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Auction House / Market - Reselling

Created by Uman. on 18 Mar 2019, 11:00
Table of Contents
NPCs to which you can sell bought items


Reselling is a very simple system. You are buying items which later you selling to NPC for profit. It will take longer this way to gain high profits, but it is the simples way. Personally I do believe the most best are items out of Green Djinn Quest . A lot of people with Blue djinn, cannot sell Knight Armor etc, that is why they try to sell it on Market for 500gp cheaper each. If you would buy 1000 of them for 4.500gp and then sell them to NPC for 5.000, you will make 500.000gp profit.

Info: A lot of players for example do not have possibility to trade with Gnomission , that is why you will find a lot of offers where you can make money on that items.

It is very good, to save what you put on auction and for how much so that later you can easily see if someone overbid you. If that happen you need to re-publish the buying auctions so that you are the first to grab the items. In addition later you can follow better how much profit you have done with simply compare how many you bought from players / sold to NPCs.

NPCs to which you can sell bought items

Here you have a list of NPCs & items with prices which you can sell to make profit out of Market.

Name Price
Angelic Axe Angelic Axe 5000 Gold Coin
Axe Ring Axe Ring 100 Gold Coin
Blue Robe Blue Robe 10000 Gold Coin
Bonelord Shield Bonelord Shield 1200 Gold Coin
Boots of Haste Boots of Haste 30000 Gold Coin
Broadsword Broadsword 500 Gold Coin
Bronze Amulet Bronze Amulet 50 Gold Coin
Butcher's Axe Butcher's Axe 18000 Gold Coin
Club Ring Club Ring 100 Gold Coin
Crown Armor Crown Armor 12000 Gold Coin
Crown Helmet Crown Helmet 2500 Gold Coin
Crown Legs Crown Legs 12000 Gold Coin
Crown Shield Crown Shield 8000 Gold Coin
Crusader Helmet Crusader Helmet 6000 Gold Coin
Dragon Lance Dragon Lance 9000 Gold Coin
Dragon Shield Dragon Shield 4000 Gold Coin
Earth Spike Sword Earth Spike Sword 1000 Gold Coin
Earth War Hammer Earth War Hammer 1200 Gold Coin
Elven Amulet Elven Amulet 100 Gold Coin
Energy Spike Sword Energy Spike Sword 1000 Gold Coin
Energy War Hammer Energy War Hammer 1200 Gold Coin
Fiery Spike Sword Fiery Spike Sword 1000 Gold Coin
Fiery War Hammer Fiery War Hammer 1200 Gold Coin
Fire Axe Fire Axe 8000 Gold Coin
Fire Sword Fire Sword 4000 Gold Coin
Garlic Necklace Garlic Necklace 50 Gold Coin
Glorious Axe Glorious Axe 3000 Gold Coin
Guardian Shield Guardian Shield 2000 Gold Coin
Ice Rapier Ice Rapier 1000 Gold Coin
Icy Spike Sword Icy Spike Sword 1000 Gold Coin
Icy War Hammer Icy War Hammer 1200 Gold Coin
Life Crystal Life Crystal 50 Gold Coin
Magic Light Wand Magic Light Wand 35 Gold Coin
Mind Stone Mind Stone 100 Gold Coin
Noble Armor Noble Armor 900 Gold Coin
Obsidian Lance Obsidian Lance 500 Gold Coin
Orb Orb 750 Gold Coin
Phoenix Shield Phoenix Shield 16000 Gold Coin
Power Ring Power Ring 50 Gold Coin
Queen's Sceptre Queen's Sceptre 20000 Gold Coin
Royal Helmet Royal Helmet 30000 Gold Coin
Shadow Sceptre Shadow Sceptre 10000 Gold Coin
Spike Sword Spike Sword 1000 Gold Coin
Stealth Ring Stealth Ring 200 Gold Coin
Stone Skin Amulet Stone Skin Amulet 500 Gold Coin
Sword Ring Sword Ring 100 Gold Coin
Thaian Sword Thaian Sword 16000 Gold Coin
Wand of Cosmic Energy Wand of Cosmic Energy 2000 Gold Coin
Wand of Decay Wand of Decay 1000 Gold Coin
Wand of Defiance Wand of Defiance 6500 Gold Coin
Wand of Draconia Wand of Draconia 1500 Gold Coin
Wand of Dragonbreath Wand of Dragonbreath 200 Gold Coin
Wand of Everblazing Wand of Everblazing 6000 Gold Coin
Wand of Inferno Wand of Inferno 3000 Gold Coin
Wand of Starstorm Wand of Starstorm 3600 Gold Coin
Wand of Voodoo Wand of Voodoo 4400 Gold Coin
Wand of Vortex Wand of Vortex 100 Gold Coin
War Hammer War Hammer 1200 Gold Coin

