements, etc). Once you uploaded the picture and selected the tags, just click the "Submit" button.

You can also send Screenshots using the Contribution Tab, at the end of every page in our database, guides, etc.

Required Standars

Valid Screenshots

A good and well took screenshot, should follow these standards:

  • It must be a screenshot made by you. You can't take images from other players or from the Internet.

  • It must be submitd exclusively for Tibia Royal. A screenshot already uploaded in other sites doesn't count as a valid submission. Reproducing the screenshot somewhere else is not allowed aswell.

  • Take care of cutting the image properly. It should not be too small or too big. In some cases you can submit the image displaying the full game window if you consider that the equipment, the map, or other areas of the client should be displayed aswell.

  • It must NOT be too crowded, with items (decorations, furniture, trash, overlapping or stacked items, etc), players or monsters, just the things you select when you choose the tags.

  • If it is an item, stand in front of it and look at it so its description can be visible. Preferably looking at south.

How to edit a Screenshot

As we already stated, you must take care of editing the image properly, not unnecesary big (unless you need to upload the whole game window image), but not too small either. If you prefer and you don't need to upload an image desplaying the whole game window, you can add the official fansite frame to the screenshot or our Tibia Royal official frame. To do that just follow these steps:

First, you must know how to take a screenshot. You just need to hit the "Print Screen" key.

Open Paint, and paste the image. You can do it using the shortcut "Ctrl+V"

The next step is to select the frame you want to add to the screenshot. Use the Tibia Royal frame. Download it here!.

Go back to paint, and select the option "paste from", then select the file of the frame you chose, it will be pasted on the screenshot you took.

Once you see the frame on your screen, you will notice the white background on it. To take it of, make sure you enabled the option "Selection/Transparent selection". Now, move the frame to the center of the screenshot where the "game window" is, or where.

Once you see the frame on your screen, you will notice the background on it. To take it of, make sure you enabled the option "Selection/Transparent selection", or just put the color you want to remove as background color in paint. Now, move the frame to the center of the screenshot where the "game window" is.

Unselect everything (click somewhere in the image, outside the selection) and the frame will be pasted. Now, in order to remove the extra spaces, you must move the whole image to the upper left-corner in paint and then adjust the image to the borders of the frame.

To do this, hit "Ctrl+E" to select the whole image, and move it to the upper left-corner. The corner of the frame needs to be exactly in the point 0 px - 0px.

Time to adjust the rest of the extra spaces...

Voilà!... your screenshot has a nice frame now.

When a screenshot gets 2 points?

As we said, when it's a valid screenshot that is at the same time unique and it adds something new and fresh to our data base. Something you wont find in other sites around the Internet. For example, Nostalgia screenshots, bugs, hardcore Huntings, extremelly lucky loots, rare events, or just something we didn't have already. Be creative and impress us!, by giving 2 points for this kind of screenshots we want to encourage players to share their most valuable moments on the game and offer to our members things they would not see in other sites about Tibia. In the example at left you can see how old armors look in the past (the screenshot was taken in Nostalgia Island, only accessable during the 15th Anniversary.)

Why my screenshot was denied and deleted?

Cause it doesn't follow the minimum standards, or it is a repeated screenshot and there is no point on having it in our data base, it simply doesn't add something new. For example, many users uploading an image in front of a gold coin, or many users uploading the screenshot of a boss in the same location, etc. If you want your screenshot getting approved to receive points, you should help us to create a very unique data base that offers variety to our community. That's our main goal.

Doubts? need Support or Advice?

Just post a comment below, we will reply as fast as possible. Remember that any doubt you have could be the doubt of someone else :). Anyways, you can contact Uman, since he is the Staff Member in charge of our Content Department.

Azteko Ako
By Azteko Ako on 23 Mar 2017, 20:13 - 11.04

And what about images like illustrations and or renders about items?

By Uman on 23 Mar 2017, 21:58 - 11.04

You can upload them too, without a frame then the best.

By Hasorko on 06 Feb 2017, 00:42 - 11.04

Two questions:

1. Does a character need to appear in the screenshot? (Example: I try to illustrate a certain path, the appearance of my character would only distract.

2. Should screenshots for guides be submitted as screenshots or just be uploaded and linked? (Example: Again I illustrate a path to a given point of interest for a quest. The screenshot will be part of a series of more images showing further details for a quest.)

By Uman on 06 Feb 2017, 20:10 - 11.04


1) Screnshots for database should shown the character.

2) Images for guides please upload with guide system. At bottom of page is possibility for that :) This images are not restrictet with the rules mentioned above.

on 06 Jan 2019, 20:10
on 01 May 2020, 04:20


Please keep the following in mind when posting a comment:

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  • You might want to proof-read your comments before posting them.
  • Please post questions on our forums for quicker reply.
  • Unsure how to post? Check out our handy guide.

Simply browse for your screenshot using the form below.

  • The higher the quality the better!
  • Be sure to read the tips & tricks about how to create a good screenshot.
  • Keep in mind that your screenshot will not be visible at once, it will be approved by staff members.
Add screenshot

Simply put the link of video below and hit "Upload". Make sure to read our tutorial about how to submit videos.

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