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Winter Update 2019

Created by Uman. on 05 Nov 2019, 21:00
Table of Contents
Official news
New Quests
New Items
New Monsters
New Achievements
New Npcs
New Outfits
New Mount

Official news

New Quests

New Items

Name Imbuements Weight
Amber 0 1 oz.
Amber with a Bug 0 1 oz.
Amber with a Dragonfly 0 1 oz.
Angel Figurine 0 6.5 oz.
Bloody Tears 0 0.2 oz.
Bone Meal 0 0.8 oz.
Brain Head's Brain 0 0.7 oz.
Brain Head's Giant Neuron 0 0.24 oz.
Brain Head's Left Hemisphere 0 0.35 oz.
Brain Head's Right Hemisphere 0 0.35 oz.
Bronze Hunter Trophy 0 0 oz.
Burial Shroud 0 5 oz.
Cursed Bone 0 6.5 oz.
Dark Bell 0 0.95 oz.
Death Knell 0 2.5 oz.
Death Toll 0 0.04 oz.
Diamond 0 0.1 oz.
Ensouled Essence 0 1.35 oz.
Eye of the Chasm 0 2.5 oz.
Fabulous Legs 0 55 oz.
Ghost Backpack 1 5 oz.
Ghost Chestplate 2 123 oz.
Ghost Claw 0 7.3 oz.
Giant Amethyst 0 1.7 oz.
Giant Topaz 0 1.7 oz.
Glittering Yarn 0 1.3 oz.
Gold Hunter Trophy 0 0 oz.
Gozzler Trophy 0 0 oz.
Grave Flower Extract 0 1.5 oz.
Grimace 0 0.6 oz.
Hellflayer Trophy 0 0 oz.
Ivory Comb 0 6.5 oz.
Jagged Sickle 0 0.8 oz.
Loom 0 0 oz.
Lost Soul 0 0.2 oz.
Luminescent Crystal 0 0.25 oz.
Luminescent Crystal Axe 0 1.35 oz.
Luminescent Crystal Pickaxe 0 1.35 oz.
Mini NabBot 0 60 oz.
Moonstone 0 0.1 oz.
Pair of Nightmare Boots 1 13 oz.
Pair of Old Bracers 0 2 oz.
Pale Worm's Scalp 0 0.75 oz.
Phantasmal Axe 2 72 oz.
Phantasmal Hair 0 0.5 oz.
Purified Soul 0 0.2 oz.
Purifier for Lost Souls 0 1.8 oz.
Ravenous Circlet 0 0.4 oz.
Raw Crystal Deposit 0 0 oz.
Raw Eye of the Chasm 0 2.5 oz.
Ring of Souls 0 0.8 oz.
Ring of Souls 0 0.9 oz.
Santa Leech 0 7.2 oz.
Scalpel 0 4.9 oz.
Sea Serpent Trophy 0 0 oz.
Silver Hand Mirror 0 6.5 oz.
Silver Hunter Trophy 0 0 oz.
Skull Coin 0 0.25 oz.
Slab With a Skull 0 0 oz.
Slime Fungus Ulcer 0 0 oz.
Soulforged Lantern 0 30 oz.
Soulful Legs 0 38 oz.
Spectral Gold Nugget 0 1.35 oz.
Spectral Silver Nugget 0 1.35 oz.
Spooky Hood 0 12.5 oz.
The Spectral Scrap of Cloth 0 3.5 oz.
Ulcer Probe 0 0.1 oz.
Vial with a Skull Cork 0 1.7 oz.
Vortex 0 0 oz.
White Gem 0 0.3 oz.
Writhing Brain 0 0.6 oz.
Writhing Heart 0 0.6 oz.
Yarn 0 1.3 oz.