Name Price
Abyss Hammer Abyss Hammer 20000 Gold Coin
Albino Plate Albino Plate 1500 Gold Coin
Amber Staff Amber Staff 8000 Gold Coin
Ancient Amulet Ancient Amulet 200 Gold Coin
Assassin Dagger Assassin Dagger 20000 Gold Coin
Bandana Bandana 150 Gold Coin
Beastslayer Axe Beastslayer Axe 1500 Gold Coin
Beetle Necklace Beetle Necklace 1500 Gold Coin
Berserker Berserker 40000 Gold Coin
Blacksteel Sword Blacksteel Sword 6000 Gold Coin
Blessed Sceptre Blessed Sceptre 40000 Gold Coin
Bone Shield Bone Shield 80 Gold Coin
Bonelord Helmet Bonelord Helmet 7500 Gold Coin
Brutetamer's Staff Brutetamer's Staff 1500 Gold Coin
Buckle Buckle 7000 Gold Coin
Castle Shield Castle Shield 5000 Gold Coin
Chain Bolter Chain Bolter 40000 Gold Coin
Chaos Mace Chaos Mace 9000 Gold Coin
Cobra Crown Cobra Crown 50000 Gold Coin
Coconut Shoes Coconut Shoes 500 Gold Coin
Composite Hornbow Composite Hornbow 25000 Gold Coin
Cranial Basher Cranial Basher 30000 Gold Coin
Crocodile Boots Crocodile Boots 1000 Gold Coin
Crystal Crossbow Crystal Crossbow 35000 Gold Coin
Crystal Mace Crystal Mace 12000 Gold Coin
Crystal Necklace Crystal Necklace 400 Gold Coin
Crystal Ring Crystal Ring 250 Gold Coin
Crystal Sword Crystal Sword 600 Gold Coin
Crystalline Armor Crystalline Armor 16000 Gold Coin
Daramian Mace Daramian Mace 110 Gold Coin
Daramian Waraxe Daramian Waraxe 1000 Gold Coin
Dark Shield Dark Shield 400 Gold Coin
Death Ring Death Ring 1000 Gold Coin
Demon Shield Demon Shield 30000 Gold Coin
Demonbone Amulet Demonbone Amulet 32000 Gold Coin
Demonrage Sword Demonrage Sword 36000 Gold Coin
Devil Helmet Devil Helmet 1000 Gold Coin
Diamond Sceptre Diamond Sceptre 3000 Gold Coin
Divine Plate Divine Plate 55000 Gold Coin
Djinn Blade Djinn Blade 15000 Gold Coin
Doll Doll 200 Gold Coin
Dragon Scale Mail Dragon Scale Mail 40000 Gold Coin
Dragon Slayer Dragon Slayer 15000 Gold Coin
Dragonbone Staff Dragonbone Staff 3000 Gold Coin
Dreaded Cleaver Dreaded Cleaver 10000 Gold Coin
Dwarven Armor Dwarven Armor 30000 Gold Coin
Earth Blacksteel Sword Earth Blacksteel Sword 6000 Gold Coin
Earth Cranial Basher Earth Cranial Basher 30000 Gold Coin
Earth Crystal Mace Earth Crystal Mace 12000 Gold Coin
Earth Dragon Slayer Earth Dragon Slayer 15000 Gold Coin
Earth Headchopper Earth Headchopper 6000 Gold Coin
Earth Heroic Axe Earth Heroic Axe 12000 Gold Coin
Earth Mystic Blade Earth Mystic Blade 30000 Gold Coin
Earth Orcish Maul Earth Orcish Maul 6000 Gold Coin
Earth Relic Sword Earth Relic Sword 25000 Gold Coin
Earth War Axe Earth War Axe 12000 Gold Coin
Elvish Bow Elvish Bow 2000 Gold Coin
Emerald Bangle Emerald Bangle 800 Gold Coin
Energy Blacksteel Sword Energy Blacksteel Sword 6000 Gold Coin
Energy Cranial Basher Energy Cranial Basher 30000 Gold Coin
Energy Crystal Mace Energy Crystal Mace 12000 Gold Coin
Energy Dragon Slayer Energy Dragon Slayer 15000 Gold Coin
Energy Headchopper Energy Headchopper 6000 Gold Coin
