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Flash Client Guide

Created by Zahiza. on 17 Oct 2015, 00:00
Table of Contents
The Hotkey System


Whenever I mention to players that I am playing in flash, the reaction is usually: ‘Why? It sucks!’ I always ask them why they think so, but in most cases they are biased or do not support their opinion with any valid arguments. Maybe they are too accustomed to the standalone client to understand what I am talking about.

I have been playing in flash for about a year now and I have never regretted this decision. It took a while to set up and get accustomed to, but it has been worth every second. Some say the flash client resembles World of Warcraft a lot, with a negative connotation. To me it is actually a positive statement: the World of Warcraft hotkey system increases your APM (actions per minute) by a vast amount and has been perfected over the years.


On the top left and top right of the screen (after clicking the arrow, number 2 on the picture above) you will see a box. Through this box you can adjust which boxes show up on each side of the screen. As you can see I have my VIP list on the left side and my battle list on the right, for example. When you are done setting this up you can press the arrow again to hide these menus and get some extra space. Make sure the General Controls are displayed for the following section of the guide. Take a quick peek at the Quest Log and Character Profile, they are very different than what you are accustomed to. Then move on to the Options.

Click on Graphics and make sure your Ambient Brightness is maxed out. The Level Separator can be maxed too, but I prefer to have it somewhere halfway. Apart from that I would suggest to turn on Show Frame Rate so you can see your FPS and Ping in the bottom left. Everything else in the Graphics menu is personal preference.

Move on to Status. You can play around a bit with the Status Bar, take whichever you like. The only thing really worth mentioning is the ‘Own Character in Game Window’, which you can see in the screenshot below. I recommend you to never touch the ‘Other Creatures in Game Window’.

Under Messages you can change which messages you will receive and where you receive them. Game Window is the game screen and chat console is the chat message you receive in the bottom. You can, for example, turn off a lot of server log messages (like damage received, heal, experience) so you will only receive loot messages in the server log.

With mouse control you can change which mouse button does what. This makes the flash client superior to the standalone client because you can bind a ‘use / open’ to your mouse: this will instantly use a stair or loot a monster even when a player is standing on top of it. Play around with it, it is a great system.

This is my current setup.

The Hotkey System

Before I jump into the more advanced mechanics of the Options screen, I want you to get accustomed to the hotkey system of the flash client. In this screenshot you see my minimized browser. Because I shrunk the image you will not be able to see all my hotkeys, but I have a lot more. On the top right and top left you can press an arrow to make a small screen with options appear (number 2 in the screenshot) make sure you enable the General Controls for this section of the guide.

The hotkey bars (1 in the picture) are labelled as B,L, R and T (Bottom, Left, Right and Top) and each bar has 30 hotkey slots. These bars can be filled by adding text, by dragging spells from the spell list (3 in the screenshot) or by dragging items, equipment, consumables or food into them. After a hotkey location is filled it can be used by clicking on it with the mouse or by pressing the corresponding hotkey. You can right click an action to edit it. This way you can use potions on yourself instantly, add text like ‘hi’, ‘gamel rebel’ and add a parameter to a spell. These parameters can be set for a variety of spells: exani hur, utevo res and exiva for example, to instantly summon a certain creature or exiva a person. Rings and shields can be added to a hotkey as well, making it very easy to swap between a life ring and an energy ring or a shield and a spellbook for that matter.

Now that you have set up your bars you probably ask yourself: how on earth will I click all of this with my mouse? Well, you do not have to! Go to ‘Options’ in the General Controls (4 in the screenshot) and click on ‘Hotkeys’. Here you can change virtually anything: the keys you use to walk, keys for spells, a key to mount, a key to attack something instantly, a key to switch between PvP modes and much more. I personally love to walk with WASD, which makes diagonal walking much easier as well (QEZC for me) and allows me to have my right hand on the mouse at all times. As far as hotkey bars go: the first, far left action on the bottom bar is called B1. You can see which button belongs to which hotkey slot by holding your mouse over it as well.

This is an example of my hotkeys.

After using a certain cooldown based spell, a timer appears. All other spells will get a short global cooldown as well.


Note that the flash client has a few additional buttons in its Battle List: Hide Players, Hide NPCs, Hide Monsters, Hide Non-Skulled Players, Hide Party Members. This, in combination with the attack the highest entry in the battle list hotkey (spacebar by default) can be a very dangerous thing in PvP and is very convenient when hunting. You rarely have to click a monster in the Battle List, just press the spacebar a few times and you should have your ideal target.

When you hide everything except skulled players you can spam spacebar and still attack the skulled player even when he stairjumps or runs in and out of depot.


This is the only downside for me. You have to bind a button to open and send a chat message(enter for me). Why is that a downside? Because when you are hunting you cannot quickly send a message to a friend. You cannot heal with hotkeys while chatting, only by clicking the healing spell with the mouse.

A nice feature of the flash client, however, is the ‘Show in secondary channel’ option. This allows you to see two chats at the same time, or chat and see your loot in the other (if you decided to turn off some of the messages in server log before).


The market is very different as well. In a good way, as you can see in the screenshot below. It might take some time to get accustomed to.


You can play Tibia on flash in any browser. I suggest, however, that you play Tibia on a different browser than the one you use to surf the internet. It has happened to me in the past that YouTube crashed my shockwave plugin, which resulted in a shockwave crash on Tibia as well! You will not have this problem if you use YouTube on Internet Explorer and play Tibia on Google Chrome (an example).

As far as results in performance go I did some research and it seems Google Chrome performs best and Internet Explorer takes second place. I have played on all browsers and my personal favorite is Internet Explorer. Not because I like Internet Explorer - I hate it. I prefer to have Chrome available as main browser!

I would like to add that I have never died to a malfunction in the Flash Client.


The Flash Client can do everything the Standalone Client can do, but has way more optimization. It can take a while to set it up, but will increase your actions per minute, the reaction time on your healing, the amount of spells you can bind and more. The ring and shield swap trick is great for mages, especially druids in teamhunts that might need to switch to an energy ring quickly in order to heal their blocker and not die themselves.


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