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Gold Token Trading Guide

Created by Neroox. on 03 Mar 2019, 22:55

(Cash Rules Everything Around Me)(C.R.E.A.M.) Get the money, dolla dolla bill y'all

So what is this method all about?

The general idea is very simple. Your goal is to buy gold tokens as cheap as possible, convert them into creature products needed for imbuements and then to sell those for the highest price possible.

For this money-making method the only requirements are: Characters on a few worlds, some money to start off with and patience.

The three most profitable imbuement types you want to consider are the following:

Intricate Void (25× Rope Belt, 25× Silencer Claws) Intricate Void Category: Mana Leech
Effect: converts 5% of damage to mana with a chance of 100%
Items need to create:
25x Rope Belt , 25x Silencer Claws
Intricate Void Intricate Void

Intricate Vampirism (25× Vampire Teeth, 15× Bloody Pincers) Intricate Vampirism Category: Hit Points Leech
Effect: converts 10% of damage to HP with a chance of 100%
Items need to create:
15x Bloody Pincers , 25x Vampire Teeth
Intricate Vampirism Intricate Vampirism

Intricate Strike (20× Protective Charm, 25× Sabretooth) Intricate Strike Category: Critical Hit
Effect: raises crit hit damage by 25% and crit hit chance by 10%
Items need to create:
20x Protective Charm , 25x Sabretooth
Intricate Strike Intricate Strike

The reason for not going with the powerful variation of the imbuement is easy. The third stage costs 2 Gold tokens, just like the others, though being worth way less than the rest.

My personal preference with starting off on a new world is to sell 100 Tiba coins to get a good start. Use this money to buy as many Gold Tokens as possible (note that you might want to set a buy offer and wait

for them instead of buying them instantly).

Then start doing the math:

Here is an example of how this might look like:

Sold 100 Tibia Coins for 19k each -> 100 x 19 = 1,9KK investment Tibia Coins

Bought 64 Gold Tokens for 28k each -> 64 x 28 = 1,792KK investment (108k left) Gold Token

Void example : Each Rope Belt 2,5k -> 2,5 x 25 = 62,5k Rope Belt

Each Silencer Claw 4k -> 4 x 25 = 100k Silencer Claws

You get a total of 162,5k for the investment of 4 tokens (112k) // now if you add this up to the 64 tokens you began with, that makes a 1,792kk investment and estimated sales of 2,6KK -> 808K Profit.

This is just one example of how the theory works. You will of course always want to go with the imbuement products that promise the biggest profit.

On Antica it might be Intricate Strike, on Monza Intricate Void.

And now that you understand the general idea, let us theorycraft a bit.

Imagine doing this on 10 worlds at a time, getting an average of 200-300k profit each day on every world (realistic and possible number). That sums up to 2,5-3kk profit

each day for an estimated time investment of 10 minutes per world (you will get faster as you get used to it).

This boils down to a 1,75h investment for roughly 3KK profit. This is more than people make in any teamhunt and there is no level requirement whatsoever.

And who knows, if you are doing it correctly and you keep going at it, this might be yours!

I hope this helps you guys and good luck trading! Get yourself that sweet Golden Helmet .

Example source: Celesta market


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