Energy Heroic Axe Energy Heroic Axe 12000 Gold Coin
Energy Mystic Blade Energy Mystic Blade 30000 Gold Coin
Energy Orcish Maul Energy Orcish Maul 6000 Gold Coin
Energy Relic Sword Energy Relic Sword 25000 Gold Coin
Energy War Axe Energy War Axe 12000 Gold Coin
Epee Epee 8000 Gold Coin
Fiery Blacksteel Sword Fiery Blacksteel Sword 6000 Gold Coin
Fiery Cranial Basher Fiery Cranial Basher 30000 Gold Coin
Fiery Crystal Mace Fiery Crystal Mace 12000 Gold Coin
Fiery Dragon Slayer Fiery Dragon Slayer 15000 Gold Coin
Fiery Headchopper Fiery Headchopper 6000 Gold Coin
Fiery Heroic Axe Fiery Heroic Axe 12000 Gold Coin
Fiery Mystic Blade Fiery Mystic Blade 30000 Gold Coin
Fiery Orcish Maul Fiery Orcish Maul 6000 Gold Coin
Fiery Relic Sword Fiery Relic Sword 25000 Gold Coin
Fiery War Axe Fiery War Axe 12000 Gold Coin
Flower Dress Flower Dress 1000 Gold Coin
Flower Wreath Flower Wreath 500 Gold Coin
Fur Boots Fur Boots 2000 Gold Coin
Furry Club Furry Club 1000 Gold Coin
Glacier Amulet Glacier Amulet 1500 Gold Coin
Glacier Kilt Glacier Kilt 11000 Gold Coin
Glacier Mask Glacier Mask 2500 Gold Coin
Glacier Robe Glacier Robe 11000 Gold Coin
Glacier Shoes Glacier Shoes 2500 Gold Coin
Gold Ring Gold Ring 8000 Gold Coin
Golden Armor Golden Armor 20000 Gold Coin
Golden Legs Golden Legs 30000 Gold Coin
Goo Shell Goo Shell 4000 Gold Coin
Griffin Shield Griffin Shield 3000 Gold Coin
Guardian Halberd Guardian Halberd 11000 Gold Coin
Hammer of Wrath Hammer of Wrath 30000 Gold Coin
Headchopper Headchopper 6000 Gold Coin
Heavy Mace Heavy Mace 50000 Gold Coin
Heavy Machete Heavy Machete 90 Gold Coin
Heavy Trident Heavy Trident 2000 Gold Coin
Helmet of the Lost Helmet of the Lost 2000 Gold Coin
Heroic Axe Heroic Axe 30000 Gold Coin
Hibiscus Dress Hibiscus Dress 3000 Gold Coin
Hieroglyph Banner Hieroglyph Banner 500 Gold Coin
Horn Horn 300 Gold Coin
Icy Blacksteel Sword Icy Blacksteel Sword 6000 Gold Coin
Icy Cranial Basher Icy Cranial Basher 30000 Gold Coin
Icy Crystal Mace Icy Crystal Mace 12000 Gold Coin
Icy Dragon Slayer Icy Dragon Slayer 15000 Gold Coin
Icy Headchopper Icy Headchopper 6000 Gold Coin
Icy Heroic Axe Icy Heroic Axe 30000 Gold Coin
Icy Mystic Blade Icy Mystic Blade 30000 Gold Coin
Icy Orcish Maul Icy Orcish Maul 6000 Gold Coin
Icy Relic Sword Icy Relic Sword 25000 Gold Coin
Icy War Axe Icy War Axe 12000 Gold Coin
Jade Hammer Jade Hammer 25000 Gold Coin
Krimhorn Helmet Krimhorn Helmet 200 Gold Coin
Lavos Armor Lavos Armor 16000 Gold Coin
Leaf Legs Leaf Legs 500 Gold Coin
Leopard Armor Leopard Armor 1000 Gold Coin
Leviathan's Amulet Leviathan's Amulet 3000 Gold Coin
Light Shovel Light Shovel 300 Gold Coin
Lightning Boots Lightning Boots 2500 Gold Coin
Lightning Headband Lightning Headband 2500 Gold Coin
Lightning Legs Lightning Legs 11000 Gold Coin
Lightning Pendant Lightning Pendant 1500 Gold Coin
Lightning Robe Lightning Robe 11000 Gold Coin
Lunar Staff Lunar Staff 5000 Gold Coin
Magic Plate Armor Magic Plate Armor 90000 Gold Coin
