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House Pricing (Value)

Created by Neroox. on 05 Mar 2019, 13:45

What is the benefit of having a house?

The general idea of buying a house starts off with the aspect of role-playing. You want to have a house because it simply makes sense.

That is, believe it or not, the approach most players go by. The aspect of safety and an additional protection zone on pvp servers also influenced the decision to get a house and where to get on.

Nowadays however the reasons to get a house go far beyond that. There is useful furniture, servants and cool looking decorative items you can individualize your house with. Such as Incomprehensible Riches Light of Change and Gilded Imbuing Shrine . These items can only be displayed in houses and only by the actual owner himself.

Individualization is a huge point. People, just like in real life, like to express themselves and show off what they think is cool. With this amount of customizable options, the attraction of purchasing a house greatly increased.

What influences the price of houses?

Back in the days the price was mainly determined by the total sqm, the amount of rooms and beds and also if it was a shop type or a normal house.

Now however it is all about location, people are willing to be a high price in order to be seen. They want to either show of their rare items or maybe a nicely executed theme type house. (e.g. Death theme, color schemes etc.)

Theme type houses on Astera:

Contest house on Celesta:

What are the most wanted houses all over Tibia?

Typically those are the same on every server. Great location (a lot of traffic), fairly big, most squares easily visible and untypical features such as rooftops, big balconys, gardens etc.

So this is a list (not ranking the houses, just displaying the top 10)

Central Circle 1 in Edron

Central Circle 2 in Edron

Wood Avenue 7 in Edron

Harbour Place 1 in Thais

Lucky Lane 1 in Venore

Seagull Walk 1 in Venore

Radiant Plaze 4 in Yalahar

Darashia Villa in Darashia

Haggler's Hangout 6 in Port Hope

Rathleton Hills Estate in Oramond

Houses like Central Circle 1, Wood Avenue 7 and Harbour Place 1 are regularly being sold for absolute top prices, ranging from 50-100KK. These are houses everyone regularly walks by, with a good insight and a nice setting.

Increased Rent

Think about this: How many Experience boosts do you use per month? Now think about the fact that the 800k rent once per month is equivalent to 40 Tibia Coins .

Now from April the first the rents of all houses are exponentionally being raised. The top houses being hit "the hardest". Is this a reason to abandon your place though?

Hell no!

If you can afford this price category, 800k shouldn't bother you at all. Especially since we are talking about once per month!

It doesn't take much these days to make 800k, we are talking about a hunt of 1,5 - 2 hours to afford one of these gems. Portray it as a real life situation. Could a person, working part time at McDonalds, afford a Beverly Hills 10 Bedroom Mansion? Probably not.

You earn what you get. Nobody seems to be afraid of investing thousands of coins into Ornate Mailbox and Gilded Imbuing Shrine . So view these monthly rent prices relatively!


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