New Monsters

Picture Name Hitpoints Experience loot
A Weak Spot 0 0 Nothing
Bad Thought 0 0 Nothing
Blue Soul Stealer 0 0 Nothing
Brain Head 0 0 Diamond Ultimate Spirit Potion Death Toll Moonstone Supreme Health Potion Ultimate Mana Potion Bullseye Potion Berserk Potion Cursed Bone White Gem Crystal Coin Angel Figurine Spooky Hood Ivory Comb Amber with a Dragonfly Phantasmal Axe Brain Head's Left Hemisphere Brain Head's Right Hemisphere Brain Head's Giant Neuron Ring of Souls Ghost Claw Pair of Old Bracers
Brother Worm 0 0 Nothing
Cerebellum 0 0 Nothing
Empty 0 0 Nothing
Fear 0 0 Nothing
Greed Worm 0 0 Nothing
Green Soul Stealer 0 0 Nothing
Horror 0 0 Nothing
Hunger Worm 0 0 Nothing
Innocent Soul 0 0 Nothing
Phobia 0 0 Nothing
Red Soul Stealer 0 0 Nothing
Symbol of Fear 0 0 Nothing
Thaian 50000 0 Eye of the Chasm Green Gem Yellow Gem Death Toll Pair of Old Bracers Amber Phantasmal Hair
Thaian's Ghost 0 0 Nothing
The Dread Maiden 0 0 Spooky Hood Ghost Claw Amber Silver Hand Mirror Bullseye Potion Ultimate Mana Potion Pair of Nightmare Boots Amber with a Bug Jagged Sickle Giant Amethyst Mastermind Potion Ultimate Spirit Potion Dark Bell Amber with a Dragonfly Death Toll Berserk Potion Supreme Health Potion Crystal Coin Diamond Moonstone White Gem Cursed Bone Ivory Comb Angel Figurine Soulforged Lantern
The Fear Feaster 0 0 Crystal Coin Bullseye Potion Ultimate Spirit Potion Grimace Cursed Bone Diamond Spooky Hood Death Toll Moonstone Silver Hand Mirror White Gem Soulforged Lantern
The Pale Worm 0 0 Crystal Coin Supreme Health Potion Mastermind Potion Diamond Moonstone Ultimate Spirit Potion Cursed Bone Ultimate Mana Potion The Spectral Scrap of Cloth Ivory Comb Angel Figurine Amber with a Dragonfly Soulful Legs Amber Berserk Potion White Gem Silver Hand Mirror Pale Worm's Scalp Phantasmal Axe Giant Topaz Bullseye Potion Ravenous Circlet Death Toll Giant Amethyst Amber with a Bug Ring of Souls Ghost Backpack Pair of Nightmare Boots Ghost Chestplate Fabulous Legs
The Unwelcome 0 0 Bullseye Potion Writhing Brain Supreme Health Potion Fabulous Legs Writhing Heart Giant Topaz Silver Hand Mirror Angel Figurine Ultimate Spirit Potion Berserk Potion Soulful Legs Amber with a Dragonfly Giant Amethyst Diamond Moonstone Death Toll Crystal Coin White Gem Cursed Bone Mastermind Potion Ultimate Mana Potion Ivory Comb Spooky Hood Amber Soulforged Lantern Ghost Claw
Wandering Prospector 0 0 Nothing
Wormling 0 0 Nothing
Flimsy Lost Soul 4000 4500 Lost Soul Platinum Coin Ensouled Essence Death Toll Necklace of the Deep Wand of Cosmic Energy Hailstorm Rod Terra Rod Springsprout Rod Cursed Bone Glacial Rod Wand of Starstorm Wand of Voodoo
Cursed Prospector 3900 5250 Flash Arrow Great Spirit Potion Platinum Coin Spectral Silver Nugget Lightning Boots Emerald Bangle Spectral Gold Nugget Lightning Legs Lightning Robe Elven Amulet Shockwave Amulet Diamond
Mean Lost Soul 5000 5580 Platinum Coin Lost Soul Ensouled Essence Death Toll Machete Skull Staff Haunted Blade Fire Axe Mercenary Sword Warrior's Axe Ivory Comb Twiceslicer
Freakish Lost Soul 7000 7020 Platinum Coin Lost Soul Death Toll Ensouled Essence Gemmed Figurine Emerald Bangle Ornate Crossbow Ring of Blue Plasma Crystal Crossbow Silver Hand Mirror
Evil Prospector 8500 9000 Lightning Headband Lightning Pendant Strange Talisman Wand of Defiance Wand of Starstorm Emerald Bangle Platinum Coin Spectral Silver Nugget
Irgix the Flimsy 24000 18000 Death Toll Platinum Coin Skull Coin Diamond Necklace of the Deep Silver Hand Mirror White Gem Yellow Gem Red Gem Wand of Starstorm Terra Rod Wand of Cosmic Energy Pair of Nightmare Boots
Unaz the Mean 28000 22000 Death Toll Moonstone Diamond Skull Coin Platinum Coin Skull Staff Machete Ivory Comb Red Gem Silver Hand Mirror Warrior's Axe Pair of Nightmare Boots
Vok the Freakish 32000 27000 Death Toll Ornate Crossbow Emerald Bangle Pair of Nightmare Boots Silver Hand Mirror Skull Coin Platinum Coin Moonstone Gemmed Figurine Red Gem Cursed Bone White Gem

New Achievements

New Npcs

Name City
Para Norbert Venore
The Thaian Edron
Walter Jaeger Thais

New Outfits




New Mount

Bulldog Premium Bulldog

Antelope Premium Antelope


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