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Big picture Reselling guide

Created by Neroox. on 04 Mar 2019, 12:43

What is the general idea of this concept?

Anyone who is involved in the game since a certain amount of time and is active in the trade forums, for whatever reason that might be, has probably heard of names like: Hercules of Revenge, Norelli and Tybetyjczyk.

Since I know, that there is a lot of controversy surrounding them, I am not going to judge whether they are good or bad people, fair or unfair, all i can say is, that i personaly never made bad experiences corresponding with them. It is also your own decision if you want to buy something or not. They just make offers, it is still your free will. Now that this is out of the way, let me get to the actual topic.

Reselling is basically the concept of buying items for a low price and reselling them for a higher price. Now this might sound straight forward and simple, but there is a lot that influences it. I will put up a list of the elements playing a role later on in the guide.

Now this topic is about the Big Time reselling. In my personal opinion this ranges from trades of 80KK+, or Trades in which World Trades are worth it. Note that a world trade costs 750 Tibia Coins (10-13KK usually).

To start off with this kind of trading you need an immense starting capital, very good knowledge of average item prices on all the servers (needs regular controlling with characters parked on every world), you need to have the ability to pierce the market and somehow look into the future (will be explained later on) and you need to be brave enough to take the hit if you make a false calculation.

So let's talk about what elements play a role in this construct:

Tibia Coins prices in the moment of buying and selling items are most important. These prices vary daily and are influenced a lot by the current status of the game, e.g. (Double exp or not).

-There might be a new Update with items everyone needs, this changes the situation immensely, think about the introduction of the Falcon Items Falcon Greaves .

-Which world are you playing on? (Non pvp coins are always more expensive than pvp coins) which is because of the fact that you can world trade from pvp to non-pvp, but not the other way round.

-Another scenario you might witness, is that coins drop over 2k in average over night. That usually means that someone bought or sold and immense amount of coins and took all the relevant buy or sell offers out of the market.

How do i look into the future?

This is the tricky part, from my personal experience i can tell, that i have made huge profits off of these 3 categories:

Best in Slot equipment, -> Gnome Shield when the new warzones came out and later on the Falcon items.

Achievement items, -> Forbidden Tome and Key to Knowledge

Legacy items, -> Hammer of Prophecy White Dress

Fun fact: When the new warzones came out, the Gnome Shield was the best shield available and if you understand the human psychology a bit, then you realize that people always want whats best and preferably instantanously. Take this fact and ABUSE IT. I took the chance and checked all the populated servers to see how many shields were around after 1 week, there were huge amounts of them around in the beginning, meaning that the drop chance must be quiet high. So i went ahead and bought 8 Shields for an average price of 15kk, looked for buyers on other worlds, transfered them there and sold them for 35-42KK a piece. So i put in 120KK for the Shields, and an additional 48KK for 4 world trades and sold them all together for roughly 288KK. This boils down to 120KK profit off of 8 trades.

Now i doubt that the big traders do this kind of stuff. They most likely only concentrate on the huge market for Rare items.

Meaning Thunder Hammer , Bronze Necklace , Golden Helmet , Ball Gown

and the original fansite items, such as the beautiful Shield of Destiny .

The prices of these items are extreme, Bronze Necklaces range from 180 to 300KK, Golden Helmets can go up to 850KK. Now these traders will not want to trade items like these from pvp to non-pvp because of the value loss, they will only look to sell on the same realm type the item already is on.

Bottom line

Hercules of Revenge was also so kind to show us which items he is currently trading/reselling with:

I hope this has been a mostly educational insight to what it's like being a Reseller and to get a little glimpse on how to do it. Now get off the browser and start trading!


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