Magma Amulet Magma Amulet 1500 Gold Coin
Magma Boots Magma Boots 2500 Gold Coin
Magma Coat Magma Coat 11000 Gold Coin
Magma Legs Magma Legs 11000 Gold Coin
Magma Monocle Magma Monocle 2500 Gold Coin
Mammoth Fur Cape Mammoth Fur Cape 6000 Gold Coin
Mammoth Fur Shorts Mammoth Fur Shorts 850 Gold Coin
Mammoth Whopper Mammoth Whopper 300 Gold Coin
Mastermind Shield Mastermind Shield 50000 Gold Coin
Medusa Shield Medusa Shield 9000 Gold Coin
Mercenary Sword Mercenary Sword 12000 Gold Coin
Model Ship Model Ship 1000 Gold Coin
Mycological Bow Mycological Bow 35000 Gold Coin
Mystic Blade Mystic Blade 30000 Gold Coin
Naginata Naginata 2000 Gold Coin
Nightmare Blade Nightmare Blade 35000 Gold Coin
Noble Axe Noble Axe 10000 Gold Coin
Norse Shield Norse Shield 1500 Gold Coin
Onyx Pendant Onyx Pendant 3500 Gold Coin
Orcish Maul Orcish Maul 6000 Gold Coin
Oriental Shoes Oriental Shoes 15000 Gold Coin
Pair of Iron Fists Pair of Iron Fists 4000 Gold Coin
Paladin Armor Paladin Armor 15000 Gold Coin
Patched Boots Patched Boots 2000 Gold Coin
Pharaoh Banner Pharaoh Banner 1000 Gold Coin
Pharaoh Sword Pharaoh Sword 23000 Gold Coin
Pirate Boots Pirate Boots 3000 Gold Coin
Pirate Hat Pirate Hat 1000 Gold Coin
Pirate Knee Breeches Pirate Knee Breeches 200 Gold Coin
Pirate Shirt Pirate Shirt 500 Gold Coin
Pirate Voodoo Doll Pirate Voodoo Doll 500 Gold Coin
Platinum Amulet Platinum Amulet 2500 Gold Coin
Ragnir Helmet Ragnir Helmet 400 Gold Coin
Relic Sword Relic Sword 25000 Gold Coin
Rift Bow Rift Bow 45000 Gold Coin
Rift Crossbow Rift Crossbow 45000 Gold Coin
Rift Lance Rift Lance 30000 Gold Coin
Rift Shield Rift Shield 50000 Gold Coin
Ring of the Sky Ring of the Sky 30000 Gold Coin
Royal Axe Royal Axe 40000 Gold Coin
Ruby Necklace Ruby Necklace 2000 Gold Coin
Ruthless Axe Ruthless Axe 45000 Gold Coin
Sacred Tree Amulet Sacred Tree Amulet 3000 Gold Coin
Sapphire Hammer Sapphire Hammer 7000 Gold Coin
Scarab Amulet Scarab Amulet 200 Gold Coin
Scarab Shield Scarab Shield 2000 Gold Coin
Shockwave Amulet Shockwave Amulet 3000 Gold Coin
Silver Dagger Silver Dagger 500 Gold Coin
Skull Helmet Skull Helmet 40000 Gold Coin
Skullcracker Armor Skullcracker Armor 18000 Gold Coin
Spiked Squelcher Spiked Squelcher 5000 Gold Coin
Steel Boots Steel Boots 30000 Gold Coin
Swamplair Armor Swamplair Armor 16000 Gold Coin
Taurus Mace Taurus Mace 500 Gold Coin
Tempest Shield Tempest Shield 35000 Gold Coin
Terra Amulet Terra Amulet 1500 Gold Coin
Terra Boots Terra Boots 2500 Gold Coin
Terra Hood Terra Hood 2500 Gold Coin
Terra Legs Terra Legs 11000 Gold Coin
Terra Mantle Terra Mantle 11000 Gold Coin
The Justice Seeker The Justice Seeker 40000 Gold Coin
Tortoise Shield Tortoise Shield 150 Gold Coin
Vile Axe Vile Axe 30000 Gold Coin
Voodoo Doll Voodoo Doll 400 Gold Coin
War Axe War Axe 12000 Gold Coin
War Horn War Horn 8000 Gold Coin
Witch Hat Witch Hat 5000 Gold Coin
Wyvern Fang Wyvern Fang 1500 Gold Coin

