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Warlock Hunt - Free Account

Created by Exdeath. on 04 Feb 2016, 05:07


To begin we must have the right equipment to kill these powerful wizards. Which will feature:


      Sudden Death Rune about 600
        Stone Shower Rune about 200
          Great Mana Potion about 200
            Explosion Rune about 300 just if you are free account


              Royal Crossbow recommended
                Prismatic Bolt about 2,000
                  Stone Shower Rune about 200
                    Great Spirit Potion about 100 just in case
                      Strong Mana Potion about 350


                      A Once you have the necessary equipment for this hunt, we will leave from the depot of the city of Carlin where we go to the depths of Maze of Lost Souls to reach Demona the city of warlock.

                      the following is the entrance to the maze.

                      Note: you could put a mark in your map in every hole that you down.

                      Note: We will make about 10 minutes to get demona.


                      Once past the door of experience. The strategy to kill warlock is very simple for both vocations, only kill one Warlock each time. The area on each floor and room is very spacious and will have no problem. Make sure before attacking the Warlock sent him to the corner so when him have low HP does not escape. Once positioned the Warlock attack him with Sudden Death Rune (mages) or Arrows (paladin) when this warlock less than 100 or 200 hp can use exori mort or explosion rune (if you're vita free account) to avoid wasting Sudden Death Rune . keep in mind that the warlock uses invisibility so you must use Stone Shower Rune to cancel the invisibility.


                      Once you get used this hunt is very easy that you will get:

                      400k / hour (without premmium bonus)

                      800k / hour (with premmium bonus)

                      1,2kk / hour (with premmium bonus and voucher)

                      Note: you can only get this experience with a perfect dominate of hunt.

                      Loot: Golden Armor , Lightning Robe , Blue Robe , Ring of the Sky , Skull Staff , Stone Skin Amulet , Assassin Star , Luminous Orb , Holy Orchid , and Talon .


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