Name Price
Mushroom Pie Mushroom Pie 150 Gold Coin
Name Price
Arbalest Arbalest 42000 Gold Coin
Arcane Staff Arcane Staff 42000 Gold Coin
Baby Seal Doll Baby Seal Doll 20000 Gold Coin
Bejeweled Ship's Telescope Bejeweled Ship's Telescope 20000 Gold Coin
Blade of Corruption Blade of Corruption 60000 Gold Coin
Bloody Edge Bloody Edge 30000 Gold Coin
Blue Legs Blue Legs 15000 Gold Coin
Blue Rose Blue Rose 250 Gold Coin
Bright Sword Bright Sword 6000 Gold Coin
Ceremonial Ankh Ceremonial Ankh 20000 Gold Coin
Claw of 'The Noxious Spawn' Claw of 'The Noxious Spawn' 15000 Gold Coin
Crystal Wand Crystal Wand 10000 Gold Coin
Demon Helmet Demon Helmet 40000 Gold Coin
Dragon Robe Dragon Robe 50000 Gold Coin
Dwarven Axe Dwarven Axe 1500 Gold Coin
Dwarven Legs Dwarven Legs 40000 Gold Coin
Egg of the Many Egg of the Many 15000 Gold Coin
Executioner Executioner 55000 Gold Coin
Frozen Starlight Frozen Starlight 20000 Gold Coin
Golden Amulet Golden Amulet 2000 Gold Coin
Golden Fafnar Trophy Golden Fafnar Trophy 10000 Gold Coin
Golden Sickle Golden Sickle 1000 Gold Coin
Greenwood Coat Greenwood Coat 50000 Gold Coin
Marlin Trophy Marlin Trophy 5000 Gold Coin
Modified Crossbow Modified Crossbow 10000 Gold Coin
Mucus Plug Mucus Plug 500 Gold Coin
Orichalcum Pearl Orichalcum Pearl 40 Gold Coin
Ornamented Shield Ornamented Shield 1500 Gold Coin
Panda Teddy Panda Teddy 30000 Gold Coin
Pet Pig Pet Pig 1500 Gold Coin
Purple Tome Purple Tome 2000 Gold Coin
Red Tome Red Tome 2000 Gold Coin
Runed Sword Runed Sword 45000 Gold Coin
Sea Serpent Trophy Sea Serpent Trophy 10000 Gold Coin
Silkweaver Bow Silkweaver Bow 12000 Gold Coin
Silver Fafnar Trophy Silver Fafnar Trophy 1000 Gold Coin
Silver Rune Emblem (Explosion) Silver Rune Emblem (Explosion) 5000 Gold Coin
Silver Rune Emblem (Heavy Magic Missile) Silver Rune Emblem (Heavy Magic Missile) 5000 Gold Coin
Silver Rune Emblem (Sudden Death) Silver Rune Emblem (Sudden Death) 5000 Gold Coin
Silver Rune Emblem (Ultimate Healing) Silver Rune Emblem (Ultimate Healing) 5000 Gold Coin
Souleater Trophy Souleater Trophy 7500 Gold Coin
Star Amulet Star Amulet 500 Gold Coin
Statue of Abyssador Statue of Abyssador 4000 Gold Coin
Statue of Deathstrike Statue of Deathstrike 3000 Gold Coin
Statue of Devovorga Statue of Devovorga 1500 Gold Coin
Statue of Gnomevil Statue of Gnomevil 2000 Gold Coin
Stuffed Dragon Stuffed Dragon 6000 Gold Coin
The Avenger The Avenger 42000 Gold Coin
The Ironworker The Ironworker 50000 Gold Coin
Trophy of Jaul Trophy of Jaul 4000 Gold Coin
Trophy of Obujos Trophy of Obujos 3000 Gold Coin
Trophy of Tanjis Trophy of Tanjis 2000 Gold Coin
Unholy Book Unholy Book 30000 Gold Coin
Windborn Colossus Armor Windborn Colossus Armor 50000 Gold Coin


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